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Gay marriages and love affairs
Me btm gay. Looking for mature top gay life partner.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Hi friends i stay near ulsoor metro last night just came outside just for
Walk coz very irrtating from morning in home only ...near the Esaf one
Bulding ,one botd also is there bharath enterprises ...board is thetr the
Same building last floor . Just behynd the board one guy walking on thr floor
With headfone ...i was watching him long time after some time he stand
Behynd the board and doing hand job ...i went near that building
Next that one building was there gate was open just slowly went
Up stair he was only underweare with big *** ...late nigh just saw the
His *** and his hot hand job and came ...
Kinky Fiction Story
Wowww it's amazing..... Loving it eagerly waiting for part-3
Gay marriages and love affairs
Is there any place in Mumbai where guys come togther to find love to find a bf and not jus ***
Is kitty su the place or any other ?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@Willpayu the hunting season one is really awesome
Grt fun in this lockdown days to watch
I will see the other one soon
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen

Movie - The dreamers
Mostly a straight movie. but has lot of male nudity
HD streaming only. will take up lot of your data.
but the movie is very interesting.
first 10-15 mins are kinda boring
watch 00.53 and 1.00.35
Kinky Fiction Story
Oh Eternal bliss - keep this going - eagerly awaiting part 3
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
You gave a nice website, thanks
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen

Enjoy the lockdown pals
Stay home Stay safe
Movie - Eroddity(s)
plenty of hot young male bods and male nudity
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@willpayu, this is really good one, more erotic. Thnx for sharing
Kinky Fiction Story
Yes @FIFTY, and thank you.

The dictionary meaning of Masochism (in S & M) is a tendency in which one gets gratification in pain and humiliation. And a masochistic sissy may show some outward reservation or fear of it, but actually derives a great sexual kick out of it. Like, in the Hindi films, you might have heard the villain say, "Nakhre karti hai saali."

Kinky Fiction Story
@Rahulmehra - fiction, story.

If you have read other threads on this site, you will know that some people like being humiliated. At least or maybe only in the fantasy world.
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
I do question the explanation of your friend. You provided 2 reasons, neither of them have anything to with being married, but more his perception of an older person.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Kinky Fiction Story
@cama. not only to u. to me as well. the story looks treating bottoms as emotional weak bitches.. and insulting the third genders.

however ppl are just waiting for fun part. i felt disgusting reading that story.
Kinky Fiction Story
Is it just me or does this sound like emotional abuse?
Kinky Fiction Story
@RAHULMEHRA hope the further episodes answer your question.
Kinky Fiction Story
Was he your boss or a demon? How could you endure such humiliation
Kinky Fiction Story
Waiting eagerly for next part
Kinky Fiction Story
Loved it. Good command over language too.
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
Yes ofcourse
Kinky Fiction Story
Good one @Eternal bliss. :-)
Kinky Fiction Story

PART 2 - Oh, Humiliation!

Arun expressed his stern contempt and ridicule for me right from day one. He didn't even bother to respond to my "Good morning." "Maybe he had a bad *** with his wife last night." This thought brought a naughty chuckle on my face, when suddenly the phone rang. "Come in." He said. "Oh, sure. In a moment." I replied.

Inside his cabin:
Me: What's the matter, Arun? All well?"
He:(giving me a neglectful look) Yup. Why?
Me: No, no, nothing. Just that I wished you good morning when you entered, but you didn't reply, so I thought...
He:(giving me a firm look) Wanna know why I did that?
Me: Yeah.
He: Because you, Rishi Verma, didn't address your Boss as Sir. Because you, a bloody secretary, didn't get up while greeting the boss.

