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Ever convinced anyone for *** by offering favors?

Submitted by HeadsTailsAndHo Location: All India (All India, India)

I am not talking about *** workers, or people who are habitual of *** for money, liquor, drugs, smoke etc.

I am talking about straight guys, who have not experienced gay *** before but somehow get ready for the gay *** (playing mainly top role) if you favour them with money, liquor, smoke etc.

For example, many a times, I see labour class guys, security persons, guards, daily wages guys, farmers who I find very attractive and I wish if I could seduce him somehow.

That time small favours like showing movies on phone, letting them play games on phone, offering some good food, or even some money, make it easy to be friendly and then to get them to bed.

Definitely they will not become bottom (most of the cases), but when I meet a str8 for *** I don't believe he will become bottom for me.

When it comes about offering money or food, it is simply as the guy needs the money or food to survive. But when it comes to favoring with liquor or smoke, it is certainly the guy is an addict.

Anyone else is sailing in same boat?

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Posted On Apr 24, 2019 - 04:17 PM

Many of my experiences are of this sort only.
Just quoting here a few:

Few years back I was waiting for my train bound to delhi in madhya pradesh interiors. Time was around 11 pm and crowd was very very less.
I was sitting at the end of the platform listening a song in mobile , then a handsome labor guy in his twenties came and sat beside him waiting for his train.
I was so aroused and ready for some action. I purposely played a *** movie (striaght) in my mobile and grabbed his attention. He slowly started peeking my mobile and I made sure he get comfortable with him. Then switched to a oral *** *** and could see his bulge getting bigger. To cut a long story short I openly asked do you like it and he said Yes. I asked him can i do it to you , initially he hesitated and later agreed. We both went to a bush nearly and I *** him very deep and relished his juice.

One more incident when I was busy photographing birds(Wildlife phtography is my hobby), I saw a perfect teen toned guy around in his late teens in loo position, and grabbed his monster *** in my camera and was amazed at its size and thickness.
I made sure I go near him , while he was washing himself. I lured him with my camera and he asked would I take his pics and I said why not?
I took many pics of his gorgeous manly face and finally showed his *** pic too. He was shocked and told why I did take that? I told I like it really so let me keep it. Later he asked to send his pics and on return I asked him let me enjoy his ***. He was reluctant initialy later agreed, and you can guess the rest of the story.

One more time, in similar locality, i missed my purse and a young man helped me to find it. To show my gratitude i offered him some money and he agreed to take it. I told him I want to show my gratitude in even better form by giving him a bj, and he agreed.

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Posted On Apr 24, 2019 - 05:08 PM

I did give blowjob to ola, uber drivers as they did not have change to give and also to food delivery guys , 6 blowjobs in total it was awesome, 4 people took my number n asked for next blowjob which I had given at their place at second time to all four, in vashi,

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Posted On Apr 24, 2019 - 05:30 PM

Once one of my straight trainees somehow guessed my orientation and offered "free service" provided i complete his project without much delay. For me profession and personal likings are two different things. So i declined. I remember him telling me cheesy words like " Sir i will come to your home anytime you call me for discussion and would even stay back if you want to etc etc". I just smiled and didnt proceed further. Once I tried to lure a local driver by buying him food but it backfired. My bad.

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Posted On Apr 25, 2019 - 12:13 AM

