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Family's reaction to coming out
@kani2707 I feel for you, it is very saddening to hear such instances. There is nothing that we can do, sometimes we have to yield to situations but just anticipating the future issues, it gets more frightening. For the current scenario, i think LGBT Marriage of Convenience is the only way out for gays I feel, unfortunately not many Lesbians come out as much as gays come out in search for such a marriage of convenience. I think we should start a LGBT MOC marriage beaureu it will give more competition to the straight matrimonies.. haha..! Good luck keep updating on how your situation turns out.
Family's reaction to coming out
My coming out story was a disaster. It’s been 5 years now. Coming out is not an end of the story. Any story. It’s just a journey. A lot of talk, counseling, talk, fight, talk, misunderstanding, talk. Now my father passed away disappointedly without fulfilling his responsibility, everyone pushing me to my marriage in a pity path. But still ignoring.
Family's reaction to coming out
@fifty @sunil1990 thank you. Hope one day our country will be independent in this field.
Face pic as the profile pic
I think college and college management in mumbai r still homo 0hobic that is why
Shemale wife or partner
I need shemale as partner in Bangalore
First time Anal - Tips?
One who wanna try bottoming.

Very first thing that matters is PASSION to become bottom. Guy who sucks deep throat with no teeth intervention and enjoys each sec when he was handed with deserved *** said to be a man with passion to *** well and yes, he must not be limited only with *** but extends his move with balls too (refer some perfect bottom vids who is very great at ***)! It's just same as that.

Just like bottom should have passion to properly use the perfect ***; A perfect top always have great passion to make use of the *** (for me nice tight and bulge one turns my hard and thick *** on and on to encounter even twice at the same session but it depends on how partner make use of one's ***) whether a brand new tight one or the well used one.

Very important thing: You will get pain for sure at the beginning but the same pain will be turned to pleasure by the right top; again you should know the diff between the pain and the pleasure!

My Exp:I have encountered many new bees (not all who approaches me but the right deserved one if all clicks). They do have fear of pain like you guys have. But when exposed and handled well, at the end of the same session they used to comment me with compliment saying that they wish to get fk frequently from me. Simple as that who handles you matters!

Some guys do coin themselves as bottom and limited to *** a ***. Note, a perfect bottom is someone who knows how to *** and pleasured by getting nice fk. Feel the real pleasure of fk but be SAFE. Bareback is good and that gives very diff pleasure but move only with the trusted one not to the strange and open to all for the time being pleasure.

Trial: If you wanna know pleasure of tool stroking in your *** before the real ***. Try this...

When taking bath, once you applied soap or bathing lotion all over body, sit like you sit on the indian toilet. Apply your one finger inside your ***. And yes, It will be obviously tight but as your finger and body fully covered with foam, you may feel the difference and for sure your finger will move in. once entered, dont go for deep, just stroke with one finger.

Soon the skin will slightly open and it is now ready for two fingers. what's stopping? Move on with two fingers and stroke well and feel the IMMEDIATE PLEASURE. Later, 3 fingers. But 2 fingers is more sufficient for the first attempt to check the nice feel.
All should be done on the same position applied with soap all over body especially the finger part.

Dont use oil or especially the vegetables and fruits (come on, the purpose is to eat those stuff, don't make it gross as many haven't get a change to eat).

Foremost thing, clean your *** well when care to get ***. It's very basic! Final note once again that It all depends on who handles you at the first encounter.

Enjoy and cheers. Tune your *** well for the world of top with nice *** :)
Face pic as the profile pic
Am not sure how much does straight use our pics to black mail us, but we do not have Security among our gay community itself.. Luckily, i didnt have my face pics, but my body pics were misused thrice, once by a guy in Chennai and another within Hyd itself. In both cases, they used my body pics and claimed themselves to be commercials, which made me a whore indirectly. Havent realised it until few of my friends alerted it.
Face pic as the profile pic
I had put my face pics in PR some 9 or 10 yrs back and then some guy collected several of the face pics of guys in PR, created a youtube video captioning it gays of chennai..i got notified about the link asking me to report the video and i saw the video myself. I never put face pics even in whatsapp let alone internet. I have pics in private only now.
Face pic as the profile pic
Sasmathu, what you updated is a real thing, very practical. this is how it happens....