"Bloody Secretary??? Squuuse meeee! I was an Executive Assistant, okay?" No, I didn't tell that to him. Wanted to. Couldn't. Just stood there, dumb. He kept staring and examining me from top to bottom and bottom to top with his lusty yet amazingly sexy eyes. In between, he kept rubbing one of his hands on his chest, and then once, he pinched his own nipple and winked at me. Realising that I have started getting a hard on, I brought both my hands forward in a bid to cover my crotch. But I also realised that the very act of doing this was a revelation in itself, and that made me whimper. "May I go, Arun... err, Sir?" He didn't say anything for a whole 5 seconds, then burst out laughing, and said, "Go." I ran out.

Arun's blitzkrieg of humiliation had my fortress of closet dwindling in no time. I always had this over confidence and ego that I will be able to hide my sexuality by "acting straight" all the time. But this man made me naked even without stripping my clothes. Whether in private or in front of others, whether for any work related reason or on my personal demeanor, he made nasty comments which would bring out such reactions from me that completely destroyed my fake manhood, and brought out the sissy in me for all to see. Why? How? I know not. I was beginning to loose my control over my body. The stereotypical sissy mannerisms of talking with limp wrists and sitting with both knees close to each other, and one leg over the other started happening very naturally. I felt comfort in those gestures, in that style.

One day Arun commented on my clothes. "Ye kya poore ke poora thaan lapete rehte ho badan par!" (Now, I did have a habit of wearing slightly loose clothes.) "Kya darr lagta hai ke kahin koi "chir haran" na kar le?" Saying this, he laughed mockingly at me. I couldn't answer him. Just mumbled with a blushed chuckle, "Nahin, Sir, aisa kuch nahi," A blushed chuckle at the idea of "chir haran?" Gosh, what's wrong with me? "Well, I have decided. You are going to have a dress code." "But, Sir...I...uhh..." I felt too awkward to react. "Here... I have ordered them," pressing a key on his laptop, "A dozen full of vest coats and bows. Yes, that's what you are going to wear from now on." "Hullo??? Who are you to decide what am I going to wear?" Yes, I couldn't say that to him. Not bothering to consider my reaction, he continued, "And mind you, I am ordering a full dozen, so you better not repeat them too soon" "But...uh...I...Okay, Sir." I went out thinking, "Chuck it yaar, if he is offering branded clothes at his expense then why I should I bother?" Two days later when the delivery reached my desk I was totally aghast at seeing the clothes. Almost all the vest coats were either majorly pink in colour or had a shade of pink mixed with other pastels. And all of them had such loud floral designs on them, that even the most flamboyant of gay designers would not wear them. I nearly shuddered upon thinking how Niharika and gang would react to it. But hey, there was one more packet in the parcel too. I was equally astonished upon seeing what was in it. Just then he passed through my cubicle engrossed in a conversation with Kenneth. "Siiiiir, I think your parcel has been mixed with mine. Here." Handing over the packet with a sly smirk, I added, "Maybe you ordered it for your wife." He continued discussing something with Kenneth, brushing me aside by quickly saying, "I am not married." "Oh. Then maybe for your girlfriend." I attacked. "I ordered it for you silly!" He shot back. No sooner did he finish saying this than Jhumpa, Niharika, Shweta, and all the girl gang gushed towards me, "Dikhao dikhao, kya hai usmein?" My Gawd. I held the packet to my chest, and ran as fast as I rushed to to put it inside my drawer, but they reached before that and snatched the packet from my hand. Bitches! "Oh no, look at this guys. See what Arun got for Rishi." said one of them. "What is it now?" Enquired Kenneth. "A pack of designer panties for Rishi." Niharika burst out laughing. "Good one, Arun." She added. Everybody laughed. Kenneth, who seemed to be a bit of a homophobe, gave me a scorn. As for the boss, he remained silent all through this. But while returning to his cabin, he gave me a look. Now it was his turn to give me the sly smirk. Immediately after he went inside, I blurted, "It's not for me, okay? It's actually for his girlfriend. Just that it came along with the clothes that he had ordered for me. See." And without looking at the packet, I lifted one of the vest coats to show everyone. Incidentally, I had lifted a fully pink vest coat. There was another round of thunderous laughter. I was frustrated. Totally.

