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Your attitudes for foreigners
@newbieforum.. as @radlib said.. Foreigners are human beings, no different from anyone else.. we do love any foreigners.. hope you meet some good Indians to get to know this..
Your attitudes for foreigners
Just curious, do u guys like asian guys like chinese?
Travel Explorers and Cruising
I had quick and sweet fun when I was in Kerala for my job training !
I was there for like 25 days . Since day one everyday I use to search on GR and PR for some mature daddies out there ! No one was nearby ! Later I think after 20 days I found one person who appeared as new appearance in PR . He was a typical mature Mallu daddy Nice dark man with hairy body and a thick moustache with a Mundu. I messaged him and found out to be interesting. It was first time I was meeting a south India daddy. ! He met me at a spot on the same day at night time ! He took me to a lonely road which was almost dark ! He took my hand over his *** , and he was on his Lungi with no underpants. I could feel the thick and long erect *** ! He had a healthy and hairy body which made me more exicted ! We both where in hurry and as it was not so safe place. We stared with kissing each other and then I moved to his *** .Just loved licking the juicy and thick *** ! And after like 5-10 mins finally he cummed all over. A perfect and clean mature bear daddy . Man it was an amazing experience ! Just loved that daddy , wish I could meet him again !
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Any views on my ***?
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Oh yes so lucky!!
Village types - so original
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
@crash lucky boy
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
my boyfriend is a dark village boy with chocolate complexion and a chubby hairless body...feels like.heaven everytime i make love with him
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
In Ulsoor near metro station u can try next to ESAF finance building after that cross one more cross is there that entrance u can see one closed tea Shope... In that cross so much old small small Shopes ..night time many people's coming there for smoke and some guys come for walking that street.... With boxer and some shorts...any have nice ***... Last Wednesday I went there it was raining sat there near only closed Shope one guy came and looking me and start pressing his *** it was so long... I went near and spk like ask some PG details... Then we started enjoying neat that dark place... It will happen after 11pm night some times 2o clk also was happend
Travel Explorers and Cruising
i meet a US bottam in bangalour he is very nice sucker as like *** video full enjoy but he not take my full *** in his ***
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
@unimate...he is funny😂
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Straight Top 🤣🤣male and *** in thousands????
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
*** with 10, 000 jatts (8 inch)and over 20, 000 tamil men( 7 inch).🤣🤣🤣🤣
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Check out this insta profile with hot bulges...

