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Gay marriages and love affairs
i m too young for a relationshp still i fell in luv with some1 i hav never seen,talked a few times
but soon i lost contact with him
actually it hurts when u get away from som1 before being close...
Gay marriages and love affairs

When I said the tops were frustrated, I meant that they were sexually frustrated...And also I didn't force them to stay in touch with me as even I was looking for just ***.. But they themselves said that they will definitely call me back and stay in touch but then they never called back..Thats why I said it was very awkward.
Gay marriages and love affairs

I guess u took my words in a wrong sense.. All I meant was, just because many tops betray bottom guys, we cannot generalize is what I meant.

You yourself can be a better example. Now since you stand out of other tops, we cannot become judgemental about you right?

Thats all I meant.

Coming to my point, ofcourse yes, even am searching for a man to he called my man forever. And I know what I want, and I am pretty aware of whats happening around me. I guess we are sensible enough to understand whats right and wrong.
Rather than we complain about tops who betray us, we should have a little bit of common sense when it comes to trusting people.

Please pardon me if I have/had hurt someone.

But I still believe we share equal responsibility when it comes to searching a partner for life.
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Are there attraction for guys who are Tall, Slim/Med, Average & Smooth Body?
Gay marriages and love affairs
@decent bottom, you yourself are looking for a committed relation (as mentioned in your profile) but the way you are justifying tops in your post is quite contradictory. If we go by your statements, I think it is up to the bottom's discretion whether to get involved with such manipulative tops and they should never complain later.

I am a gay, unmarried, pure top, but I never get involved with married bottoms or versatile guys (those married to a woman) because I respect the marriage, no matter for what reason they got married.
Gay marriages and love affairs

Your exactly right. But at the end of the day, we have no option left. Have to accept the reality and move on in life.

However, we cannot generalize and become judgemental about "tops". Even they are just like us, human beings.. The urge to satisfy their desires some times make them take wrong decisions and play around with bottoms emotionally. Thats human instinct.

But if you see people on the other parts of the world, they have been very successful in leading a married life, just like straight couple.
What do you think the reason is? Society structure...

We are way behind the world when it comes to such sensitive things. All we can do is just give time. I know we would grow too old to see the changes, however, if not we, atleast our future generation.. 😊😊😊
Gay marriages and love affairs
So called gay tops or bisexual tops have dual advantage becoz they can *** a *** or an ***. I dont think they will be much frustrated becoz the are pleasured through either gender. They show frustration only to get the bottom into confidence and enjoy the bottom available as long as possible.
Gay marriages and love affairs
There were occasions when I met some frustrated married tops who were not happy with the *** in their marriage.. For them I was just an object to let out their frustration. Felt very awkward afterwards....They even promised to stay in touch and meet me afterwards but ghosted me later.
Overall it was very awkward.
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
I also like black *** maybe south Indian or negro wish to get some of them I like to get gangbang by this black dude
Gay marriages and love affairs
Tired of finding love. Does Mumbai have no decent top who’s good looking n wants a guy for love n fun both. M btm. 30. I want a goodlooks decent top to take me in his manly arms. Long drives , dinners, dates, passionate fun. Riding behind on his bike. Wow. Have so many fantasies. But no found any 😔
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Only sweat is available for streaming.

