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Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
@skytop: please share some of your experiences :)
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Pilots: a few of them are gay, but it’s nothing compared to cabin crew. Many of them are “available”, they don’t give a damn. They cannot drink (officially), they must rest, so who cares whom they bring to their room?
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
@ilovemasculine yes, I am a a proud member of the club!
No, they flirt openly. They must be concentrate on the job they are doing. There are hundreds of different situation on board, hence flirting might of course happen, but with own jargon.
Emirates, as well as Etihad or Qatar, has a blend of races and nationalities, so it much depends on what your type of man is... good luck with your next flights!
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Emirates has really hot ones.
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
@skytop: thanks for your reply. Yes. I certainly do understand their plight.
It must be stressful.

If I may ask, how about flirting between cabin crew especially the gay men? Does it happen? Are you part of the mile high club? ;)
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Wow ... Waiting for such tag .. I have been enjoying seeing them while waiting for the boarding. Some of them are 🔥
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Well said Sky top. Thanks for clearing the confusion. I will henceforth treat my crew with utmost respect and try hard when one rocks my boat.
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
@dilse4u, i am in the industry as well and I can assure you that the majority of male cabin crew are homosexual, I’m talking about worldwide, including India. So far, I haven’t heard about male cabin crew doing the extra money, I would say viceversa (they might be keen to pay).
By the way, also a good slice of the female cabin crew enjoy their own ***’ company.

@ilovemasculine, I understand your frustration, but don’t forget that they get barely 24 hours in Madras, so every minute counts. I have seen in my career very, very few colleagues flirting with passengers. Basically, it’s prohibited, you never look into the the customers when you walk the aisles and unless something more person occurs, you will not be proposed by a flight attendant. This shouldn’t prevent you from trying hard... Mile High Club is still looking for members and there s still no membership fee!
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Please respect your crew when you fly.
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
In a recent British Airways flight to Chennai, there was bald chubby steward. Beautiful body and some perky moons. But damn, the *** on him deserved to be eaten like a feast. He was definitely gay. I tried to make some small talk in the galley after all the service was done and they were just chatting among themselves. I used the excuse of stretching my legs. But he was a bit condescending and said can you please use the other parts of the plane to stretch your legs, we need to take some.rest. I felt a slightly offended and I could.never see him in the same perspective anymore. I know they get hit on during every flight and they grow tired of it. But I felt he was speaking like that with no obvious provocation from me.
Have you ever watched live sex accidentally?
I was once walking from Sanpada to Vashi station. It was around 11 pm. Suddenly, I heard some rustling in the bushes. Almost immediately a bevy of cars (some local politician) passed by and lo and behold! There was a fair Nepali guy s@#king an old Marathi man. They were so lost in the act that they didn't notice me or the lights revealing them in their glory. It was sooo hot...the Marathi man was so my type...hung like a donkey! Wish I could be bold enough to s*** his yummy c**k 😋
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
i too have a fantasy for these men. will offer free service :)
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Many pilots are gay, many call escorts on hotel room and got *** by escort, many male crui members are escorts
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
People talk about lot many things but moral of the story is they love *** only, no relationship is real without ***
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
Being a bisexual is a hell I can't go this side or that side I can't accept myself as a gay I like to be straight but I'm getting much attracted towards boys and also I like girls without accepting both I'm so confused wat to decide
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
I’m a tall dark medium athletic (not chubby) bottom .. i would say 5’11.

I have a fetish for short tops. Short slim tops. They normally are well endowed.

They also feel they have to make up for the absence of height by a more powerful thrust

My ex was 5 foot 5. What a guy. We were perfect for a few months at least.

Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Intezaar - a short film (3:22) from It Gets Better India and KSF.
I guess it for the first time in Kashish - Mumbai International Queer Film Festival and I loved it instantly.
Today, I found the youtube link. So I'm sharing it here.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
If a man feels absolutely no attraction to women to the extent that a women's body turns you off then such people should not get married as the marriage is eventually going to fail. However if someone is turned on by women or atleast maintain a hard on indulge in lot of.foreplay and kissing and love making even if the sexual attraction is not very high such marriages have a chance of lasting. Women look for a lot of things which include how powerful her husband is in the society, the money, the family background, ability to relate beyond just in the bed, caring nature, ability to be a provider for her child so if a woman develops a deep bond of love then they are not so picky only about ***. The sad part about our society is if you dont get married it becomes a huge talking point also as you age you become a social outcast most people get busy with their family life and options for older single.men are limited. It's a lot more complicated than we imagine. All this can change only if society changes its thinking which will probably take another 40 years.

Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
@subs - it has little to do with being top or bottom. It's about holding your *** while having ***. If the woman excites you or at least you can excite yourself thinking about something else or by any external means (like viagra etc), you will be able to perform a penetrative *** properly in theory. But I don't think someone will be able to enjoy the *** or give his partner proper pleasure if he uses other thoughts of external means for keeping the *** because a proper orgasm (specially for women) requires efforts, more than mere penetration.
So it's as simple as that. If you're sexuality attracted towards women, you'll be able to satisfy her and if you don't feel the attraction, you won't....
And as rightly pointed out by you, it is an important part of a marriage and if the wife is not satisfied sexually, she has all the rights to end it. If she decides continues the relation, the husband would be simply lucky...
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
What about dark bottoms?
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Oh Yeah Dark Men Have Big *** And They Have Good Stamina! They *** So Much That My *** Can Get Filled!Would like to meet one someday
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Amazon Prime Subscribers - Watch telugu movie Kothaga Ma Prayaanam from 1:01:00
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
true..but lots of divorce nowadays occurs simply because partners not being sexually satisfied in marriage..
And is there anybody here who has actually come out to their wife or girlfriend as atleast being Bisexual or Versatile?..if so what has been their response?
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
*** is part of marriage life. not marriage life is part of ***. it’s not that much hard but the point is you need to maintain the eeection. at bed. if you can, then you can *** any hole.

when marriage life duration increases then the *** life in it decreases. when u have kids, the frequency will reduce day by day and however more bonding will b there. *** won’t stop marriage life unless both partners are *** freaks
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
One question i want to ask is it hard to *** and satisfy women when you are a bottom gay? If after marraige being a bottom gay you cannot satisfy your wife sexually and be the man in the relationship then it is doomed to fail..sexual satisfaction goes a long way to keep a marraige happy..
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Guys watch 'skulls and roses' in Amazon prime if you are a prime member. It is conducted by Roadies Raghu. It is so HOT. Like a mix of Roadies and splitsvilla. Since it is not run on TV, they have taken a good amount of liberty in skinshow. In episode 2, all guys are just in underwear and they do body painting. In episode 8 or so, they give strip dance with tiny underwears. And in an oil fighting massage episode, their *** cracks are visible. Yummy show!!
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Lekin jab hame kisi ko aadat ho jaye or phir apke partner me changes aane lage like woh pehle se na rahe to ye bahut hurt karta hai dil dimaag sab bechain rehta hai 24 ghante has usko sochna......
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
I love *** in formal or pilot gay i have *** a pilots pilot rob is my slave
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Romantic love, in the full sense of the term, is an emotion possible only to the man of unbreached self-esteem: it is his response to his own highest values in the person of another—an integrated response of mind and body, of love and sexual desire. Such a man is incapable of experiencing a sexual desire divorced from spiritual values. Love, friendship, respect, admiration are the emotional response of one man to the virtues of another, the spiritual payment given in exchange for the personal, selfish pleasure which one man derives from the virtues of another man’s character.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
@fatchubbyboobs. If your comment is directed towards me then it is irrelevant, incomprehensible and ridiculous. You have not understood what I have said. Read again. Carefully. And if u don't understand then I can explain.
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
@satya786 actually there are surprisingly many black bottoms.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Are we talking about love or commitment at the moment!

If love then I am sorry, I have not yet been in love.

But as far as commitment for partner goes, I am ready to be committed to a top fully. Try out all my kinks only with him as I have some fantasies associated with it.
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
Well first let's discuss something that's very obvious.

All pure bottoms have a feminine side to them. All of us definitely want some aggressive tops who have good tools and can rough *** us including me. I too fantasize the same.

I always want a top master who can make me his slave. This is my fantasy to be his slave for every weekend and do whatever he wants me to. That's how we are.

Not disrespecting tall and hunk bottoms, but mostly tall guys are supposed to be tops.

And deny it as much as you want, every top out there wants a submissive bottom who is having extra fats around his chest and buttocks and is smooth
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Thank u toned bloke for ur reply on my post
Me also is in a relationship with a mature daddy but controlling other encounters r such a tough challenge and I really don't do this for me coz me too want it loyal to myself and to my loved one .
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Huh. So it looks like the short answer to my question is - No
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Till a year ago, gay *** was a crime. The only thing that has changed is it is not a crime. But it is still a stigma. socially not acceptable. So the question of how many gat marriages, relationships is totally irrelevant. I am happy to see that quite a few guys have expressed their decision not to marry ( a woman).
Living single, having financial security is another thing. it is necessary .
But emotional security is also another thing. Once you are past a certain age, being single leaves you isolated. The topics of discussion among your friends, colleagues, relatives of your age are focused on family matters, children you cannot take part in these. You may focus on career and professional life but that's not all ; it is only a part of life. You dont have someone to share your thoughts, feelings, issues with. Someone to go out with - for a movie or dining out or vacation.
And think about your retired life (just like you think about your health and finance post retirement). Do you want it to be lonely?

We indeed need a gay partner. We dont have to have a 100% match on all aspects of life, but yes a common minimum agreement is necessary.