Travel Explorers and Cruising
I once had *** with a French guy while I was visiting Agra. He kissed me passionately and *** me deep.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
I am from ahmedabad. Need partner to explore and travel india
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Underwear model showing bulge : https://youtu.be/bCBh3NNabOc
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
@Vjsingam...You shud have ur name in Guinness book ((for the most spectacular lies..one has ever told))
Travel Explorers and Cruising
In 2010 I went to Bhubaneswar for wedding it was a rainy day I went to my massi house whr the wedding was thr tht time thr were many of the guests n unknown peoples to whom I dont knw
Thr was 1 guy who cm in grp boys later I knw he was my massis family frnd we hd a talk we spend many time with each other as @ night we use to sleep on terrace many of the peoples were thr nr by us so after tht we got a moment when we cm nr by each other n we hd a *** he was also with huge fat thick 1 actually he want to *** me but I was not cmfrtable so we hd kissing body play he *** my nipples so wildly passionately he kissed so deeply tht he was not leaving n I was suffocated his stamina was also v good v thick n white cream I hd it till end of wedding day we enjoyed whn ever we got time n thn whn he was also leaving n I too was leaving after 10 days we exchange the cell no he visited many times to pune after tht now he is a v good of me n my family too whn ever he cms here he stays @ our home n I Njoy v much with him he is like our family member now after coming to pune @ my home he try to *** me n thn at last he *** me he *** me v wildly n passionately I loved it
After the weeding whn I was on the way to pune I was @ Bhubaneswar station wating for a train @ platform I went for pee @ the station loo thr also I hv to wait as it was rush whn I was peeing a guy next to me was peeing continuous he was starring me whn I watch his *** I was desperate to take it we were wating @ the washroom as it get free so thn we cn go in n Njoy after tht we went n enjoyed but never him to *** after 20 mins we cm out frm the washroom as I open the door to cm 2 3 peoples who were out wating for their turn were watching @ us tht we both cm out frm a washroom that's it
Travel Explorers and Cruising
1st encounter whn I went to Nasik 4 to 5 YRS back @ night whn I was wating for a st bus thr was a loo its a v big n thr many guys like 8 to 10 guys @ a time were thr they all were thr sm are masturbating
Sm were enjoying as they want I went thr with 1 of my frnd with whom I was traveling thr we hd a *** in grp v good n young croud it was with huge fat thick big one we hd kissing body njoying n I *** a lot thr it was v openly going thr it was my v memorable time can't forget tht time
2nd encounter I went to shirdi with my 2 gay frnds @ night we booked a lodge after tht we hd a dinner n we plan to go out n roam for sm time thr we got many guys who were also roaming @ night we hd a good kissing body play *** they were v rough guys who cm frm manmad @ shirdi we enjoyed lot thr till mid night
3rd encounter whn we were returning frm shirdi next day after sai darshan we went to kopar gav station we booked general tickets @ afternoon we got a jhelum xpress which is full punjabi mundes Sindhi jatts thr also we got many guys military guys thr also we enjoyed lot thr we hd almost 10 to 15 encounters till we reach pune station all guys were with big huge fat thick *** with v high stamina I loved it we hd a *** on the face on the boobs nipples these I can't forget till end of my life I wish to Njoy again these moments
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Vjsingam..oh wow thats a village in total. Keep it up
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
I have many experience with both north indian and south india guys. I feel that although north indian guys have larger tools but they need a lot of training to use their tool. South indian are 1 inch short than most north indian guys. They are smart and well trained in hot karma ***.

They are the ones who make me feel like a woman, when the kiss *** to *** or bite and *** my nipples (like feed a baby) and the next day nipple swells. And deep *** *** and the hot *** juice cumming in the ***.

