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Gay literature
A little life, Hanya Yanagihara
Cobalt Blue, Sachin Kundlekar
Call me by your name, Andre Amican
Gay literature
Yup I Hope Too That

Gay literature
You're right dsxdq. I do hope the posts will be more decent than your profile pic.
Gay literature
Yahoo used to have some very active groups where members shared gay stories, mostly fiction; although some were based on actual events. These were in Hindi and English, with some in Haryanvi thrown in for good measure. Some of the stories were so well-written that the author(s) ought to have brought them out in book format as a collection of gay short stories; they would have sold well especially after the striking down of Article 377 which facilitated the (legal) creation of the gay genre by book publishers in India. I intend to share some of the stories here, but only ones that have the names/identities of the authors, so that credit for the stories goes to the proper source. I'm sure sharing won't be a problem as I doubt there will be any copyright issues.
Gay literature
Well We All Know Whats Going To Be Posted Here If We Looking For Some Stories To Be Published
Just Dnt Make It some Cheap Stories

If You Gonna Post Some Stories Please Be Decent
So Padhne Wale Ko B Acha Lage
Gay literature
I've had some good response to this post. The books I have are:

1. Tab Hunter Confidential (it's the Hollywood actor's autobiography, very candidly written);
2. My Brother and His Brother by Hakan Lindquist
3. A Perfect Waiter by Alain Claude Sulzer
4. Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin
5. New Boy by William Sutcliffe

You will find the review on amazon.com

I'd rather give them away as a bundle rather than piecemeal. It would be convenient for me to give them to someone in Mumbai rather than outstation.
Gay literature
Good initiative
Gay literature
Good Idea, Which language books are those
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
HIV test are free in all government hospital or get is from directly to any lab like : Anand laboratory ,Lal path lab etc there are many lab available in each state and it cost hardly 400 - 800 INR any support in Bangalore to get tested let me know I can help you get tested .
* I don't charge any money for this help it's free help so don't hesitate to ask .
Gay literature
Great idea...
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
if one wants to be very safe best is to test your partner with all advanced tests(costing not more than 10k)...as they are doing before date/marriage
Shemale wife or partner
I want real and honestly partner only single shemale, dnt msg money seeker shemale. Im married, dating and long term relationship need
Nudists in India
Hi, any nudist guy or a group in Calicut?
Shemale wife or partner
Wish could have a shemale gf/friend with benefits , open up our fantasies,likes enjoying life together, freedom and enjoyment, fulfilling each others needs
Or group of CDs, bottoms, tops
We can be together and enjoy life wherever and whenever we want
Like a group of 4 guys cruising dressed as a girl , having *** in empty spaces and other 1-2 guys will keep eye on others and vice versa
Gay boss or employee?
I am looking for urgent job change. Anyone there hire me . I am software professional working on Java technologies.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
For any problems regarding your health
Always visit any clinic/doctor as they'll always help you from getting worst.
For skin disease, go to skin specialist, and tell them that you've involved in Male2male ***(MSM) activities as active/passive
they'll tell you to do blood test, once reports comes , everything will be good!
It's always confidential with doctors!!

One more thing,
Suppose you had *** today with the guy who is hiv positive /normal guy and in case you got infected and hiv virus enters in your body and if you go for hiv test , it will be negative only as Virus takes 3-6 months to develop itself
Still you can be on PREP, so even by mistakely you are exposed to virus and you are on PREP , You won't be positive in some cases
Shemale wife or partner
im from hyderabad i want to be a girlfriend/wife to a matured guy..im still searhing for that man..
Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!
Bangalore to goa trip next weekend. month end last. nyone ready?
Face pic as the profile pic
Oops I seem to have brushed ppl the wrong way! Well yes, I come in the ugly category!

But my overall point is, one can't always live in fear of blackmail and hide behind a veil always. This is why everyone who label themselves has LGBTI should try and attend PRIDE March, wear a mask or sunglasses, but be out and represent.

