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Sex in married life
I am interested cuckold couple
When my sxual advances backfired
@exotic1234 - it's not supporting the act of violence (slapping) but it's re-iterating the fact that if you make an inappropriate move in public be prepared for the risk involved as well. Of course slapping was a bit overreacting but we don't know how the guy approached him. Like they say in Tamil (idam-porul-yeval arindhu seyalpada Vendum) which roughly translates to "Keep in mind about place(situation), subject and motto or drive before doing anything

@raheev241 - I second your point.
When my sxual advances backfired
Neither am I an expert in cruising nor I intend to become one.. But I have handled guys who have approached me in a better way instead of slapping or overreacting.. Cos I am always a straight on streets and gay only within the sheets. The best way I had retaliated to an inappropriate touch is holding the other persons hand with harder grip so that he realises I am not interested ..

If your advances are backfired ? - Except, for any public humiliation incidents like mentioned by others, why bother if you are advances are backfired. Just move on rather than worrying.

"THINK WITH YOUR HEAD RATHER THAN OVERRULED BY YOUR ***" - This applies before making an advance and also if it backfires. Remember a moment of weakness shouldn't make us regret a whole life time.
When my sxual advances backfired
@glen that's a nightmare come true for any cruiser
When my sxual advances backfired
@deepsucker your friend is either too afraid to make a move in public like me, or he's too hot. Regardless, he's an inconsiderate person. Even if he does not hit upon guys in public, do you think he would like it if he got slapped by a homophobic per 3 when he finds out he's gay? I bet not. If he can't take it, he shouldn't dish it out too. Anyway, to each one his own.
When my sxual advances backfired
This had happened to me at one of the cruising spots mentioned in OhMojo it self in Blore about 6 months back. I used to go to this place in the evening once a while and get some guys, go to some bushy area and had fun. Typically just after sun set when its just dark in the evening.
That day too a decent looking guy was walking in that area and was starring at me and was touching his tool over jeans while walking. Me too looked at him and just went into that bushy area. Stood as of peeing, he came near by and touched my tool. Then we hugged each other and kissed. He opened his jeans and took his tool out his tool too and showed me. He touched and shook mine too.

After about 5 mins, I realized that his hands were slowly moving towards my neck and was trying to remove and snatch my chain in the neck. Suddenly I realized his intention was different.A sudden shift of mood.... Did not know what to do. I was a bit scared too. He too was of reasonably well built and seemed strong. He just broke the my chain and took in his hand. I had no choice, but to attack him to save my chain. I just forcefully pushed him back and quickly kicked at his crotch area with all force. Arh... With this unexpected moved, he was crying in deep pain and sat there.. Slapped on his face, took back my broken chain and just ran away from there. Thank God, I did not lose it, was just broken... I have never seen that guy in that area afterwards...

Many guys come with such intention to rob in these cruising spots, be careful!!
When my sxual advances backfired
I actually find it surprising that some of the people in this thread are supporting the people who slapped. Violence is clearly unacceptable. Nothing makes it right !!
When my sxual advances backfired
@ashish @starbtm - Kudos to the both of you for putting out your stories in public. It’s definitely not easy to share stories of embarrassment in public. Most people flip around and tell misleading stories to make it sound interesting.
Moment of weakness is common gay or st8 ; I have seen so many decent looking st8 men being slapped by women in public. If things go bad it can lead to a police case and public outrage also. Thankfully the gay world is slightly less complicated. Slapping is an extreme reaction but I sometimes feel people who do that are not comfortable with their own sexuality. The pent up guilt inside them comes out as anger but I think they are basically angry at themselves. Most of them are probably gay guys who think something is wrong with them. st8 men who are comfortable with their sexuality will never put out a big drama or slap, they would either move away or say they are not interested. In fact star btm later discovered that the guy who slapped him was gay. I also feel the mallu massuer would have indulged in it few times but must be feeling extremely guilty about it. A lot of it has to do with Upbringing and religious beliefs while growing up. I personally believe very few people in the population will be pure straight a major chunk of the population probably swing but in varying degrees. That’s why so much of homosexuality happens in jail and defence services. The sexual tension causes them to indulge in homosexuality as se x is a basic human need.
It’s nice you both have shared your real life experiences but don’t hold that one off case in your heart for too long. Am sure you have seen more victories than backfiring 👍
When my sxual advances backfired
hotboysbengalur, dude not every one is despo & wants *** with anyone.....if you make wrong move then be ready to get slapped
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
@Clayson2010, there are plenty...
1. Alex Strangelove
2. I am Happiness on Earth
3. Naomi and Ely's no kiss list
4. 4th man out
5. Those people
6. Holding the man
7. Beach Rats

All of these are gay themed movies. Start with them and you'll start getting recommendations.

