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Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
I met one guy. Dark tall slim 8 incher. Wow amazingly he was bottom. I remember his c$ck did not fit in me. He served being bottom. I loved su$$$ng him. Fu$$ed him .. so great night ..
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Mine is visible from pant too
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Ah ok. Must be the testosterone
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Good post,, the body builder is hot and cute, usually builder s and sports person works to keep their testosterone levels higher, this keep them more erect,, and people with higher level of testosterone are found of *** too
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Watched KA Bodyscapes. Very nice but tragedy at the end. Feel very sad for the guy as he couldn't continue his life as a gay in this world. To be frank this is the story of many guys in India. Their stories are untold and unheard. I feel bad for them as they are very good at heart.
Need some good relationship with guys. Please ping
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
And besides that... Mostly they are posing just after having pumping.. which means good blood pressure... And we all know that good blood flow in those spongy meat causes what...
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Actually, it is due to anatomy.
As most of the body builders have flat stomach, so the only bulgy section, which is visible in front, is at their crotch area.
So unless a body builder is FLAT "there" too, we will see the bulge (even if it is non-erect), and the cloths they wear, most of the times is are like trekpants, or skin hugging thin fabric gym cloths, which make them look like sporting an ***, even if they don't have an *** at the moment.

For non gym going guys, the bulge gets covered by their belly fat.

It's as per my understanding with the anatomy.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
The body builder is too hot. And yeah, womder why is he erect.. πŸ˜‚
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Nice Post. I wonder why body builders often seem to be erect. Maybe they get turned on looking themselves in the mirror lol
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
I don't know u find this guy hot or cute.
But the bulge is really hot...

Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
@niki_hottie I know him--- he is a nice bottom on bed and yes he is dark tall and handsome
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
The recent Mr Gay India pageant winner is a tall dusky handsome man by the name Suresh Ramdas. I dont understand the relation between skintone and attractiveness, cuz I think people could be attractive in any skintone. Thanks to Western beauty norms, we are conditioned to white skinned attraction. But on contrary there are several dark skinned men who are equally (or more) attractive than their light skinned counterparts. For instance, Vishal, Vicky Kaushal, Idris Elba, Childish Gambino, 50cent,
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Then you must try some ayurvedic massage parlours--- They have all the Tall Dark Hndsome men there--- There you get to taste their Uncle D
Gay Confessions
When i was in school in 6th std my tution teacher's son who was 10 years older to me started touching me. I used to get hard but didn't understand stuff. Then one day when we were alone at his house he took off my pants and started *** me off and that's how I came for the first time. After that every time he used to be alone he would call me and we would slow dance naked and then he would *** me off. Now because of that i only like older guys who are desperate to *** or touch ***. Especially the ones in trains who are in late 40s or early 60s
Gay Confessions
I was in 8th class and I went to study at mu uncle's place. There I used to sleep with my mom's father , he used to teach me at night I was sleeping with him. So one day he hugged me from back and told me that how he wants me to be good in math and all. I could feel his hard *** on my ***. He then tried to remove my pants. Ho hold my *** and started jerking it. He was already nude, he removed his lungi before. He tried to *** me in my *** but it was very small and he had a big ***. So I *** him that day. And after that day almost evyday he would try to *** me and fail them I would have to *** him and he would force me to drink his ***. It went on for few months until finally able to *** me. We did it till I finished my 12th. I really loved his *** he was big black and cut. He couldn't *** me for long but he *** me everyday. He is dead now but I miss his ***. I did have *** with my father's elder brother, but once .if any mature daddy or grandpa reading this place contact.
@lickingshaft....thats what my friend told me that as the sensitivity and pleasure is reduced you will take longer to come. Also the quality of the orgasm is reduced...
Maybe all have different experiences
Well i had this condition as well when I was 20 -21 yr old. I couldnt do anals as it used pain a lot to pull my foreskin. But then on advise of one of my friend i practised to pull it back a little everyday and after 6 months it was better but skin it used to hurt if i keep it like that for 4-5 minutes. Later on same friend's advice i dared to keep it pulled back in undies. It was uncomfortable for few days as glans was very sensetive to the openness. But aftet few days it was all good. Now my foreskin is always pulled back and i do not feel a thing.

I just wanted to narrate my storyfor aome of my friends here who can trying doing the same. It may take sometime but could be helpful and even after that if you feel it is not working for ypu then can go for circumcision. :) . Thats my viewpoint but i can be wrong
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
"The Horizon" series is also nice on youtube
I've had circumcision and had *** before and after. It's true that sensitivity reduces a little. But it feels free. And I last longer.
I have heard from people circumcised that they lost their *** sensitivity after it.
*** was more enjoyable earlier and their orgasm quality also deteriorated.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
God's Own Country

Amazing full gay themed movie... though there are few *** scenes.. both front and back shown.. but the story and actor are amazing..
@kiran3210 If you are comfortable it's better to do that. It can provide protection against some STD's and also helps to keep it clean. Partly it can give you protection against HIV as well. ( Don't take me wrong here that whoever did CS can do unlimited unprotected *** now). STDs increase the chance of contracting HIV, hence it decreases risk to certain extent by preventing STD ( I'm a doctor πŸ™‚)
Any one had *** before and after circumcision?? Which one feels good?? Im thinking about getting my skin removed...pls give suggestion
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Superb movie... Simple story still amazing...
Thanks for sharing...
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Awesome film prayag_bottom, very natural & cute...thanks for sharing
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
It's Still Your Bed β€” Gay Short Film
Gay literature
Please include "Swimming in the Monsoon Sea", by Sri Lankan author, Shyam Selvadurai.
After circumcision, there is significant enhancement in stamina, confidence, and size of glans. Now my thing looks and works better than before..