Being scolded and rebuked from Arun had become a regular phenomenon. At my slightest slip, or even otherwise, I would get whiplashed. Add to that, most of his rebukes were accompanied with sexual innuendos.
"Understood? Get that inside your deepend down there, because brains you dont have."
"One *** thing you can't do properly. Start wearing diapers if you still need some schooling."
"Don't bother, uncle, I'll do that myself. It requires a real *** to handle that."
"When was the last time your *** was banged hard? Gosh, now get up, and get me the reports right away."
"Rishi has a penchant for all things long and thick, isn't it, Rishi?"

Lunch breaks had become torture sessions. Eating in the work area was prohibited, so I had no other option but to join everyone in the cafeteria. But, eating with the men was out of question. Half of them were homophobes, who loathed me and would shoo me away, and the other half would make lusty passes at me. Hence, much against my wishes I would eat with the girls. They were a greater torture than men, but atleast I could approach them. With men, I don't know why, I felt very shy and awkward. Infact, I realised I had a habit of blushing every time I spoke with a decent, good looking man.

And, then came the final blow. At Arun's instructions, I had started preparing a quotation for a tender that he intended to file. I had to consult the heads and of the different departments for this. I worked extra hours and finally, prepared the quotation. I don't know how some figures got wrong, and led to some miscalculation. Arun started throwing super tantrums. He humiliated me in front of the entire staff. Hurled abuses, not only at me, but also at my upbringing, mentioning how I had been a "mistake" all my life, how I had been a "mistake" right at the stage when I was conceived, and that I was a "mistake" of my parents' "mistake." I got really scared that day. Because of my silly mistake, the company was likely to incur a loss in the business. Felt really guilty and miserable. Arun gave me a long lecture of some choicest abuses, but even then his anger refused to subside. And then, he said, "Enough! If a school kid is what you want to be, then a Master shall I be. And for your mistake, you will be punished." "Okay, Sir." said I. "You know how they punished a boy in my school? I shook my hands in "Nay." "By making him wear a girl's uniform and parading him throughout the school." He said. My heart beat raised. "But, Rishi Verma, I realise how much you *** in your pants out of fear, so I am going to be kind to you." and then added, "I am giving you two options. Either you sort out the mess that you have caused in this tender, and give us a written guarantee that you will get the contract for the company, or..." Everybody was listening with bated breath. "...Or, you'll wear a woman's clothes for the entire day today." This time, no one laughed. It was a serious matter. "The choice is yours." He ended. I kept crying.

To be continued...

Till then, your suggestions and comments are welcome!
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
The tiktok links dont seem to be working.
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
Y do relationships have to b named.
I am wanting a relation but want it discreet. Yes I am open to stay a double life. Normal straight outside n another with my lover. M btm. Want a handsome top as my bf in Mumbai.
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
@ Don't know about relationships... But had fun with married uncles... They are really caring... Don't think anything wrong.... Depends on person's own interest...
Kinky Fiction Story
This comment has been deleted for violating posting rules (Violations may include posting contact details including phone numbers, meta discussions, repeated ads for services, personal attacks, inappropriate language, off-topic or low-effort comments etc.)
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
shravan from ek duje ke vaaste,

seems like he has a small *** or is it the pool effect shrinkage due to cold water, either ways i like his small cute softy

Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
few tiktok guys



Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Now you guys are making some good use of lockdown
Kinky Fiction Story
Reading is like watching a movie...
I can actually imagine every detail...And some scenes were in slow motion
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
@shippie55 I would like to know more about this custom

Do these young boys get married when they grow up?
Kinky Fiction Story
Gripping and titillating.....and quietly erotic in anticipation. I'm turned on....and cannot wait to go on reading ...
Thanks hin, for creating this lovely piece !
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
Now a day's wife also cheat on husbands so what's wrong in this
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
Its a common practice among Malabar Muslims, & Indonesians. Married people keep one Steppney, young Boys.
Kinky Fiction Story
Well written. Waiting for next part
Kinky Fiction Story
This is so well written ... I am eager to read your next post
I fantasize of having an affair with a corporate daddy. He being authoritative, decisive, spoiling me rotten and me taking care care of him . Sort of a sexy relationship lol.
I like mature daddy bear in formal/suits preferably with moustache and beard optional also prefer mature men in formals

They are instant turn on for me....

