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Enhanced Performance
Where we get these tablets tadalfil 5 mg without prescription in Hyderabad ??
Nudists in India
Even i like more nudity then *** ..i stay naked when ever i get alone time ..this all started when i was in college ..my roommates used to keep me naked in our room just for fun ..i started liking that and used to get naked immediately after coming from college even before they ask ..now days when ever i get chance i stay naked..

anyone from Hyderabad want to have a naked adventure in jungle or just in underwear in water parks i would love to join ..
Nudists in India
My place in Borivali is free tofay
Nudists in India
Hot slim fair bottom here wanna chill being nude with guyz no *** just chill normal touchs kidding and all
Nudists in India
I luv nudity. Whenever I go out station I take a lodge to stay nude. I never wear clothes inside the room. The very thinking of staying naked gives you *** feel.
Nudists in India
wow , i like to be nude always , like to sleep nude , even i am always be nude in home when i am alone , kabhi terrace par jaa kaar bhi bhi apni jeans niche kar ke thode der kadhe rehane mein bhi maja aata hein , jab *** par thand thand hawa lag maja aata hein .. i like to be watch nude guys also
Nudists in India
Its very nice to see bcz in that condition all in natural stage
Nudists in India
We have already a Nudist group on kik for those in Mumbai.... V have had a few nudist meets till date.
Nudists in India
How about being nude with opposite *** also ofcourse with thier permission will be fun.
Have you ever watched live sex accidentally?
Seen an elderly couple doing *** in public. After evening at forest area near katrak
Nudists in India
Hello, who all from mumbai here... guess all..

Let's connect n share experience n.meet too
Nudists in India
I have tried this once, many years before. i was with one of my collegues in audit team when doing my CA course.
We were four of us and i was very shy, my collegues striped me naked and kept me like that for whole night. They were also naked. It was an amazing experience.
Thereafter I shed all inhibitions and now wait for an opportunity to roam naked. Even my sister has seen me naked , of course accidently . I was to ashamed to face her.
Thrill of having sex in open area
Where is behind borivali truck area.
Cross / street. Area. ?
I want to go there and *** married men needing to unload
Travelling in Group
Any teen or slim smooth bottom interested for daman am going this saturday to daman and will be staying in nice hotel.... Looking for like minded guy for drinks and party fun in hotel.
Nudists in India
I am always naked when I am in my room, sometimes I even go to terrace and enjoy cold breeze on my naked body. I love to smoke nude. That makes me ***. And I always sleep nude. I also love to be nude with others. Whenever I go out with my friends i like to wear minimum clothes..On beach or to water park i just wear my swimming trunks...Anyone wanna enjoy my company in nude?
Thrill of having sex in open area
i am mature but have young bfs. i dont have place so i am looking for a quiet safe place where I can take someone in my car and enjoy without any tension. Can anyone suggest place please
Nudists in India
Nudity, if enjoyed normal way then you can have pleasure for long time. But if you get excited and started *** then it's pleasure will end up soon.
Nudists in India
I really love to be naked all the time when ever it is possible it gives me some kind of satisfaction. imagine the whole world where all people move around u naked without clothes.how funny it is
Nudists in India
I have attended many nudist meet but unfortunately those meets ended up with ***
People do not know the difference between *** meet and nudist meet
Nudists in India
We can do it in Bangalore if anyone can host!
Nudists in India
In some beaches you can be nude.. for example I have been nude at paradise beach in gokarna everyone I visited. It nice secluded beach
Nudists in India
One of my friends from Kolkata once said that during night their entire family sleeps naked including sisters, mother, brothers and sisters in law, even he said they all watch *** movies together. Finally he said they all are very open minded. *** is just normal requirement like hunger.
Nudists in India
Nudity is the liberty of highest order. It's more than and beyond ***.
Nudists in India
Serious Nudists, from pune and mumbai, are welcome to my place on weekends.
I stay alone in a 2bhk in a good society near Wakad.
Nudists in India
Sounds great.... there used to be some beaches in Goa where this was common.... Any idea what the latest update is?
Nudists in India
I'm in if anyone's hosting. Just guys chilling naked. Those who wanna hook up can hook up, the others can chill, drink beer and play video games.
Nudists in India
yes, frds,. when i m alone , i m nude and V. call to online frds
Thrill of having sex in open area
Anyone for outdoor *** in Bangalore? I like to get *** hard
Thrill of having sex in open area
Anyone in pune wanna meet up. East Court in viman nagar at night around 11 is deserted on weekdays. We can use the washrooms especially the disabled washrooms they are nice and spacious. Let me know if anyone interested. We can meet today.
Nudists in India
I also like 2 remain nude wen ever possible,I heard there r some who organises in india, meets n at once places or in someone's flats,n do nudists activities.
Nudists in India
I like to be nude as much possible at home when i am alone don't think there exists a colony or something like that in
Have you ever watched live sex accidentally?
I have my cousin sister having *** with her husband she was to *** as could not only keep suckung his ***. Also want a hard ride. So went to too and started riding in her *** like *** star. And later he started to *** in her tight ***
Have you ever watched live sex accidentally?
I happend to watch a straight *** at agara lake.an young guy and an aunty.i saw him wandering inside the park. And after a few minutes, when I walked inside o saw loud sound and when I went close they got scared but I calmed then down and asked them to carry on. He was doing his job so perfectly.
Thrill of having sex in open area
I just love *** in the open spot. But it should be very safe. I used to go Agra lake at its peak time. From 2011 on. It was a very big paradise once. Then so many other places.once I had fun with a foreigner at cabbon park. It was quite accident and I did not even know it was cabbon park. It was on a rainy night.
Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices?
I m not sure if you guys are on the same page. We were, or at least I was talking abt the supercilious attitude of ppl who are tops n think they are above versatiles or bottons. Nothing to do with what goes on in bed during an intercourse. It extends to other areas. Anyways, enough said.

