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Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
Turn it into a gang war?
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
hi friends mai ek marrid top hu aur 2 bottom ko chodta hu mai ek ko hapte me 2 rat chodta hu aur ek ko hapte me ek rat wekly 60rs condom me me kharch hota hai mai apne family aur baccho ke sath khus hu
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
I know its a bit tough for this to materialize, but i wish we made groups of our own, to teach all these scamsters sm lesson. Whenever one of us is targeted n victimized harassed etc, he could post the details of the whole incident, nd after making suitable investigation, we go n teach the guilty guy, group sm lesson. Sounds fancy, nd like an idea from sm bollywood movie, i know, but just a thought.
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
How can anyone cheat upon their spouse just for few minutes of pleasure.. I wish every one understand and comprehend the feelings of partners with mutual respect... instead of just exploring and experimenting..
The Cousin Factor
When I was 16 my 12yo cousin and I went camping at the time I knew I was gay my cousin asked me if I gave you a blow job would you give me one. Of course I said yes we continued to get together till he was 19 now 35 years later he says I molested him
Flirting with a guy
Most of your lines are true for me too.
But I don't mind being called Bro, and I also call others Bro. I use it as synonym for Buddy, Dude, Sexy, Handsome... I rarely say HI DEAR... If someone is friendly, I use HI BRO, HI BUDDY, HI SEXY, HI HANDSOME...

Now about decrease in liking... That is human nature... I remember a scene from past... I saw a hunk in my office, same floor but different part of the floor where I used to go rarely. But to check him out, I started going to that section regularly for no reasons.
Later somehow we got to know each other and started greeting each other with HI HELLO... and then my crush on him reduced to very low.

Now about staring... There is no harm in staring on someone... Just make sure, you do without being noticed.. by him or by anyone else (which is difficult). If you stare people in public area, it is very least harmful. Mostly people avoid the stares from strangers. Rarely people get aggressive when someone stare at them.
In office or in common place, if you stare someone, he will certainly come and ask u if he knows you or so.

Regarding feminine str8 guys... I have no comments. Everyone has different perception on such things.
Flirting with a guy
it's really annoying when ur crush calls u bro
M not good at talking to people n don't get along with them
It's the biggest problem in me
Sometimes it happens tht u r attracted to someone after a point of time u won't hv any feeling like tht later
How to stop staring at good looking guys ?
I keep staring them in public or in bus or in office
Some guys hv feminine body language but are actually straight
I hv seen them in my office
Any suggestions ?

Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
Again this multiple eye contact works with genuine guys only.
If the guy is there to harass you, bash you, or has intentions to extort money from you, he also knows all these tricks.
He will give you signal by multiple looks and you will think he is genuine guy and you will follow him.

So far I have observed that
If I listen my 6th sense, which is very rarely wrong, I remain safe.
I avoid too many people around.
One o one or max a 3some is good.
If something is already going on, like you enter a loo and u see ppl doing fun already, that is safe scene for me.
If someone is very handsome, too good to be true, avoid him. Atleast avoid initiating the thing from your end.
By built, thighs, haircut, try to judge the person... A guy of good built, bulky thighs, good height, not fancy hair, infact short hair... Will be a cop or at guy, in 90% cases.