Fantasizing drilling a wife in front of her hubby with this rejuvenated ***....
@Nir1429: go to any good hospital or nursing home in your area..
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
i enjoy watching the *** vpls on underwear ads and pamplets etc. i enjoy cut n uncut *** vpls like this one
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Guy Next Door (2015) - Indian Gay Short Film
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
A superb tamil LGBT film - A Man for A Woman? | Oruvanukku Oruththi? (Tamil Short Film with English Subtitles)
@Shiva0002233 approximately Rs 15000 in private hospital, but in government it may cost peanuts say a 1000 or 2000
What is cost of doing circumcision
In Bangalore
underwent circumcision surgery 2 months back,,,.. had severe phimosis...
now *** life is amazing...
i can stroke more confidently without having fear of pain or tearing of foreskin
Medical representatives in tight formals with the bulge showing is hot... Lov a smelly pant n undie on a slim man.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Wow!!! what a wonderful movie! Thanks Sasmathu for sharing the link.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Thanks a lot @Sasmathu for posting this link..was searching this movie after it was mentioned in this forum...really nice movie & the actors especially the dark guy is really good...thanks again
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Guys this is a must watch movie especially for mallu lovers. Ask for tall dark handsome type nattukattai or fair smooth mascular type nattukattai both are here. Since this movie is banned in India, this might not be available for a long time.So watch it as soon as possible. Ensoy...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOnz-Qo-9vM
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
light dark to heavy dark are so super and sexy
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
TALL DARK HANDSOME - that's the norm to describe a handsome guy. No wonder we fall for dusky men. I think the skin tone makes them more manlier.

I am no exception :)
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Dark skin mens are my first choice and even better if they are matured. I just love them.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
there has to be love...otherwise lusty relationship are short lived....love in this world is same as other loving relationships
Gay literature
I have been reading books recommended on this thread (the ones I could get hold of). Finished reading "Cobalt Blue". What an amazing story! It was originally written in Marathi, and Jerry Pinto has done a great job of translating it into English. He has managed to retain the essence of the book very well, which is quite a feat in itself. It is by far among the best books of the gay fiction genre that I've read so far. The author, Sachin Kundalkar, is a keen observer of human behaviour judging from the book he has written. And to think this was his first book, written at the tender age of 22! I can't wait to read more of his works.

Am currently reading Saraswati Park, which has been recommended on this thread. Will write my review once I have finished reading it.

ARAVINDVAKUL, thank you for your recommendations. I've queued up "Maurice" and "The Boyfriend" for my next reads.
Nudists in India
Am open to hosting a nudist catch up at my place.
Near KPHB phase 9, Hyderabad.
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
@Suvess, let's at with an example. Does a normal average straight girl like it if a stranger touches her inappropriately? She definitely doesn't but that doesn't mean that she's not into having ***.
We, the gay community have set different set of internal rules for ourselves because enjoying *** in our own way used to be a crime here even until a year and 4 days back. So the cruising spot and *** with random people used to be our easy escapades from the reality...
But that does not necessarily mean everyone has to like that. We are different persons with different choices. May be you are not liking the idea of having *** with a stranger. And that's perfectly normal.
There are multiple possibilities for our genders and sexuality. They are not binary at all. You can fit anywhere within the spectrum and it's completely alright. So my advice for you will be to stop trying to fit within those set labels of gay, straight, bisexual etc and just keep on searching for what you like and what or who can make you happy.
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
@Suves, I was in a similar predicament myself. I enjoyed gay erotica, sometimes even watching gay ***. This got me questioning my sexuality since I've only been with women all my life and enjoyed it a lot. To decide once and for all of I was bisexual or just like gay *** as a festish I met up with a guy on ohmojo to see if I was attracted to him and if I end up having ***. Once I met him and talke stop him it was apparent that I only like gay *** on screen and don't really like men touching me, it wasn't because he was unattractive but because being with a man didn't really turn me on, I even tried to kiss him but I just didn't like it, I didn't feel anything when I kissed him. I still rarely enjoy sexting and sending gay guys a picture of my *** or butt, but that's the extent of it. I wish I was bisexual, I could've had way more *** than I do now, guys are ready to have *** way more early on than women but I guess I'm just not into guys, just like gay erotica or *** as a fetish. So meet s guy and see if you like being with him. If you don't then you're probably not gay. Try to do the same thing with a woman too, preferebly not a prostitute.
Gay literature
Nice thread! My first introduction to this genre was E. M. Forster's Maurice. Though I found the ending unconvincing, it was nevertheless extremely gripping and well-written. Naturally Forster became a favourite author for me from then! :-)

I have heard a good deal about The Boyfriend by R. Raj Rao but the reviews that I read were mixed. I have read the book in bits and pieces. Has anyone read it fully?

My introduction to erotic stories was Nifty of course in the late 1990s, but once the initial thrill of discovering them was past, I got very quickly bored with them. On online recommendations, I read Michael Arram's Towards A Decent Inn which was passable. Jack Kendle's Lost and Found was slightly better. His short story titled Mr. Pym has been one of the better ones I've read.

I guess now online there are a so many books published in this genre!
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
@ Suvees
Hi it's natural,, still you need some time to open up,, choose anyone with whom you are comfortable, and explore,,,,
No need to worry about you future marriage life,,,,
Once you trust your partner, then it's a smooth flow,,, tc
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
Those guys in cruising spots, what do they touch? Your ***?

Kind of relevant, because maybe you're not top

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