Face pic as the profile pic
Sorry if I hurt folks! We are all beautiful in some way or the other, the ugly ones are the haters and homophobic folks!
Face pic as the profile pic
It takes a lot of courage and commitment to put yourself out in our country. People are not yet ready (In my humble opinion). Sexual preferences are frowned upon if they deviate from the ordinary. I hope in the coming years we grow more tolerant and respect ones sexual orientation as NORMAL.

All said and done, kudos to the Braves who are out and proud.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Silent Bones - a gay themed short film
Shemale wife or partner
I am from chennai.
I am looking for a TG /CD for a long time relationship.

I had one TG in chennai but unfortunately I lost her contact as i was out of city for an year.
Face pic as the profile pic
@Ryan_t....I wudnt say hurt but I'm embarassed n pity u for ur judgemental comments...."Ugly","bisexual"..Arrgh....God u hve really lost it.I hope u knw u are on a site which caters to LGBTQIA Community.who do u label urself as?i seriously need to knw.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
@ salim bt....Generally person getting HIV is not feel weak in early stages...but as times grows many problems appears because antibody system got week
If a person with HIV not started medication then it take about 8-10 years to become AIDS.
In the stuation of AIDS , immune system of body get very week...& the many deseasses like TB , syphlis ,fever etc attacks on body in bunches & then resulting to death.
But if anybody with HIV , take proper medicationin early stage then he/ she can live a healthy life
Face pic as the profile pic
@ryanT You seem to be living in some sheltered little cocoon unaware of the serious harassment that can be faced by people. Yes it is good that you want to be bold and are not worried about anything. That's a choice YOU made for yourself. Good for you.

But judging others or deciding what's good for them or not is fortunately not up to you. You don't know what they are going through ,So judge less and be more understanding. Your view is greatly encouraged. But mocking others choices is not okay.
Face pic as the profile pic
So where is your full face pic RyanT?

@male_fantacy: no need to be hurt, people make decisions on thier own circumstances and we are neither to be judged nor the people who judge are credulous.

Move on!
Face pic as the profile pic
Ryan, I am little hurt by your choice of words in describing appearances. While you may quote it as a fact, who are we to judge someone as "ugly". Everyone is both ugly and beautiful in their own way. The most handsome guy can also be ugly inside (instances of being robbed or blackmailed exists). It's an individual choice to be safe and whether to share his pic is his own right. Just because I don't like the appearance of someone doesn't mean they're ugly. Yes bad apples will always be there and it's your choice to be share or not.
Face pic as the profile pic
I think in this day and age when anything and everything you do is tracked, it's a little paranoid not to be authentic and be out there!

I get it if you are really ugly (sorry! But thats the fact) or are there to stalk ppl or are bisexual and have a wife and kid at home or CEO of a company ( but then you wouldn't be on Grindr or ohmojo! Lol) and you don't want to expose your face.

Be proud of your face and identity, people get blackmailed because they don't take basic precautions like not inviting strangers to home at first instance or not doing enough background checks.

Like the HOD guy...I would have searched all social media and seen if the profile given was authentic and if not, it is a red flag and to be alert. Do not give WhatsApp and contact nos, unless you have met the person...

Sadly there will be bad apples everywhere..
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Kissing - a sign of love, starting of a good *** moment, still you'll get STDs
Suppose you are healthy guy and your handsome partner who has cuts/ulcers inside *** or body, infected handsome guys having *** , maybe you will get STDs for sure, caused by exchange of saliva or other activities
Problem is you think it will be safe as you did nothing wrong, but you will be infected slowly slowly, virus may grow in your body and you can check on web, labs about "number of peoples who are suffering STI or related diseases."

companies who produces condoms they are also not taking responsibility of safe *** as 100 percent safe ***.

I talk very less generally but here's important thing
" Have safe *** , see your partners status , check his genitals, skins and all then go for fun, avoid multiple partners
Thank you.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Guys don't put yourself into trouble, avoid unprotected ***,
Even protected *** cannot save u for some STI n STd's,u could get herpes with safe ***. N other infections. Some of them are curable,some of them are not.
Guys gays *** is vulnerable, don't get me wrong, it becomes vulnerable because it involves *** ***, the tissues near *** *** couldn't easily tear n would near anus could invite many diseases. Heterosexual *** *** is also risky
But gay community in India is small than u think, one guy who does something wid u could be involved with many guys than u think, so avoid unprotected ***, avoid gay *** if u are not sure about that person.
Lost And Found
interesting school stories! Here's mine.

when i was in fifth standard, a friend of mine took me to a secluded spot. we stripped down and did some kiddish thing like feeling the *** etc. i made me lie on my stomach and he was laying over my back with his *** on my ***.... i did not know anything.... few times we did this....and later we moved to different schools.