Though I don’t prefer group *** but

I always have a fantasy that board meetings are turned into group action or having group *** with bunch of cops 😉
Even i get charged seeing mature men in Formals clothe and suits , sometimes I have fun with mature in thier clothes on. It's amazing feeling and really like to see them ! Any mature who is formals clothes fetish can contact me .
Gay Guys and Cross Dressers on TikTok
Follow n like me on tiktok ,my I'd is bablupatwa90
Kinky Fiction Story

Hi guys. Thank you very much for your wonderful response. I shall post the second part very soon. Actually, I wanted to see the reaction of the readers first before writing the next part. The responses in the thread as well as in my message inbox have been very encouraging. I'll start writing further now. Please give me some time. I shall post it as soon as possible. Thank you again.
Kinky Fiction Story
.. Dude I'm so exciting to know next from u .u narrated so nicely in part 1
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
It rocked my world, Eternal_bliss. Having a gay soap opera on mainstream television kept me home every Monday night. I even changed my work schedule so as not to miss an episode. It was also sooo hot, and scenes between Justin and Brian can still be found on *** sites!

In Australia, that validated our place in what was still a homo-ambivalent society. It also showed that the gay community had different viewpoints to the straight community on similar issues. I think it cobtributed to the acceptance of gay marriage.
Kinky Fiction Story
Please post next part n i hope that will have kinky activities as suggested by this thread name
Kinky Fiction Story
Yes.. soon pleaseeee
Kinky Fiction Story
Please continue it's lovely
Kinky Fiction Story
It’s not fiction is it? Lovely, this is amazing I can’t wait for
The next part pls write soon.
Kinky Fiction Story


Arun. Yes, Arun Prakash. Like they say, pleasure and pain at the same place, the "Joy and Suffering" of my life began with this name, this person, Arun Prakash. Till he entered my life, I had somehow managed to drag along the rough road of closet and discretion. Not that people hadn't doubted about me and my sexuality. I have had a long history of being teased. At school, at college, in my neighbourhood, and at the workplace. Just like many other bottoms, I had the looks of a handsome man, and the mannerisms of a sissy. Well, not completely, but somewhat. People would start guessing that during my continuous interactions with them. It was always very irritating, disturbing and painful experience, when during the initial interaction, people would ask me, why was I not married, inspite of being so handsome and good looking, and upon further interactions, when the same people would feel that my mannerisms were not as "straight" as theirs, they would laugh at my slightiest mistakes and slips. It was a big torture to be continuously conscious of people watching my every move, my every step, literally. Every time I would pass by their cubicles, there would be laughters and giggles and murmured comments about me. What was more discomforting was that, I was outwardly very embarrassed and always put on a serious face, but inside, I realised, that I was liking it. Gosh, what a confusion!

Eventually, I stopped socialising and interacting with the guys at my company. Infact, I even got my designation and profile changed. Earlier, I was the Executive Assistant to the CEO. But in that profile, I had to keep interacting with the entire staff, and co-ordinate with them about the tasks assigned to them by my boss, the CEO. It was too much of a torture, to go to speak to anybody, whether junior or senior to me, and getting mocked and teased by them. Therefore, I got my profile changed to a backoffice task, wherein I was assigned a small cubicle at a far end, where I would come to the office, quietly do my work, and vanish. Life was a bliss! Everything was fine, until one day, the CEO, Mrs. Arundhati Bhaskar, came out of her cabin to address us all. "Guys," She said, "I have something to tell you all. The HO has offered me a post there at Cincinnati, Ohio. I'll be leaving for there this month end, and so this is going to be my last week with you guys. I would like to say, it's been a wonderful...." And blah, blah, she went. "All this is hardly going to change things for me." I thought.