@sasmathu always go for money not food local driver never stay hungry for food, but money Yess they want
N in my case @aarif, the drivers didn't have change to return as I purposely said I had 500 rupees when I was in middle of journey to my home, so I asked paiseke badle mein mera ek kaam karo, they said they r not like that men, which I knew what they thought, so I said " mujhe aapka lund muh mein mein Lene do jab tak mera location as nahi jata, mere bhi maze aur aapke bhi maze, they smiled n asked gandi ho kya, as I m top not bottom, so they agreed they opened their chain as I came near drivers seat, I started *** them,( both of these are different stories just I m saying at once) I *** nicely made the driver *** licked n drank his *** it was fresh hot, other driver I made a scene sitting at back masturbating looking at gay ***, n purposely made exhausting sound, then driver stoped cab n asked what I was doing, I said nothing just watching videos I asked which , I showed gay *** , he said u can't do such things here seats will get dirty l, I smiled n asked toh kaha Karu, he said get out of can to which I suddenly replied that if I *** his *** will it be ok then he will drive n I *** the whole way, he was shocked n laughed asking tu mera lavda chusega I said ek chance Dede he said nothing but I understood, so I came ahead said him to start the cab n I started unzipping his pants.n started *** hard as I can my lips around his *** he cummed early I drank the hot ***, then I masturbated sitting beside of him, n I drank my *** also, I took his number n said Sunday Ko bulana so this Sunday I m going on a long drive with unknown driver to ***
Where the food delivery guys I made them come inside n offered water and also lied about having no change for 200 or 500 n I offered them blowjob which all 4 guys said okk, one of the delivery guy was married complimented me saying I *** better than his wife
So only money can make straight guys let us *** their ***

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Posted On Apr 25, 2019 - 12:16 AM

I Targeted ola uber drivers, n zomato, swiggy, pizza hut guys
I m proud saying I enjoyed every drop of their ***

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Posted On Apr 25, 2019 - 04:04 AM

I used to work at churchgate location 2 years back.One evening after office I decided to visit Oval garden thinking to find some *** (Many of you might have read about this garden on ohmojo so I am not describing more)

I saw a teenage guy enjoying his quarter(daaru) alone.I went and sat at a distance of 10 steps away from him.I was continously staring at him hoping that a drunk guy is an easy prey.He noticed me looking at him and to break the the ice he only asked 'Bhai time kya hua he?'

Then I sat next to him and we chatted for sometime about what brand of liquor he likes and all and during that I kept my hand on his lap to check if he is resisting.

He did not resist so I gradually moved my hand on his groin area and grabbed his tool.I asked him to receive a bj from me.He said 'muze ye sab me interest nahi he'.

Then I said I will buy him a smartphone like the one I was having and he agreed.
I took out his *** and *** for less than 30 seconds and he stopped me because he was hesistant and scared as it was an open garden and people might come to know whats happening in the dark.

I said if you do not let me do it properly I wont buy you a phone.He was hesistant to do in open garden so I requested him to come to Churchgate loo outside station (now thats demolished) in which crusing used to happen.
Still he kept saying 'ye sab me interest nahi he'

So I left from there and checked other parts of the garden to get someone.Finally decided to leave and that time this guy again called me and said 'Muze hazar rupey k original headphones chahiye,abhi leke doge kya?'
I said 'Tune kuch karne hi nahi diya,karne deta to zarur deta' and I left.

After few days I was having a night out with my friends at churchgate sea face and I saw this guy.There I came to know he is a massager who offers massage at sea face.

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Posted On Apr 25, 2019 - 04:29 AM

Not for money or so...
But sometimes in past, when I used to travel in sleeper class, often I used to find guys having no confirm seat and traveling on wait listed tkts.
Out of those, I used to pick one guy of my interest, and started getting friendly. During the talks, I used to try to know their destination and to offer them to sleep with me I. The night, like 2 persons on single birth, top side, one heading up other heading down.
If he agrees, then in the night, I used to start the game, like putting hand on his crotch pretending sleeping, and then started caressing him there. Obviously the guy used to get hard-on. In most of the cases, the guys used to pretend in sleep allowing me to continue the play. And once done, they used to get up to go to bathroom to clean self, and then come back and sleep nicely.
Few advances went in vein, like the guy will get up and sit in the corner.
On contrary, in some cases, the guy, once back from bathroom, will go for 2nd round too after an hour or so.

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Posted On Apr 25, 2019 - 03:12 PM

Once i went to voodoos in mumbai..back then sat nites use to be gay nites there. After the party got over i hailed a black n yellow taxi..many taxis will be waiting outside this disco as they all knw the wat tym the party gets over in general.so i got in this cab and sat in the front seat. He asked me whr to? And i told him the address.while on the way he started discusing with me that he knows sat nites are boys boys nite..and wat all can boys do..i was drunk n had the courage to ask him directly..i told him let me *** u then u ll knw wat boys boys do.. initially he was reluctant and i didnt force him but later he himself asked me that he ll let me *** his if i offer him money..he asked for 500..and as i was drunk i gave him 500 and *** his ***..he complimented me saying guys *** better than any women..haha..to which i said..toh paise wapis de..he laughed and dropped me to my destination...took my number and went away...to be honest that cab uncle was cute and had a medium size ***..but i enjoyed..
That was the first n the last tym i paid for ***.. mostly it was just for the excitement...