I did not know anything about *** or masturbation until I was in grade X. First time, a classmate explained me about ***. He took me to bathroom and did a hj for me...that was the first time i cummed in my life and was in heaven the rest of the day.... whole night i was thinking about how great it felt and tried few times in the nigh at home.... that's where it all started.... my liking towards same gender. then the news about my friend's hj with me spread to class, and everyone started asking me to come to bathroom....rofl... i so enjoyed the fun and had HJ from few guys. LOL. I feel so good recollecting those incidents now... then I remember, one day we stayed in school till it was dark (some study time before exam i think). a guy by name ashok pulled me in chemistry lab and gave me a hj and kissed me.

good olden days really....

if at all I want to reunite with one of those guys, it is Vinoth (full name, Vinoth kannan or krishnan).... at the age of 15 itself he had the thickest ***... now he must be having a monster. he he.... wish to meet him once and have a session with him... don't think i can get him back...
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Guys you should definitely watch "Call me by your name " it is one of the best gay love movie like ever
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
There are Will and Grace reruns . Must be zee cafe.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
While channel surfing I came across a gay romantic scene and noted that the serial is 9 -1-1. Star world or star world premier.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
America Mappillai is also available in a Hindi dubbed version with name Amriki Dulha in Zee 5 only. It is also available in many other languages.
I loved the series, though I am a bit confused about what Ganesh wanted to do... 🤔
But the story and both the lead actors - all are very cute...
Shemale wife or partner
Well I don't know about me but I shifted to mumbai from delhi in 2013 that was time when I was a closet cd bt when came mumbai I met this middle age muslim man at gay party nd then had a nice weekend there ...I had no place that time properly so we met few times and then he helped me to get a place nearby to his home...After dating for 1 month after that I shifter to his home .He was divorcee ...About keeping clothes there or anything ...I had 20 pair of lingerie skirt burkha etc he made me meet tgs shemales etc nd we married in front of his brother and uncle who both later on had a nice life with me...All three..I was the lady for all three of them for almost one and half year to two years ..I haven't seen my normal clothes that time except when I had to go for my normal people official meeting..People nearby got aware of me as she male something ...Went to his home place kashmir and experienced like a lady in front of his family ladies who knew I am a shemale nd everything..Travelled to abroad where had a nice strip ...So I must say if we get once like this life is seriously sorted..Though after breaking up we both cudnt stay away from each other for so long ...
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Guys fantastic gay themed tamil webseries- america mappillai in Zee5. Unfortunately it is a paid webportal. But loved the concept. The two guys who have acted as protogonist-Arjun Chidambaram and Gokul Anand are hot. But no skin show. The webseries talks about coming out in a semi conservative family. Nice.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Tiktok video showing a desi guy from Haryana, in langot... Definitely a shy guy...
Self Acceptance & Emotional Support
@Ankit v if still you are going though such turmoils do let me know if u have passed it of .. Well n good ... all u have to do is talk to some one u are realy confortable. we in this forum also had such phase to go through some had passed it some are still pasisng and few had matured in it.

Do reach out for any kind of help as i am part of Sahayavani - Helpline i will provide u those links to proceed to come out of your feelings
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Compilation of tiktok videos of Indians showing of bulges or outlines...