I believe this applies to only gays (who have 0% interest in women) and not bisexuals.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Few need to grow up in their brains ..not in their undies ..and understand the depth of the conversation before commenting on others posts...women dont have huge requirements about *** sizes and men too are not too obsessed With big boobs not all women can have sunny leones boobs..every one knows about the marriage vows ...thats in a hetero sexual marriage .. Tell me how much percentage of gay men are geting married in India with those marriage vows in presence of their family and parents.. Gay relationshiips are not going till the marriage level .. Most of them remain to be in a secret relationship ....yeah few move abroad and settle down there with their gay partner ..as in abroad.. laws are more lgbt friendly and liberal.. Thats a different story
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
@letsfuck, you explained the correct situation & scenario. Absolutely agree with your thoughts.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Everyone here and in general in the community is blaming someone else. Its either men or society or something else. And most of the comments are laced with propriety. You think you are perfect and you need a perfect partner who will satisfy all the conditions. Have you taken a good look at yourself ? Are you really that pefect that you expect so much ?

Think about your parents. Imagine your mother saying about your father that his *** is only 5" so I cant get satisfied. Lets not go further. Or you father saying your mother's boobs are not firm or too small ? And rejecting her for that reason. The very premise of seeking a partner is so flawed ! Would all of us be in existence had they thought like us ? Financially stable, pure top, pure bottom, feminine, masculine and all other "qualities' we are so obsessed with.

Think of what they looked for in their partners. Maturity ? Understanding ? Integrity ? Honesty ? Loyalty? Companionship and above all strength. Strength to face any and all circumstances even when the other person becomes weak. To be able to hold him or her and get them up again or support them for life. Those mantras recited during marraige ceremony are not mere sanskrit words. They have a lot of meaning.

We have to take a good look at our philosophy of partnership and marraige. Else this comfort of blaming everyone and irresponsibility will cause the lonliness which is talked so much about. Society is last of the concerns. First of all are you ready to be ina mature relationship in which *** plays a small role ? Companionship calls for a different life alltogether and not just *** *** and foreplay.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
coolbisu91, the point FatChubby is in, is between Pessimism and Optimism...that''s realism!

There are exceptional, rare cases where 2 guys can live together till their last breath.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
@coolbisu91 if ur in a steady relation ship and ur partner isnt cheating on you and not using you ,emotionally, financially and giving you all his love and care... Then ur lucky and god has been kind to you... Other wise its quite tough to find a true lover in this gay world... Most of the gays have only these emotions -- place top botom vers ***.. Money .. Hang out friend, sponser for drinks, food , trips,outings ,taker for costly gifts like iphones and other stuff...and money too if they get this they are with the partner , if they dont they go for a new partner..
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
I don't want a relation only for ***.... Bt I will complete my partner's wishes if he want a ***..... I want a partner who can keep relation only with me ..... I
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Coolbisu91 ur being so optimistic right.. So tell me about ur relationship. ..do u have a steady long term partner whos been with u through thick and thin..??
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
I also find love.... I find a good... Genuine and honest person who can give me love with feeling.... I also give him lots of love as he like.... With feeling.... I want a relation with only one person.... Not with everybody
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
There are different levels of feelings. The extreme ends are ""unconditional love" at one end and "pure lust" at the other end. The feelings in relationships fall in between these two extremes and even in a particular relationship, the feelings will tend to move from one side to the other. There will be times when there will be pure love and at times there will be lust only. We have to learn to deal with it. My personal feeling is that monogamous relationships are very difficult to manage. What is much easier to manage are open relationships where the most strongest feelings are for your partner and the rest of the encounters are more on the lust end of the spectrum. But finding the one guy with whom you can manage this is a challenge. I was lucky to have found such a partner and we have enjoyed a very satisfying relationship for the past 26 years. We have had our ups and downs but overall it has been a happy journey. We have lived together since 13 years and our families know about us and have accepted us.
I would'nt say it is easy but we have managed to make it work for us. I am sure the preachers of "true monogamous relationships" will criticize, but whats important is that this has worked for us. I meet other men occasionally but till date have not really enjoyed *** like how I enjoy with my partner. I still dont know why I do look for other encounters, but I do. I keep the encounters very casual and try not to get emotionally connected with them. Penetrative *** is only reserved for my partner and with others it is just a hand job or occasionally oral fun.
One important advice I feel is important is that "do not keep too many expectations". When expectations are not fulfilled is when we feel most hurt and rejected.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
@fatchubbyboobs, don't be so pessimistic. Things are changing faster than we ever anticipated.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
FatChubbyBoobs, can''t tell it better! That''s the truth! That will remain forever.
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
In India if you are a gay man and ur looking for a partner... Even after crossing 30...40..60..80....90..100 years ..you would still end up being single and die a lonely death.. U would find many men to sleep with... But u wont get a single man to hold ur hand and love u all ur life...these can be good to see in movies, webseries, and read in books ..but in reality ..truth .....is bitter ... Virtual world is far different from real world...youngsters should not believe what they hear and see in the virtual world.

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