And don't miss SENSE 8. That is basically a sci fi series (2 seasons), but features a lot of LGBT characters and their stories... That is poetically the most intense LGBT themed series that I've ever watched...
When my sxual advances backfired
Ashish7890 just chill...hopefully you have learnt from your mistakes
When my sxual advances backfired
Ok guys I really don't Fri kin care who is speaking what about me.. this is just a thread where Ive shared my experience....
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
You can watch bad romance... It's good
When my sxual advances backfired
He won't be beaten up. He behaves himself on public platform
Sex in married life
@Kiran Mature way of handling bisexuality and Marriage life.... Cheers Have fun
Sex in married life
thank you @binature & @lips4hugepoles
When my sxual advances backfired
I agree with headstails... Your friend is kind of a jerk, Deepsucker. Not that I encourage guys forcing themselves onto others. But public humiliation is uncalled for,especially if he's gay himself.
When my sxual advances backfired
And *** your THAT TOP FRIEND.
If being a gay, he slapped other gay, then he is worst guy in the community, worse than a homophobic str8 guy.
He could simply say, NOT INTERESTED.

I seriously wish that one day that TOP FRIEND of yours is beaten up black and blue, for similar thing.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Anybody knows where one can find this nude scene of Maradona rebello from the movie Pankh? I tried finding it, but no luck!
When my sxual advances backfired
@deepsucker, you should read the name of the thread and the posts. These guys aren't blaming anyone for getting slapped. It's purely a lapse of their judgement they are narrating. Loosen up a bit, buddy
When my sxual advances backfired
People are blaming others for their own mistake. If you gonna approach a guy who is not interested , he would slap you irrespective of he is gay or not,... Don't you guys know that its kinda abuse? ... How dare you all can approach a guy thinking in your own head that other will respond,...

I have a top friend who slapped a guy in a local train in Chennai ..

Introspect and act wisely ,,, don't lose your dignity over fun...
Sex in married life
@Kiran, well said
Sex in married life
me ek top boy me ek aise couple ko search kar raha ho jiska husband gay bottom wife ko khush na rakh sakta ho mein uski wife ko khush karna chatha ase patner hai to plz mesg kijiye
Sex in married life
@kiran: you have put it nicely and Don't mind comment of people like Mr. Exotic. He is being judgmental No one can feel others feeling. The feelings are not digital that you like as top or bottom. Sometime we feel like dominating to *** someone and sometime feel like *** someone. There are people like me who enjoy with boy and girl same time. Bisexuality is very common and it's not confusion rather it's a feeling which can change with time moments. Few people are happy with one partner and few want many more and change every now and then. I am bisexual and enjoy both.
When my sxual advances backfired
It happened with me twice:

First it happened around 8-9 years ago. I come from a small city called Jorhat in Assam and theres a stadium over there with a gallery which used to be the cruising spot at that time. I used to go there in the evening in the hope of getting someone. Once there was this guy with specs whom I had seen earlier also. I stood next to him and I was so confident about him being interested in me that I tried touching his crotch. He didnt reacted so moved further and started almost rubbing it. Suddenly he moved back and gave a tight slap to me. I got shocked. He then started abusing me. I had to literally run and remember him shouting from the back. Got back home and wept for an hour. I did stopped going there.

Secong it happened with me in a park. Similiar incident but this guy knew where I did stayed. He tried blackmailing me couple of times but it failed. I told him that he can go to anybody and tell it, I will simply deny. Later on I found out that he also was a Gay guy. I can understand he may have not liked me but hitting was not acceptable. I still see him and he knows that now about him too. He simply avoids me.
When my sxual advances backfired
@rajeev241 and @Btmguy, how did you guys had *** initially? Directly you asked someone or someone asked you in a decent mannner? I hope almost each and evert gay would have directly touched someone or touched by someone to start with. Just don't blame him. This ohmojo itself have most of the stories like above
When my sxual advances backfired
The thread is about sharing experiences and mainly bad experiences. People who preach here, are they sure they have always done only ethical moves?

Come on guys... Don't be judgemental. Grow up.
How to clean your rectum
Yes you can get easily from any Chemist or medical shop and its cost not more than 50Rs.....
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@ Msg1987, that's a lovely video... nice positions.... by hot guys :)
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Dude... theSe *** positions are too hot...
Made me ***....
Wanna *** somebody like that
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I dont know if it is selfish but it sure is unusual. If you're not disgusted by it, try it out one time and see. Just give it a fair chance once and decide whether you want to do it again or not.
Sex in married life
Sounds like a fun life, kiran888. Living it good
When my sxual advances backfired
Come on guys, you don't have to shame him for it here. He already knows it was a bad move that's why he's put it here. Not like he's bragging about it.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Well, my moobs are my assets. They are the center of attraction for any manly guy I met. They worship and love my moobs with nipples. So I just enjoy being previlaged for having those horns. :-)
When my sxual advances backfired
ashish7890 guys like you are result of homophobia.
You make our community sick.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I am bottom but i don't like *** ***. I love getting ***. Most tops force me to *** but when i say no they get angry. Am i being selfiesh ?
When my sxual advances backfired
ashish7890.....u deserve it dude...well i feel most gay guys think everyone is available for hook-up, if you act smart then be ready to face the music as well
When my sxual advances backfired
I've mentioned this story of mine in another thread too but looks like this is more accurate here..