And even if you are caught, be bold.
Remember if you are not afraid, the goons start feeling helpless and nervous.
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
Make multiple eye contacts. If he is interested, he will also do the same. Then do something like pressing your bulge and things will move.
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
I dont mean to be rude but tht signal thing is worth nothing. As soon as it becomes widely known, which is when it would be of any value to us, cops n scamters would get to know abt it too. Not worth anything in my opinion.
The Cousin Factor
Madhavgopal , mere saath bhi aisa hi hua. Mere pados wale bhaiyya ne mujhe apne ghar bulaya jab vo akele they. Unhone mujhe bola sare kapde utar do ham NANGE ho kar ek game khelenge. Dono nange ho gaye. Fir vo ghoda ban kar bole "tum mere peeth par baith jaao" fir mera Ghoda bana kar unhone apna lulla meri buttocks ke beech me laga diya. Dheere dheere ghusane lage, jab mujhe dard hua to vo ghoda ban kar bole " tu ghusa"
Hamko is game me bahut maza aata tha...
Fir *** bhi karne lage.
Is tarah aadat lag gayee.
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
There should be some indication to recognise another gay. I mean we should understand other guy's particular activity and respond in a similar way. If we spread some particular action i.e - crossing two fingers and scratch zip portion of pant. Like that we can identify a gay in public and go ahead......
First time Anal - Tips?
This comment has been deleted for violating posting rules (Violations may include posting contact details including phone numbers, meta discussions, repeated ads for services, personal attacks, inappropriate language, off-topic or low-effort comments etc.)
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
Even when the law gets repelled, they can still book you for indecent exposure in public or molestation etc. So just be careful. And basically avoid cruising in low class areas. Better to cruise in sm upscale places than in a train station loo.
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
One of the best news bro, I hope all comes in LGBT community favor. And gay marriages are allowed in India , it will be a great news for all of us
First time Anal - Tips?
Guys please be safe while performing *** *** otherwise it can get very critical and put the bottom at lifes risk.
Here are a few tips -
1. Clean *** area and ensure there are no hair there.
2. Very important. Douche your anus. You will get an *** douche or an enema bag in a medical store. This will remove all the feces and ensure clean anus.
3. Again clean tip of anus after douching.
4. This will help to lubricate a little but follow next step.
5. Squat down (like toilet position), Take a lubricant like KY Gel or Durex lubricant, on your middle finger and apply it to the anus. Gently rub it in circles and slowly slide your middle finger in your anus.
6. Move it in and out a little.
7. Remove your finger and squeeze a little bit more gel on your middle finger and put it in your anus again. This will ensure that the whole *** tract is lubricated.
8. Remove your finger squeeze a little bit of lube on your index and middle finger, now insert both fingers into your anus slowly.
9. Move fingers in and out a little.
10. Now your anus is lubricated and ready for fun.
11. Do the above steps yourself so that you are "Safe" and comfortable.
12. Now, ask your top/partner to lie down.
13. Slide a condom over his ***.
14. Squeeze a little lube over his condomed *** and spread it all over the condom.
15. Now gently squat over his condomed *** and allow it to go into your anus a little unitil your tops glans *** is in.
16. Move up and down so it frees your anus.
17. As you move up and down, keep going further down so that his entire *** is in your ***.
18. By now you can squat and move up the complete size of the ***.
19. Do a few strokes and change the position to Doggy.
20. Bend down and put your *** up so that the anus is spread open.
21. Ask your partner to insert and move in and out.
22. By now you and your partner will be enjoy amazing *** ***.
23. Ask your partner to be gentle. The point is to enjoy the sensations for a long time.
24. Increase the speed a little but not too much. Remember its a part of your large intestine, if anything happens to your intestine you'll have to be rushed to the ICU trust me.
25. Tops please be careful too and dont push very hard, it can turn critical.
26. If the *** is very long ask your top/partner to be gentle and stop by putting your hand on his stomach, signalling him that uts deep enough.
27. The max anybodys anus can take is 7 inches (depends on body type).

I hope you find these tips helpful in enjoying a safe *** play.

Love Christian Turner.
First time Anal - Tips?
Hi all, I have piles problem but interested in having *** ***. Can I try that please suggest
First time Anal - Tips?
About bleeding
Buy lignocane 2%
And put on and inside of ***.
It is made for piles patients. Will give relief and bleeding also will get cure. Dont eat spicy .and never tell truth to your doctor . Just tell him that bleeding is coming from asd
First time Anal - Tips?

Sad to hear ur pain. Just visit the doctor and ask for some medicines. I hope it is not bleeding still.

The doctor will give u medicines to get ur skin to heel soon.
And dont worry about what the doctor will say. Just go and tell him truth (u can hide some parts like gay thing). Just tell him that u and ur friend did *** *** for sake of experiment.

First time Anal - Tips?
I tried *** last week vth all da cautions mentioned..but my a** started bleeding.. even today I feel so painful while doing potty... wish I never tried .. can't express the agony I'm going through...
First time Anal - Tips?

If a top is *** a bottom in ***, please make sure the top does enough fingering to his ***, using a water based lube (I use Lox).
Keep your nails well trimmed, else it will hurt the bottom.

Make your bot comfortable, so that he accepts your finger. Try not to push at all. If u have used enough lube, finger will slide inside with slight push.
Once you are able to push one finger completely, put little more lube and now work with 2 fingers, first 2 fingers on 1 hand or both first fingers of both hands.
When you use 2 fingers, try to widen your fingers inside his ***, it will make some space inside.. and it will also widen up the *** hole.
I have to do it for sure as my *** is little thick.