people may think this as a stray incident that doesn't happen to everyone.... but mind it, you never know about the person next to you! so, its 100% safe to stay anonymous!
Face pic as the profile pic
It's nice that this website is being used to alert and help our other gay friends
Face pic as the profile pic
@Biguy007, really it must horrifying experience
Face pic as the profile pic
@Sasmathu, very good advice!
Face pic as the profile pic
This happened to my friend who was then in his 40s and was also a HOD in a private college. He put his pic in PR and one of his student got to see it. That guy created a false profile and started chatting with my friend and got all details through chat, including cell no and finally deleted his profile. After few days the same guy started approaching my friend in his office, not directly but indirectly. Apparently he was very poor in his studies and had several arrears. He wanted to statisfy my friend and some how wanted to clear all his papers. Once my friend got to know his intention he avoided him completely. That guy who realized his tactics is not going to work again created a false email id and circulated the chat conversation which he had with my friend (along with screen shots of my friends profile) with his classmates. By word of *** the whole college got to know about this including the management. This guy still being anonymous didnt had any problem. Except for my friend, nobody really knew who has circulated this info. Even with my friend he just had a clue, no proof. To cut the story short my friend had to quit his job and move to a new place. His family life was completely ruined. So guys be very careful when you share pics in gay social websites. You would never knew who would be at your back.
Face pic as the profile pic
During the early years of PR which was then guys4men, everything was new to me. I didn't know why I posted a clear face pic if mine onto my profile. I had an overwhelming response being one of the young bloods in the forum. Initial attention I got was really good but slowly in the outside world I was getting some awkward glares n stares from men in and around my area of schools. Mostly they were uncle's. Initially I didn't understand Why but slowly I started feeling something was right.
One day I was walking towards my tuition from Shenoy nagar to aminjikarai, one guy must be in his 30s was following me in his scooter n after sometime when I reached a small narrow lane he came ahead n crossed me n stopped me n started a conversation n said he liked me very much n knew where I lived n started holding my hands too. I was shocked about how a total stranger knew me so well. Then he told me about my profile n how he n his couple of friends staying around my house located me unwanted to have some quality time with me. My face was red I was so embarrassed n could weigh in the situation. I said sorry uncle I don't know what u are talking about but he grew strong n said he knew what I was n what I liked n almost tried to threaten me that if I did not agree, he would complain at home.
I was speechless n totally list he pulled me towards him n hugged me in the dark lane n took my hand into his dhothi n made me feel his huge ***. But I wasn't feeling good at all. I just pushed him off with his scooter n ran from there. I didn't come out if the house for 2 to 3 days but I could see this guy n few others driving by my house n staring at the balcony looking for me. I thought what a bad decision to put my face pic n immediately next day rushed to internet centre n deleted my profile.
Face pic as the profile pic
I first used my face pic on my PR profile while I was on a visit to Mumbai. And soon, I received a message from a profile of some senior person who told that he is a senior collegue of mine and advised me that a pouch with our company logo, that I was carrying on that picture, is a dead giveaway of my identity. I understood that he must be someone who knows me well as he called me by a shorter version of my name that is only used by the collegues who know me well. It was like a shock to me and I didn't know what to do. I deleted that photo immediately but it made to think a lot and I understood that this hiding my identity from the world is the thing that I want to end. So I must say, his message was one of the catalysts for me to finally take the decision of coming out.
Sir, if you are here, this part is for you. I don't know who you are. But I want to thank you for showing the care and motivating me in the process. I wanted to thank you personally, but then I was very scared even to answer you and now, I lost the backup after I deactivated PR once and so I can't find you there...
First time Anal - Tips?
Lox 2% is good but since it is Anastetic u wont feel pain if there is small tear in ***.. U will continue and later after words ur will get minor fissure.
Better use proper lube. It helps a lot. *** sildes in smoothly n then u can continue. Gradually build up hard *** sessions.

Ur top partner need to be bit patient. N let it pain a bit coz it is indicator to stop or change positions.

I use 2% lox while cleaning ***..coz need to clean internally. I don't like his *** gets dirty. Then wash it. N again apply lube.

My partner used to like rimming as well. So if im using 2% lox, it will numb his *** too.
Face pic as the profile pic
My intention to create this cruising point is to know that has anybody taken advantage of face pic to come out? 2nd is, was it happy ending for embarrassing?
Face pic as the profile pic
I tried putting my picture on a gay site. Lots of unwanted attention came my way. People would come up to me and say come do this or that. So I hid myself totally ashamed. The other day went to buy a bra and salesman was saying oh i saw you on that site. Come with me to changing room. As if I am a whore
I tooo had same issue...n I had to undergo circumcision....now its so sexy....n clean....
N can really feel the difference n change...but my *** lost its cuteness for ever
Shemale wife or partner
Me too, im looking for friends, shemale or cd pls message me.
Shemale wife or partner
I really like to have a shemale friend,
I respect them with all my heart,
If any shemale here, ping me, if you like me we can be a good friends..
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@ Aryan07... yeah.. this seems to be a naked big boss in middle of sea :)
Lost And Found
I Met A Gay guy from FB and we done it only once in my home ! I remember his name is karthick ! If ur in this plsz do contact me and he is from Tiruppur
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@Aryan07, nice it is
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Watch this series. you will be amazed. lot of material to view for Bi's and Gay's
Family's reaction to coming out
many of my friends now know about me.but i m afraid to tell all these things to my family.can anyone help me?
Travelling in Group
This comment has been deleted for violating posting rules (Violations may include posting contact details including phone numbers, meta discussions, repeated ads for services, personal attacks, inappropriate language, off-topic or low-effort comments etc.)
Shemale wife or partner
@ fem_desire: dude this is the India the more you are secure the more you are safe and till today also no one in India is capable of accepting this community.
Finding love - because it's not only about sex
Strong Friendship will work in G ppl.