Honestly the south indian tamils Vanniars, Thaver ( Davar ) , Koundar , Kallars are the best lovers compared to the north india Jatts. I had *** with 10, 000 jatts (8 inch)and over 20, 000 tamil men( 7 inch). The best among the Jatts are the malwai and the best among the tamil is the Kallar. Both races also do gangbang which is the best in the world , second place go to Italy , France and African American.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
What to do exactly on cruising spot i dont have any experience of that i meet people from social media only. how to find someone who can approach?
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Please share experience of pooram festival of Thrissur
And nenmera vellangi vela festival in Palakkad.
I heard abt *** during mela festival s in India'.
Bihar Sonpur mela all matures *** with boys.
Share experience with hotel room boys
Travel Explorers and Cruising
I traveled last year from Bangalore to Bombay by sleeper bus. I was on double side upper sleeper. Copassanger was a young guy. I am uncle 54 yrs. As it was December so getting cold. I noticed that he started touching my butt, but kept mum. Allow him to play, he took my hand and put on his *** whick was hot and hard. I was hesitant but finally start playing.. meanwhile bus stops for dinner. We got down, exchange few sentences and sat on same table for dinner and talked a little. He was almost sure that I want to co-operate. Once bus restarted, he opened my pant and pulled it down, started to play with my butt, I was playing with his *** and he requested me to go ahead. He had gel and condom with him. He put gel in place and started with inserting one finger first and second latter. Made it well lubricated. Then turn side by side and put his hot and hard tool on spot. Slowly but steadily increasing the pressure, it went....ohhh..nice job. We exchange numbers and continue ..... waiting for covid to finish and will meet again and again.
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
nolimits yaar esa bol hi nahi sakte ki koi bhi person *** addiction se nikal nahi sakta. jab ek alcohol addict bnda alocohol chhod sakta h to *** addiction chhodna konsi badi baat
phle tum decide to karo ki tum *** addiction se niklna chahte ho.
tumhe *** bhi karte rhna or addiction se bhi niklna ye dono saath saath nahi chal sakte
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Wow i never traveled in goa in cab as it cost high
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
Not really i person I now but few years back I made a fake id on fb and one guy texted me..later found out I had many mutuals with him.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Had lot of fun with Cab driver from railway station to Anjana beach
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
This thing happened with me before lockdown in January I was giving interviews in Bangalore my final interview was with HR guy who was a slim guy. It was Friday night and my flight was on Saturday morning so in the evening I was scrolling through Grindr and saw his pic just pinged him with my face pic..we had really good fun that night now we are living together since Feb we are really enjoying lockdown couple of time we had a threesome also.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
I went to munnar with my parents 2 years back. I was just roaming outside the hotel alone and there were all drivers around who brought their customers. One driver was really hot, i had an eye on and he also made eye contact, later i was just roaming for 1 hour around him and he called me inside the cab as it was dark by that time, touched him, he had nice thick banana. He said we will go some where so we were searching a good place and my hotel was on top so we got a place easily he nicely *** my *** and wanted to bang me as no condom i refused. But nice fun and i think its easy to convince such people in kerala
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
Is it possible though? Leaving this addiction for *** and perverted stuff. I guess it's impossible
Travel Explorers and Cruising
i love to travel alone. two years back i went to cochin and took a cab to reach a place. cab driver was very manly and good looking. i told him he was very handsome. he thanked me and asked "ottaiku vanno?". I said, "yes. i came alone." he stopped the cab asked me to come to front. i did. he pulled down his zip and took out meaty d i c k. i took it in hand and started playing. he took me to some secluded place. it was already 7PM+ and dark. I happily started ***. soon v went to back seat. he pulled my tshirt and started playing with my soft boobs. then i *** him again. he pulled down my jeans and started fingering my hole. I guess he understood my hole was not virgin hole. he moved me to comfortable position and inserted his d i c k in my hole. we both enjoyed the ***. he gave full load of *** inside my hole. he was on me hugging for some time. later he dropped me where i wanted to go. i asked his number. but he said he was married and *** me because he liked me so much. i cudn't get his number. never mind. it was one of the best fu ck i had.
Born straight and became gay
For those who claim to have hit a heart at 9th grade and ended in 11th, it wasn't love ot was just your hormones pumping.you to do so. It's not called love! That's just infatuation.. Its called puppy love. Even I had once and everyone goes thro that. so stop the BS and be honest with yourself. So you like to think of guys only when you re *** and then back to girls huh?!? What do you think of guys as whores to just satisfy your lust and then you crawl back to your ***?