Once you notice that the guy is taking both fingers easily... His hole is ready.

While u r fingering him, keep his *** occupied on ur ***.
To keep him calm, if u *** his *** too, in 69, his hole will automatically open... That is why in poems, they show that top guy sucks the *** of bottom while fingering.
If u r ok to rim, then rim his ***, lick, or small chewing... Kissing on his buts...
All these gives pleasure to the bottom, and he starts reciprocating.

Also, never *** a guy who is not interested. If some one allows u to play with his ***, that does not mean he will allow u to *** him too.

Avoid *** too deep, unless ur bottom says... In case of deep ***, the *** hits his intestine walls and that hurts the bottom.

Avoid *** a guy if his *** starts bleeding due to ruptures.
It is risky for him.

Avoid *** a guy if his *** is not clean, u can catch STDs and he too.
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
I have been married for the last three years and it was about one year back that I started having fun with guys. Playing with boobs and playing with *** are two different things and I now enjoy both. Yes, it is safe if the other guy is also married. and want same thing as me.
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
Supreme court is going to deliver the judgement decriminalising gay *** next month.....during the hearing all the 5 judges were in favour of decriminalisation. ...even govt said no objections. ...so wait for a month to get rid off the fear....thereafter having gay relationship in private place with an adult with his consent will not be an offence.....we can use the public places only for pick up
First time Anal - Tips?
When I was *** first time. We both were in jungle type area at night 8 pm around. first I *** his. then he asked me to lay down. Usne meri legs upar kri and tried to push his *** inside me. M ghar se hi ready ho kar aaya ta..*** clean krke and fingering so that I can become loose at that time. But uski *** wrong direction me ja rhi thi and slip ho rhi thi...I held that and put at right point on my hip hole. and he pushed harder. it suddenly entered inside my *** completely. It was very first time with me. I felt something different. something big thing inside my ***. and that point when i entered thrw my *** hole that moment was enjoyable. then he started his work pull push pull push...wow i was completely in different world..fir usne bahar nikala and put at my lips..his all *** was inside my *** and i took it... At second time I was at sumone's home...first I *** his ***..this time I sat on his *** thrw adjusting my hole with my fingers and took his *** inside my hole and *** myself...then bed cornner pe usne meri leg uthayi and inserted his ***...and this time uska *** easly chala gaya ander...after sumtime he left his come inside my ***..jisse wo slippy ho gaye..after sumtime when he inserted second time wo bahut hi easily ander chala gaya...he *** my 4 to 5 time ...
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
Being married n occasionally having a *** to play is cool, you get the best of both worlds
First time Anal - Tips?
All the tips are give here for bottoms only....anybody wants to tell any top any tip???
Section 377 - Will it get repealed?
I hope that this archaic law is aboloshed. Why are people being biased or segregated like they are things based on their sexual orientation. Its inhuman in itself. Moreover th3 Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has also done a great job by discussing another important point about legalizing prostitution.

This will be another great step in this country because once legalized *** workers can get access to medical facilities openly without fear.

*** is a natural progression of human beings. Such archaic laws have tortured human beings for a long time now.
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
Observe cruising spot from safe distance. Check who all are frewuently coming and going... at first place it appears to be dificult if spot is at crowded place but give some time snd u will come to know who is coming bacj again again....watch if these people are talking to each other , standing together .. chances are that they r operating in gang. Avoid obviously looking chapri people.... watch out for footware person is wearing. .cops in plain dress do wear uniform shoes...dont carry anything valuable ..no crdit card debit card ...but 300 to 500 bucks and simple phone is must in case of emergancy... behave confident ; dont do anything that will attract attention of too many people..happy cruising...
High Fun
I too would say NO to high fun.. heard from people that you would never know what you are doing when you are high.. or you will be ready to go to any extreme... This is always bad as its not safe. Indulging in unsafe will lead to unwanted stress later.. also, drugs will spoil your health and it will make a person addicted to it too.. why you want to mix of the sexual pleasure with ***... enjoy the *** as much as possible with real feeling that you are enjoying the pleasure, but not by just being high where you don't even know whats happening.
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
It is not the fear of cruising but the fear of getting caught in the act can ruin the day. Be always cautious and read the person well before throwing a hint at him instead of doing random things. Dont be loud and snoozy in your attire and your walks as well. There are some guys who suddenly start behaving weirdly after getting into a place like this. If you sense anything wrong at all, just leave the place. Better be safe then sorry.