Not love , becoz it will fade for almost 95% of ppl in India

I have number of friends for more than decade as Friends

But 3 guys i loved ( not at same time but one after one failures), never wanna meet them again, even their faces & voices

Completely believe 99% of Indians G love will not last long

Thanking God for giving strong Friends
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Watch this
First time Anal - Tips?
Lox 2% gel has anesthetic property. It must have numbed your anus joe_666. Did your partner applied gel only to the *** hole or lubed your rectum too? Were you able to feel the erotic sensation throughout the intercourse?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Massage video link deleted

Admin Note:
Posting "related videos" based on videos already posted here does not make any sense.

Posting similar video from the same channel does not make any sense either. We've had too many massage videos being posted here which makes the thread repetitive and unappealing.

All such videos will be deleted.
First time Anal - Tips?
My first time *** was no pain. The guy who *** applied this gel on my *** . It's called lox 2% jelly. No pain nothing at all. Do check it out
Family's reaction to coming out
coolbisu, you are really blessed to have such supportive and understanding mother. Good luck for next steps.
Family's reaction to coming out
I too m open to my parents as well. I came out 4 yrs back. Now everything is ok.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@NatureAdv, very very hot link! Heaven for those have undies as fetish! Me too!
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Youtube Channel called Undie Guy has awesome videos.

This guy gives reviews about different style of inners & lot of other stuff, its really an interesting channel.

Sample video
First time Anal - Tips?
Position is entirely person specific.. Everyone feel comfortable in different.
But to begin with.. Have ample of foreplay. Ask ur top guy to be little slow. I prefer to sit on ***..so i can control the penetration time n length.. Keep it in.. Then start strocking gradually. Once canal is open.. U can go ahead..

Btw durex massage is costly but it is amazing..
Travelling in Group
I am interested in goa trip
Face pic as the profile pic
I'm cool about it.
Family's reaction to coming out
Good luck for you....... And you should really be blessed to have such a mom .... Next time when you visit everything will go well as your wish .... !!!!
Family's reaction to coming out
I came out to my mom around a month back. As my mom is pretty much progressive, I knew that she'll accept me but I thought that she'll be sad and I was expecting all those clichéd questions about being in phase, being confused etc...
So on the next day of my birthday, we were taking rest in the afternoon after lunch. I told her that there is something important that I need to tell her. I was sobbing with all the negative anticipation. She was worried and asked me what. I was not being able to say anything at first but finally I told her that I don't like girls, I like boys.
Her expression was like "uff... The way you were sobbing, I was getting more and more worried that whether you have any serious disease or something. Don't worry. It's natural. You don't need to be like everybody else. You're special. I'm glad that you finally gathered the courage to tell me yourself. Now I can understand why you rejected so many excellent marriage proposals."
I felt like I'm in a modern day fairy tale. But I was super relaxed.
Later she asked me whether I any boyfriend or not. As I answered negative, she told that "I really think that you should find a job at a metro city now. You'll have more chances of meeting someone"
Then she asked me who else know about this. I told her that a few friends do and I'm planning to come out publicly. So she told me she thinks that I should talk to the closet relatives personally first - they deserve to know this from my own ***, not from a social media post. She asked for some time so that she can prepare herself to face all the questions or the comments that may come after I come out. So now, we are working together on the plan about how to tell my father and other close relatives. Hopefully I'll be able to come out openly after my next visit to home...
Family's reaction to coming out
I know someone who when came out to his friends, he was treated as 'bechara' for not being attracted towards women. This attitude must be changed! They make you feel like abnormal. Our own relatives must be sensitized with this issue.
First time Anal - Tips?
During *** *** doggy posse is best. First fingering should be done with lubricant.then penetration should be done slowly in two three attempts.Each time more lubricant should be used. I have get ,9 inch long 3 inch thick in this way. Good luck.
Family's reaction to coming out
There is nothing wrong if someone chooses to come out to their family. It should be their decision alone and everyone should feel comfortable to be themselves. When i came out to my siblings and friends almost everybody was super understanding and welcoming. @cluelesshubby I'm sorry that you had a bitter experience when you came out. The way I look at it, if the people with whom we are close to don't accept us for who we are, then there is no point in spending our energy and time to convince them otherwise. No matter what the relationship is.
Face pic as the profile pic
I feel here people are just pic collector or maybe my pic will be misused so I am not comfortable in sharing pic. Second is the society issue. I prefer to meet personally.
Travelling in Group
Hi I am in contect my in box
Face pic as the profile pic
Showing off face pic might not be a big deal for someone but the truth is lil hard bcz of ur society..ur society didn't really accepts the gay family..aka LGBT . So being a social person its very hard for me to putting profile pics. The society not only harrass me also my family..and what about ur parents whom u ur meeting..ther privacy also become open..so not for myself i m hiding my pic for my family and partner..if society become open-hearted tn it might b much more easier for everyone to put profile pic..
Face pic as the profile pic
I am not comfortable putting up my face pic since I am afraid of identity theft. Anyone can misuse your photo and create a fake profile on any social media.

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