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Posted On Apr 25, 2019 - 04:03 PM

@Bloreboy - Is Sat still a gay night at Voodoo. This was from long back on my first job I was posted in Mumbai and I went to Voodoo thrice. The first time I met a Spanish and a Indian boy near gateway and I learnt they were back up dancers in the movies once inside they introduced me to other boys who were struggling actors. Incidentally there were a lot of Arabs and these boys were hooking up with them for the money. I remember some of them were drop dead gorgeous. I was too scared to take any of them to my room coz also I did not make enough money to pay for ***. The second time was a regular night so lot of call girls and straight men it was totally fun to watch how men were getting all *** with these girls. Just when I was walking out i met an American who asked if I would like a quickie and we went to the Taj opposite gateway I still thank God that it was not 11/9 that night when the hotel was attacked. The American turned out to be a CEO of a company on India visit.
The third time I met a group of marwadi boys and one particular boy was tall fair and handsome but very feminine. I liked him a lot and took him to my place. He was too good but not in touch.

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Posted On Apr 25, 2019 - 04:49 PM

@exortic1234..no idea dude..but yes back then voodoos was the only gay pub in india..i think its functional even now but no gay nites...
Nowadays gay parties happen at lalit hotel in mumbai..i hv nvr been to this hotel as i dont go to mumbai anymore.

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Posted On Apr 25, 2019 - 08:14 PM

it might sound disgusting but i had with my servant uncle....

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Posted On Apr 26, 2019 - 05:43 AM


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Posted On Apr 26, 2019 - 06:06 AM

And offered or demanded *** to a straight in lieu of something! In nutshell, if a gay subjugated a straight! :) ☺️

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Posted On Apr 26, 2019 - 06:07 AM

@Shreenisah: No. The title says "CONVINCED ANYONE FOR *** BY OFFERING FAVOR" and not other way round

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Posted On Apr 27, 2019 - 07:31 AM

A Year Back story when I was in Gujarat for my studies.Post dinner at Dominos I booked an uber to return back home .Uber arrived I got seated besides the driver.At first glance i was attracted to him.He was in his early 30's bearded and toned guy.From his behaviour and language it was learnt that he was educated too. Just I was seated I fastened my seat belt then he asked me " Kaha jana hai"
Me in a bit flirting tone replied " Jaha aap le chalo".By this he got an indication that I was inclined towards guys.After he drove for minutes there was no discussions between us.Finally, he broke the ice and directly asked " kya khayal hai Sir".I replied immediately " joh aapke dil aur dimag hai"..with long deep breath he asked yeh side galiein mein koi nahi hota..lamba andhera wala rasta hai yaha leloo"
I with blusing smile said " Chalo".

Then he asked kya karna pasand hai...I replied..apni zip kholo..baaki sab mujh par chod do..den he again took a right and parked his car in a isolated corner ..and turned off the lights ..he slipped back his driving seat and pulled his pants down.

He was wearing sexy Levis Briefs in which i saw his boner and precum too..i was obliged and pulled his.... out and started *** it passionately..i su...ked him for 10 to 15 minutes n he was completely turned on..he asked f..ck karoo..i replied...condoms hai..he was not with the condoms..he replied aapko 500/- deta hoon wothout condom karne do plz..I replied..bhai free mein kar le lekin medical dhund kar condom kharid lete hai phir jitni der karna hai and jitne shot repeat kar le lekin sirf condoms ke saath..

He again insisted condom ke bina maza aata hai and yaha medical bhi nahi hoga 25km tak..i strictly denied.he again requested 1000/- lelo lekin bina condom karte hai ..