Rest are available on a torrent site.
Anyone can download from the torrent site and upload on streaming websites
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Cool dude well shared. Thx
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Cool dude superb vid
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Sisak was really nice
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Gay marriages and love affairs
@Amesha. Life is unpredictable and everyone experiences good and bad circumstances. So it's no use drawing conclusions. It just happened. Forget it. If I was you I would have taken revenge. Anyway. Now look for a decent gay man and stay away from bisexuals. Affairs with Bisexuals and married men will always end up in a tragedy.
Gay marriages and love affairs
@ Amesha, thank god you life is back on track, Trust people, but don't depend on people, is the big message from your experience,, hope this help others a lot, Thanks for sharing, hope your leeding happy life now
Gay marriages and love affairs
One builder cheated me with promise to marry me as second wife and later dumped me after using 5 years.
I met him in 2002, soon after my collage, he was already married and told he will treat me like his second wife.
He took care of my stay in Bangalore for 3 years, I stayed in one of his flat. He used to frequently visit. After 3 years he shifted me to his farmhouse in Kolhapur, stating he knows some surgeons in Mumbai and will help me in *** change surgery. I trusted him, quit my job and stayed at his farm house mostly all alone along with his couple of servants who would take care of his farm house. After 2 years in Kolhapur, no surgery and bought me back to Bangalore and dumped Me.
Though I was hurt to the core, did not want to disturb his family life, with all difficulties joined back to company and took life back on track.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
@natureadv loev is available in Netflix
@sasmathu thanks a lot dear i have seen a clip of sisak prior i was searching for whole episode which happened by u , i personally exp same in my adulosence ,never dare to talk to him will wait for him will hold the bar which he holded it was city bus journey was scared to hell ..i missed him
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Loev is available on Netflix.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Thanks for Sisak, its really a nice movie...Being searching for Loev from quite sometime, but havent being able to get. would be great if anyone can post or suggest...tried downloading too but no go. Loev is an amazing movie too...
Gay marriages and love affairs
Any one here for gay marriage
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Many have posted comments exactly like you for this vid in youtube.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
@sasmathu.. thankx a ton man.. i was searching for sisak like anything.. finally its in youtube..
thanks again :)
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Please dont miss it. Pure love : Sisak | India's First Silent LGBTQ Love Story
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
he is such a cute yet hot tamil guy..i cud marry him and have passionate *** everyday
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
I met a young tamil top a few mnths ago,he was dark and cute with a good lund.he took me to his room,his roommate was going to return in half n hr so he dropped his pants and i got to work..*** his *** nicely..he got in mood then cloths went off and he came on me..two three short passionate kisses and he said that u look so good why dont u get married to a girl and leave this...i simply said i am gay so i cant..then we continued but because we didnt had condom could not finish..it was short n sweet n hot encounter..i hvnt been able to meet him again because of place issue
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
I met Chennai guy he having huge tool which I like very much and also he is very much dominated in bed.
I like dark tall huge body tops like Tamil or Africans people's.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
There is a guy named Noel Alejandro. He directs movie more like ***, but with a theme.
So far he did few movies. I am able to fine few clips but not full movie.
If anyone has links, share it
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
There was this old movie called English August. Which apparently had Rahul Bose masturbating in a scene.

Sadly that movie never got a commercial release in India. Anyone has any links or Screenshots.

Similarly there were nude pictures of Himanshu Malik; when you search on google you find articles/ reports but no pictures. Any one lucky to have seen those ?
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Black huge *** ummm thy r definitely look so beast nd awesome.... I was not jaipur for almost a year nd met a negro man nd lived with one flat wth South Indian man.. Used to be sandwiched for them.... There black *** used to gv me Early orgasms .... *** till there balls skin ummmm love to *** again
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
I have a thing for dark skin older men. Or brown.. Someone about that makes me feel slutty.. Or if the guy is beefy and hairy. O into gym body. Like a rough man.
Shemale wife or partner
Having shemale or TG as life partner or wife it's become fantasy now a days because all shemale and TG not showing any interest for long term relationship just they want one night stand I'm searching for them since 3 years but I'm entered into hopeless situation conclusion is that it's not possible for long term with shemale or TG because they don't have need of that
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Once u go black..u cannot go back
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
Unskilled tops who only want to get *** and *** will complain. I met a 6'3 bottom in Delhi once, who was huge..but omg, what positions he could bend in. So flexible!
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
I have some experince

Once i was travelling in a crowded express train, Then a guy favoured me by giving Space and after some time he started touching and later made me *** inside my inners itself.

I was in college and part of camping we all was one night out and i has to share bed with lead . At night it became very cold so i asked the lead to help me by sharing is sheet to cover and he helped me. But little did i knew about next . Some time later he started playing with my *** all night and blowed me .. this was like the best surprise i got.

Waiting for many such fun incidents
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
@Apb you never come to know if a person is Active in bed or not unless you are in bed with that person.. so passing this general remarks is not cool.. you never know I may be more active in bed then you or any other slim or small bottoms.. it's just the matter of skills and right mind set as mentioned by @AK1988.. Just because person is chubby doesn't make him inactive..
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
@ all
It was just my opinion in general,,and not saying that all chubby are inactive, yes in role play one can be top or bottom, master or slave,,,,, nothing to do with physic,,
Here the issue was few face difficult in finding bigger tops.
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
I agree with @ak1988. Me being a 6.1 feet tall and chubby bottom, I love to be very active in bed and will be naughty too. That's why still many of the straight guys getting seduced by just touching my smooth booby big chest.. They simply love it.. Definitely men love boobs. And you will get them with girls and chubby bottom guys. I love you be dominated. And thank god that here exists some top guys who are chubby lovers
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
I'm 6'2" tall and I've been used and dominated by plenty of smaller guys. I've begged then not to hurt me and I've begged them to hurt me more. I think the role is more about state of mind than physical size.
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
I agree with @Apb. And really love guys in shape whether tall or short. But there are tops who love chubby bots, it cant be generic choice for all.
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
I disagree with @apb, I have been with many curvy n chubby bottoms.. It is all about a talent and sync the top n bottom possess to have a good session. I have tried doggy, standing doggy, spooning and missionary position with many chubby bots. Also, it is a very generic statement that chubs are inactive on bed, you can't get better booby body den a chub.
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
@ davidcrasto9
It's easy for a top to handle some one who is slim and medium to average built bottoms partners in bed, to try too many positions while in action,,and most of the chubby s are inactive in bed.
So creative a happy mood, and try to be active,
Big tall bottoms, is finding a match easy?
@chenguy124 you are right I understand completely as I face the same issues..not sure why it is difficult for tops to handle big guys.. if they say they like to dominate and be on top then why cant they do with a big guy like us?
Travelling in Group
Ya verstpbtm this is the main issue..the planning.i also planned this 8 days trip with 5 members of same interest.but then no one stood up on booking the flights and then day came all regrrtedd.And i went thier alone. I thought alone then is perfect to travel as you make friends other frnds more nicely.and I did that.met frnds tops bots..nd had nice long sessions from sauna to pools ..all wait for group and still there is one thing left. Do you really want go or not.
Travelling in Group
I have seen most of us are keen to travel in group but what is lacking is executing it. Creating a group (hangouts) , one casual meet to discuss and plan should help close it much faster.