Be honest and true to yourself, and dont pass the BS that you are normal. Get yourself treated and get out of this community if you think that you just want boytoys. Do you ever get tired of your own lies and your acts to think that you re straight and someone turned you gay????
Travel Explorers and Cruising
The best place i have totally enjoyed myself is Kerela, Be it trivandrum, cochin, ernakulam or kovalum beach. Also weekend trips to Mahabalipuram and Pondy was fun filled. Planning for a week long trip to Goa after the lockdown
Born straight and became gay
not sure if the title is correct.. "Born straight and became gay".. what if we were born gay and turned straight
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
I have recently started Sudarshan Kriya for 30 days and now attraction for *** has reduced
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
I also came across known profile once. It was my sisters friend. Luckily I didn't share my face pic before he sent his. I also found my office colleagues on PR and grindr. But never approached them.
Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?
Great thread.
Once I had switched Grindr on in my office and what I found was totally unexpected. My manager's profile was there. He brought his friend to our office and his friend's profile was also there on grindr. I did not initiated anything as I dont like to have known it to anybody and spoil the good relations.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
You get chance should visit montreal. Stayed at the gay village during my stay and got to experience the gay spas, strip clubs, pubs and connecting with strangers and discussing about gay life around the world.....Being part of the gay pride....the list goes on.
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
Natural *** errection not happening without watching ***. I don’t no how to come out of this
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
I am from India...I'm too addicted...I need to come out from this....Will this helpful
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Travelling solo is really good fun. Once I was driving from Pune to Nagpur, and I found so many spots where one can be nude freely.
I drove for naked for a lot of distance. And even stopped in the middle of the road, in the middle of the day, had a smoke who le being completely naked. And no-one passed by. What a lovely experience that was.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
1. I've always scored in Kerala. Somehow I feel Mallus are *** all the time. And they have very good packages too.
2. Gokarna is awesome. Once I travelled with 2 of my friends and we made a pact to "not" have *** in the first night of our stay, so that we become ***, passionate and uncontrollable the next day :D We were shirtless throughout the day - did Yoga, played volleyball, played in the beach etc. all manly stuff. Sexual tension was building up. One more guy who was a solo traveller became our friend and came to our room in the night. Needless to say we broke the pact that night :P
3. Delhi is a hot spot. Apart from world class saunas, I find many hot guys in PR and grindr.
4. Goa is fantastic for traveling. The chilled out vibe takes you to a whole new world. I've done both solo trips and group trips in Goa and enjoyed them equally. Once a super hot guy was winking and giving me flying kisses in Palolem beach. I was with my straight friends to could not reciprocate. Cursed my luck that day.
Can friends have sex?
Lots of people (both M & F) have freinds with Benifits--But you have to be Mature enough to seporate *** from LOVE--
Travel Explorers and Cruising
I visit bangalore for fun and often change hotels within a single trip. Usually i get guys booked for massage and fun at room. I often get drunk and try cabs at night. Have been lucky few times with the drivers.
Sometimes i dare to be in dress when i open the door to receive food i ordered online. I am little scared to try with roomboys as they might report it to the reception but i do flirt to test the waters.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Also, I don't know if others feel the same, I felt varanasi is equally good.
Only thing is its heavily crowded, and thats an iconic place.
But that's a gay paradise too... when I was in varanasi, I had seen so many gay couple in the hotel I stayed, also many foreigners visit that place, and next to my room stayed two guys, who initially told me they were just friends. I befriended them, and got to know they were Russians.
But when I was leaving varanasi, the previous night we had dinner together and they admitted that they were couple.
And they visit varanasi very often.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Ur exactly right...

Goa is a heaven.. I really found peace there... I thought of never coming back to Bangalore when I first visited Goa.

People hardly bother you there. You can live at your own peace and do whatever you want, unless and until you are not harmful...

I couldn't find any other place in India which is so cool. I felt I was back in US, although the roads and people were different.. thats all...

Even now given an option between Goa any other place in India, I would prefer Goa...
Monsoon season and winters are the bestvtime to be there..
Travel Explorers and Cruising
I'm from Bangalore 29, I used to travel a lot to Goa before this crisis situation and had memorable encounters. I like outdoor a lot. Stay in a hut in aramabol and had *** open air. It's best place in Goa for encounters
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
*** addiction se niklna muskil h but naamumkin nahi kisi bhi vastu k liye hm kosis karte h to wo hum haasil kar lete h. addict hone k baad hmara mind insab se bhar niklne ki bolta h or body *** pleasure ki deemand karti h.
jab start me hum isse niklne ki kosis karte h us time bhut hi complicated hota h waha tumhe mind ya dil ki aawaz ko sunana psdta h.
jab tum dheere dheere iske baare me sochna band karoge apne aap ko free mat rakho ki tumhare mind me *** karne ka koi vichar na aaye. agar *** karne ki ichha ho to esepostpone friend se baat karo jo tumhe isse niklne me tumhri help kare. HMARI STRONG WILL POWER *** ADDICTION SE NIKLNE ME 100 % helpful rhti h

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