Crazycruiser, u seem to have this personality trait of exploding into a rant out of the blue, nd spit venom towards others needlessly. Be careful abt wht u say. Even grindr is introducing the concept of 'kindr'. Be considerate of what u say. Rather than just playing the blame game etc.
First time Anal - Tips?
Yes very true
My first time was with a stranger. But he was so good and aroused me so high that the pain got very little.
Only at the start it will be there. But from there if you accept the insertions you will enjoy
First time Anal - Tips?
first thing which i put in my *** hole was a pen , it was nice going in and coming outttt...
First time Anal - Tips?
Half the battle is won if you like the top, if you're emotionally comfortable with him entering you and you're sexually aroused by him. After that you can follow all the preceding information about fingering, lubing and what not. Don't get *** by someone you don't like, just because you've heard from others how awesome a feeling it is to get ***. You may not understand it, but that's pretty much close to sodomy.
Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices?
Gawd, this is such a self-deprecating discussion. I mean, instead of sharing your bad experiences, you can just be assertive. It doesn't even take any physical strength to be so. It looks you guys require a gay-version of the feminism movement where "bots" are given equal rights (such as equal blowjob time, ensuring that the top makes you ***, cuddles after ***)! Are bottoms women that people can easily deny them a whole bunch of things even if they try to ask for them? Just the way charity begins at home, victimisation begins at home too. Stop seeing yourself as a victim and people will treat you as the way you want them to. You're not stuck in a forced arranged marriage that you have to keep on sobbing like this as if it's your destiny.

In fact this whole "bottom" categorisation is done by the regressive guys (straight and/or gay) just because theirs is an insertive role, which can be compared with that of women in a heteronormative relation. And this shitty thinking is pretty much prevalent in third world countries like India, because of the status of women here. Submissive doesn't mean lesser self-respect. It's a sexual preference, not a real life behaviour and attitude. And it is YOU bottoms who need to impress that upon your man. Stop *** being a sissy and go on PMSing in a forum.

(I'm ranting like this as if I'm a macho top. I'm not. I'm flexible versatile, with right kind of thinking.)
First time Anal - Tips?
u can buy it online on imbesharam.com
various varieties at different price
and completely confidential delivery 👍
Enhanced Performance
Recently I bought gokshura and ashwagandha tablets of himal@y@ as I heard from this thread.
And start using himcokin gel too!!
It's just two days ..let's see how does they work...I will let you know how does it work once it's effect starts to show!
First time Anal - Tips?
Is there anyone who knows where i can buy prostate massage toy aneros in mumbai?
Any dealers please let me know
First time Anal - Tips?
The first thing I ever put into my hole was a little carrot :p It was fun to slid it in and gasp!

Sadly not many *** have been able to get in there! Wonder why my hole is so stubbornly tight
First time Anal - Tips?
Oh..i used a ripped one gently and i was edge closer to prostrate orgasm
First time Anal - Tips?
Toothbrush was the first object in my gloryhole, I used it from backside while having shower without any soap or smoothening material. You have to make sure it is not ripped from the handle, otherwise it may tear your inner skin when it has a friction. It initially hurt a little but then the in-out thingy got common and it opened up my hole, after which I tried using 2 fingers. But I have experienced that if you stop doing this for long time, the muscles will become stiff and it'll be difficult yet painful when you have one.
Thrill of having sex in open area
I regularly do in open areas... *** get *** all...
First time Anal - Tips?
I used the backside of a tooth brush...i soaped my hole n brush..inserted it half way and was able to train my hole before a hard ***...smoother than veggies i hope
First time Anal - Tips?
If carrot is hurting u, try smaller carrot, thinner one.. and don't push it deep... And go slow... May be like 5inch of carrot in 5 minutes... Give 1 min for each inch...
When u feel pain, apply more lube on ur carrot and on ur hole..
Without lube, don't try even the carrot or finger.
Soap lather is also good but that gives u burning sensation inside.
So use oil or Vaseline or Aloe vera gel or water based gel when you are playing with objects like cucumber carrot etc.
Don't go for wooden objects, glass bottles, or anything like that.
Vegetables are best things to practice.
First time Anal - Tips?
Agree with u Sharif.
I often play with my bots unless they are really in heat.
Even when I am about to insert, I kiss them, I lick their nipples.... Look directly in the eyes of the guy... Look gently... Look at him with love and passion... Not with anger or like a top...

And then u will see he will surrender himself to you...
Once in, his muscles will loosen up well. Wait till that moment... Now u will have sheer pleasure.. and so ur bot.
Travelling in Group
Anyone Interested for Goa or Jaipur trip Oct 1-oct6. I'm going alone need a company

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