Msg me all who are ftom Bangalore
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
@fifty except for you calling me off track, I agree to you entirely and I do not disagree even a single percent on you... You have misunderstood me.. I'm not forcing anyone to do this or that, I'm just throwing to many minds that there is an angle in which you can see this so-called 'held between 2 chairs' situation and I'm trying to tell that one should go forward without hurting or being an harm for others... Which is where most of get confused.. even after knowing that you can lead really a kingly life where you can transform the society and turn out to be a demi God for the needy, one is free to choose the life they want to lead.
In the try or in the efforts that one takes to do service to the nation, you get a change where the time you get depressed turns out to become productive making your life much more meaningful... Even if you don't become a demi God, the process that you go through in your try by itself is an experience which many can never understand or get to feel. We will learn many things in the process.. more over there won't be any time left over to think about committing suicide, when you define a purpose for your life, the purpose to die doesn't arise until you achieve it. To everyone who is reading this, please don't misunderstand that I'm demeaning other choice of yours. No.. never.. you have got the right to live the way you want..
All that I feel is, there is a natural way that welcomes homosexuals, esp gays and lesbians, to lead a life for the state, for the country.. most of the politicians who were single had that as a reason for the better service that the did. Singles, really get an opportunity to see the society, state or nation in total as their family, where as the one who has family can simply utter it, as mere words, just for the sake of saying it and can't live it as easily as the other... Being in a position to serve what others deprived about is an experience.. someone is deprived of food, giving them food is an experience where you experience satisfaction of satiating one's hunger, similarly one is deprived of music, technology, jobs, peace, prosperity etc etc.. and you get to fulfill them.. may not be all.. need not be for all.. at least for 1 person whom you never even know? If you can smile at 10 strangers, passing out love and affection? If you can make some 10 people forget themselves for 5 minutes by your blissful music? If you can give jobs to 20 people on your tomorrow's startup? If you can mediate between India and pakistan for peace? If you can work on making the nation prosperous by managing it's affairs? It goes on and on... Why do we shorten our thoughts? The world is big! Sun rises everyday and everyday is an opportunity to make a change.. instead we feel deprived of unrequited love, not having a latest gadgets in hands, not able, unable, disable, cannot, not possible, sad, depressed, down.... oh my God! This mind only!!!! There are so many gifts around, so many ways to look at things.. yet we cling to negativity.. let's be happy, let's be proud of what we are with what we have.. let's spread good thoughts and make our own lifes and the life's of everyone surrounding us peaceful!
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
I hv tried few times and got successful out of it, a Muslim massager, young delivery guy, few ola n uber drivers, saloon guys
Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Partly agree with Shriram
Completely agree with Fifty

While it is important for everyone to contribute to society at large, marital status is not a hindrance and sexual orientation has no correlation 😣

But as I always maintain, members of LGBTQ must position themselves as responsible citizens who contribute to the well-being of society as much as others do..only this will ensure equal respect ( law can only give u equal rights)

Millennial singles, are you going to be married?
Sriram, totally off track thought. If you are made for a public life, it doesn't matter whether you are gay, bi or straight, married or single. If you are advocating gay guys not to marry women, thats all right.A person who wants to do something might choose a single life, but it is not a precondition. There are enough couples , who have achieved great heights in public life.
If you are not made for public life, you cant be forced into it just because you have been forced into being single. And there are huge number of such people. They have the right to lead a life with a partner and children just like the other society. After decriminalization, the next natural step is right to marriage and children.

Loneliness is a serious issue. I am on the verge of facing it in a big way. Mind you, I am doing my bit for the society (this goes beyond taking care of parents and paying taxes etc) but it doesn't fulfill the need of waking up next to some loved one, having someone in my life with whom my soul can be naked.

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