Very erotic

It's available on FB, publicly.
Shemale wife or partner
the idea is very flattering.but shemale wife is very distant thought in india.i m somewhere between ladyboy and shemale.had few lovers but not matured enough to handle relation gracefully.though i sometime crater idea of beng in secret marriage to somebody.where can meet him 2 to 3 days a week.close to my city lucknow.like to crossdress so i can keep my stuff like wigs and lingerie at his place.somewhere where i can give him wife *** girlfriend experience.like joint showers,candle light dinners, seduction in hot clothes.
Yes sexy formals seduce me. A guy with a good physique in sexy tight formals makes me wet in my tight red pink hole
Get circumcised...it will change ure life! I became a *** machine post and boys can't have enuf of my lund
yes...good formals are always very attractive & seductive indeed love it !
Family's reaction to coming out
Thanks exotic and coolbisu..made me feel my two cents are worth more than that :)
Here is one more that u can decipher...i fancied trignometry as long as it was in the books...A triangle with a perpendicular never takes precedence over cylinder for me...
Family's reaction to coming out
It is completely an individual decision to come out or not. Not just how to come out, one should also think of how much to come out.

I have a two pence advice for those exploring their sexuality and wanting to 'become' bisexual so they can get married. Sexual attraction is a fairly permanent romantic, emotional and sexual attraction to someone. You don't need to have *** with someone to figure whether you are attracted to them or not. It is in your mind. If you fantasise having *** with someone, spending time with someone, if you have sexual dreams involving someone then you know what gender you are attracted to. No medical or psychological test can determine that for you. Remember success or failure in one sexual encounter with a stranger is no way an indicator of your sexual orientation. You can still be attracted to someone and not be able to get aroused for many reasons. You may show sexual arousal (*** in case of men) without having any attraction to that someone. Explore for yourself. You will figure if you are open to yourself.
Family's reaction to coming out
@wingedcupid - I loved your last paragraph about -ve numbers and infinite numbers between 0 and 1. A very nice way to describe the huge spectrum our sexuality can be. In fact so much also depends on the person we are with....it's so difficult to box sexuality as st8 bi gay btm top etc. It's different things with different people at different time and during different phases of our life.
Family's reaction to coming out
@wingedcupid - absolutely loved your comment...
@Roniel - bro, a doctor can't say what you feel... May be a psychologist can assist one to find their own self, but no one can decide it for them...
As of me, I always thought, or rather wanted to think that I'm bisexual, though I didn't have any kind of affair with any girl and a lot of NSA fun with a lot of boys and even been in a kind of relationship with one. I watched the music videos of songs like "Ram chahe Leela", "Aang laga de", "Kundi mat khadkao raja", songs from "Ek Pehli leela" in loop and literally ogled Priyanka, Deepika (and ofcourse Ranveer), Chitrangada or Sunny. So that made my belief even stronger. But when my family started to push me for marriage, then the realization came to me finally. It took me a long fight with myself to finally accept the fact that contrary to my belief of me not being able to be with a girl due to lack of opportunity, it is actually because I never wanted to. I had a lot of opportunities, but I never ever thought of grabbing them...
So yeah... Attraction, liking, love - these are extremely complex things. There are infinite number of possibilities of what one will or will not like... So it's best not to make us bound to the binary or tertiary definition of gender or sexuality...
So guys, rather than taking a decision about your sexuality based on whether you can or cannot get an *** watching a straight ***, try the harder way of self introspection. And rather than seeking a physician's advice about your sexuality, go for a psychological counseling... Because a physician or sexologist can tell you only about your sexual health and being sexually healthy has nothing to do with sexuality.
If you keep your mind open, the truth will come to you one way or another. Just be brave enough to accept that...
Family's reaction to coming out
Actually having *** with woman or watching hetero *** doesnt make one bi

I always love watching hetero *** with lot of ***. I put myself in the girls position and think how she enjoys..

I have tried *** with call girls with cpl of times and it was thrilling to see how that small patch between women's legs make many hot men go crazy..what exactly is it there? I find no difference between a sexy man's butt and a woman's ***..former being economical and with no strings mostly..if you ask me now if i ever want to *** a woman my answer is that i wouldnt like.

These days how one identifies themselves is best judged by onself rather than label.

When we were children, we never knew numbers could be negative. And little later, we learnt that Infinite numbers between 0 and 1. So the more sophisticated we become the more appreciative of non-binary nature of our sexuality. Non-binary means non-tertiary and so on...

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