Having said all this all these can only reduce the risks, not eleiminate completely. But thats the pleasure and fun also sometimes. You know what I mean
High Fun
Crazy cruiser I think u mistook poppers for Poppins 😂😂😂
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
I dont see a single comment about anyone teaching anyone any morality. Its about opinions. Just like one person has the right to consider himself a martyr a sacrificial messiah for having a wife n sleeping around, others have the right to see him as they want. Dont try to thrust your "i m a great bechara" theory down others throats. Baaki jo karna hai karo. No one is asking u to change.

P.S. there are gays who hookup with married bi guys. But not everyone does. Hope u see my point. Its a matter of choices you make.
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
While cruising don't carry anything not even mobile and you will feel safe
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
Fear of getting caught makes me more ***.
High Fun
Poppers are available at your kirana stores as well, and even chemists. Go to any of them and tell them 'poppers de do'.
Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices?
Very well summarized @ ken9.
I would add that not all bottoms are feminine.
I look a normal male,even assertive but I am a bottom.
Scared while cruising - How to overcome fear?
This is a problem with almost everyone. Fear of getting into trap is every gentle person's concern. I think we should remain normal and natural and judge others , if he looks gentle and humble then you should open up carefully.
High Fun
poppers are the best, don't need much else
Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices?
after entering into gay life for atleast 5 years so many guys took my disadvantage. there are 90 % tops who treat bottom just as a substitute of girl. they just want to empty there pipes. no respect in their mind about bottom. just are *** seekers. after *** 7-8 times also guys just blocked my number without any reason. 80 % guys always told me their fake identity.
thats why I also decided -now I gather all information abt guy and then only do fun
Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices?
if anyone uses u or abuses you, its only becos u hv allowed him to.....remember
in your anxiety to get a gay partner, plz do not lose ur self esteem
Flirting with a guy
i flirt a lot....love it
guys feel comfortable becos if my age and my straight manly mannerisms
no signs of gay or femjnism i show
i behave like a straight friend

being friendly n smiling is the biggest thing i use to flirt....
Enhanced Performance
Those who hv performance issues shall not be consuming soya products as it reduces performance
Enhanced Performance
Agree lucky... der is no better performance enhancer dan workout. It increases yr testestrone levels and u will hv never ending hard on. Having said so, if ur objective is muscle building den u shall not hv *** more dan once a week as it will reduce test levels in body and hence achieving goals will be difficult.
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
I echo mmmw. 24mumbaitop... stop teaching morality n issuing character certificate to ppl.. as no one needs it to endorse his credentials.. i m bisexual n happy wid my both sides.. i hv been more than satisfied with whatever i hv got n thank god for the same. hence dont believe in throwing my frustration on internet.. may be gays cant visualise what it means to be bi, though they are happy to bounce on good looking married men..rest my case here.. the end
First time Anal - Tips?
For all who wants to get first time -my opinion- u should mentally prepared. U should like that guy. If you dont have positive feeling towards top then u may not enjoy and u will feel more pain. Get *** from an experienced top because he knows how to insert. Use lignocane 2% or ky jelly or vaselline. First tell top to rim by his fingers and then tell him to insert.
Main part- if bleeding happens then stop *** immediately.
Enhanced Performance
I appreciate people who have genuine problems can try out the help of pills and medications but don't try to depend on these things for long term overall health and wellness. I used to have *** and anxiety issues when having *** but lately I started doing Yoga and workout on regular basis because of which my blood circulation has considerably improved. The result is I get red hard morning *** everytime I wake up after sleep. I also have the same hard *** when having ***. Certain techniques of yoga which involves body flexing and stretching help in ***. There are also kegal exercise which is good for ***. I also have shilajit on regular basis plus natural libido like saffron.
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
U can say i *** ppl n i m happy abt it. I dont care what ppl think. Doesnt make u a great human being.
Enhanced Performance
Use tadalfil Tab
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
I am bisexual and married, and cruise these boards. Come and preach me morality 24mumbai boy. You are pardoned because of your DP :).
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
If you are gay and married to a lady. Shame on you for ruining her life.

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