There was a farewell party for Mrs. Bhaskar. It might have been good, I guess. I didn't go. For obvious reasons. Called in sick. Mrs. Bhaskar was so sweet to have actually send me a "Get well soon" message. After all, I had been her executive for 5 long years, before I took up this silly backoffice job, for my personal convenience.

The week after she left, was when my "joy and suffering" began. The Asia-Pacific regional head was in the office, and we came to know that he had come to welcome our new CEO. "All this is hardly going to change things for me." I thought again. I was wrong.

I had settled into my cublicle, as usual, having a look at John Abraham's shirtless pic in yellow swimming trunks and Arjun Rampal's sexy and intense looking pictures hung on Shweta's cubicle, which was just ahead of mine. At around 10:30 am, the Asia-Pacific regional head came over and in a way that was no less filmier, introduced us to our new CEO. After a brief speech, only when he said, "...It gives me great pleasure in introducing you to your new CEO, Arun Prakash..." did Mr. Arun Prakash walk over to us from the cabin's lobby. He came, I saw him and my jaw dropped, my body froze. An absolute Alpha Male. Not only that, but he was, surprisingly, stylish too. Standing around 6 feet tall, a wheatish fair complexion, that I found oh-so lovely, broad shoulders, that manly "khoomaari" in his eyes, (which I could notice from far away,) he was Mr. Handsome personified.

Arun started addressing us. And after the initial remarks, he came to the point. Said he, "...I would like to continue with the processes the way they have been, so that you all are not hassled with new systems. But there is one change that I would like to bring about, and that is... a change in my Executive. I would like to have Rishi, once again as the Executive to the CEO. I understand he has handled that responsibility quite efficiently and for a long time till now, and I would like to have him reinstated into that position..." What????? NOOOoooooo! How could he do this? Arun called me towards him to hand over to me some files. I still stood there dumb. Arun almost ordered, "Now, come over here Rishi, will you? Take this goddamned files from my hand." Reacting almost organically to his tone, I said, "Yes, Sir," which already raised a few chuckles among the crowd. I started walking from my cubicle. In my mind, I had decided to just keep looking down, or look elsewhere, but at his face, or else my heart beat was sure to pound loud enough for everyone to hear it. I was very conscious of my walk, and tried to put up a brave, erect and manly posture, (or so, I thought,) but that nasty Niharika played a prank. She lay her leg out and I hit her leg and almost fell. "Ouch!" came the word from my *** in it's totally panzy manisfestation. And there they went! The people laughed. There was an evil smirk on Arun's face, as if telling me, "Come hither, and get locked in the den!"

To be continued...

Till then, your suggestions and comments are welcome!
Are gay guys loner? #ComingOfAge
Every gay man has felt lonely at some point. I am 48 and I have through it plenty. But since the age of 30 and especially after coming out, I have gone out of my way to be part of lgbt social groups, made life long friends with guys, who started of as hookups! And have been in relationships. I have been very lucky that way, but also have to acknowledge that I did put in some effort.

The app culture of today is very tough and confusing and sadly revolves around ***

In Bangalore, there is a support group called Good As you and it's been around over 25 years. I cannot recommend this enough for folks, who want to be part of a closed ans safe support space. Every thrusday they have a meeting and there are some awesome discussions. I made so many great friends here. Google it up for the location of the meeting (near mission road)

Facebook has a private group called good as you, join the same and you can get a lot of updates and info.

Bangalore queer film fest, diversity melas, pride and the regular parties are other avenues to physically meet people. I know it is a scary path to negotiate sometimes, but sadly if you want to meet people, then the only way is you get out there.

Not everyone out there is a gold digger or out to exploit your vulnerability and everything doesn't have to revolve around *** too, I come across so many on Grindr who want to meet and talk and be friends too!

All the best!

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