I experienced such kind of incident in Goa at a massage center.

The masseur was a mallu and was very very good looking. The massage was for 1k.

He did a very sensual massage and I tried all possible ways to touch him but no luck. Finally after 45 mins of massage he helped me get up from the massage table and took me towards the steam.. I was standing right next to him.. I was so hard and couldn’t control, I just put ma hand on his ***..

He just slapped me SO HARD ( I got RED ) I was so so so guilty. He was just abusing me.. I didn’t even take the steam. I immediately changed ma clothes and walked out with full oil on ma body, face and head… till I got out of that place, I kept on chanting sorry more than 20-30 times because I was *** scared that he might call any local guys to trap me..

Thank god I was saved. I just rushed to my hotel room.. No sooner I reached the hotel, all my straight friends were abusing me for not taking shower at the spa and for dirtying the room.. But I know what I have gone thru : (
Sex in married life
cheers..! way to go man... 😆
you just told my whole life story..
anyways, thanks for typing about me
Sex in married life
@kiran - you need to visit a counsellor and you look like one hell of a confused person to me. You can’t make up your mind if you like men or women( I think you basically like men but can’t come to terms with your sexuality) you cant decide if you are a top or a bottom ( basically you are a bottom but living in denial, someone who says my tool is big so I Bottom is the most stupid excuse to bottom). Finally you arrange massage services for your wife and she happily agrees to be serviced my different men although she is happy with you. Do you even think it’s a believable story. I think nothing in your entire story is true. I personally think you are a gay bottom man trapped in a straight marriage.
Sex in married life
LOL hot wife!!

not all the cases are cuckold when someone either husband or wife cheats with other someone and both are aware of it. my wife loves me as a husband and as a lover in bed, she go crazy and still cant stand to my stamina. and i love her the same way.
but the thing about me is i have always been so open and free sexually since my very younger age that there are very few things that i have not tried. I'm a man of taste, i like to taste every single thing life can offer. i do not dream of having a BMW and yes i cannot afford it but yes, i have ridden it, i tasted it, experienced it. the same way I've been with with all kinds of women, old like in 60s, 50s, 40s, married, widowed, newly married, soon to married, young teens, very very young girls.. I've been with men too of all ages and places. been with white as well as black men too. i first acted as top but my thing is a bit big and it hurt while entering so i act as bottom. i like to *** nice n clean things and also i love to get ***.

so, now even if i am married for ,2 years and have great sexual relationship with my wife, i still go out to other women and men.
so i managed to make my wife get massages and have *** with other men even if i am enough for her.. it just adds a bit spice to life.

i dont like to call it cuckold, its just a enjoyment and feel a little out of a closed wall..
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Any gay themed movies or series in Netflix
Profile face pics - you can set as private
@valentine84 I guess the first question is like you said to clarify the authenticity. But it's a dumb way to lol. I don't think a person using fake pics would crack under the pressure of this simple question and confess anyway lol.

I do kind of understand why some people use fake pics though. My theory is that they are mostly just looking for a *** chat or something virtual. Also am sure there are some who use fake pics to deceive people into meeting them. I've been at the receiving end of those (got shown *** pics belonging to someone else, i found out only after i meet)
How to clean your rectum
@roy and pimpriboy, are these expensive? And can I get them at any medical?
Sex in married life
A married man is called a cuckold when his wife fucks with other men whenever she wants,whomover she wants with consent/knowledge of her husband and the husband remains faithful and often denied *** by the wife.
This is the definition.
The husband whose wife cheats is called the cuckold.
The cheating wife is called the hot wife
The men *** the wife are known as bulls.
Sex in married life
Remain single is much better than a cuckold husband coz marrige life is more and to above than *** life .It's not easy to see his her partner wid others .It's like kill himself daily wid many regrets .I don't know how u all friends react on it but it's my opinion towards marrige or for a partner
Sex in married life
Its interesting to see a research going on who is really a cuckold. :)
Sex in married life

He becomes cuckold if it is mutual and he too agrees for it.
Sex in married life
BTW, that is my understanding.

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