I said nahi bhai yeh apne safety ke liye hai bina condom *** mein nahi karta..he replied..jane do aap *** karlo and mera paani nikaal do mein aapko return drop kar deta hoon aapke location par.

Then i *** him again passionately and he diacharged his spe..ms on my face.

We took a wash with water stored in drinking water bottle and he dropped me back to the location.I open my wallet to pay him the fare..he replied with a smiling face " Thanks Sir, condom bina aap fu..k nahi karwate..achi aadat hai..kuch pal ka maza kisi zindagi barbaad kar sakti hai..meri bhi ab shaadi hone wali hai"..he left.

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Posted On Apr 28, 2019 - 05:37 PM

Yes.. at my office, through grindr, I had found out that a guy from other dept was gay. He was too hot to resist. But without sharing face pics and revealing that I'm from the same office, also using fake GPS, I was chatting with him. However our likes didn't match in the chat itself. But I wanted him, all that I was looking for was only good cuddle, kisses and good foreplay. I wasn't into anals and not into anals even now. He was looking for all hardcore. Felt very sad. During a busy night, I had to leave around 2 am and this guy was also down looking for a cab. I took my bike and asked him if he would like to get dropped. He agreed and I really ''TOOK HIM FOR A RIDE". All the way he was telling me how sad it was to have cabs charge so much extra at night and reject online payments too. At ORR, I found a point to catch him. I asked, I have helped you save money and have spared my vehicle and time, what would I get back in return. He got puzzled for a moment and started giggling and said anything. I stopped my vehicle immediately in the middle of ORR asked him '' do you mean anything?''. He was shocked and asked me if I was serious. I said 'yes of course I'm serious' and broke the ice and told him 'I wish to have some soft fun with you'. He waited for a few seconds to digest what I said and told ''I'm too cute and would love to go ahead''. Then all fast heart beats throttled my bike and I revved all the way to my room. He was a little upset about the way the drama unfolded at the middle of ORR and said he was yet to get out of the shock. I gave him the option to leave if he was really upset that way. But he chose to stay back and we had good fun. Everytime he and I were late, I would take him to my room and have fun. During my tenure at that office we had fun for at least 5 -6 times. Till the end he didn't know how I tracked him. We are still in touch through phone though we are very far to reach physically. I really wish to say sorry if you read this and got to know how I trapped you Mr. R. 😋

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Posted On Apr 30, 2019 - 11:55 AM

i been lucky with straight men, most of the times.
while i was in surat, i met this straight guy on we chat, just normal chat, began with a good friendship.
i use to stay at hotel so we use to have drinks together too, so while in evening i use to spend time with him in his car hanging around.

once i was too much drunk, and suddenly while he was driving, i kept hand on his bulge & unzipped hi pant, git hold of his ***, he took the car at corner road & allowed me to do whatever i felt like, after that incident i *** him 3-4 times.

so i think the food & beer i offered him at times, made him do so..being himself a straight lad.

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Posted On Apr 30, 2019 - 03:41 PM

It happened the other way round.

I was into service industry during my initial career. My clients were Restaurants, Spas, Saloon and any service related business.
Once during my followup calls, i met a restaurant franchise owner in mumbai, who somehow made out of my likings. He started to call me in the evenings and night and after good 10-12 calls he started to get more friendly and once weekend he asked to meet at his office for deal discussion.
It was friday evening around 7ish and no one was there in his office. I went to his cabin and he asked me o give presentation. He came n sat beside me to have a better view of the laptop screen. Most of the time while asking a question he used to keep his hand on my thighs as a friendly way, i did not mind that as we have been speaking a lot in 6 months time. But my *** was getting the sensation so i was getting hard. Couple of times i caught him peeping into my pants. He said he wanted to show some promotional videos which i can use in my deal. He opened a video folder and all videos were only numbers. He had to literally open all videos and see for the one. and to my surprise, most of them were ***. girl ***, boy ***. gays ***, etc. Event time it opens he quickly closes it and apologies.

then he showed the vidoes and then started discussing deal. He was not ready to close it with all my perusals. Finally i had to ask him what deal he wants or looking for. He said he wants to touch my *** and wants to *** it. I i give him that he will sign the deal immediately with the offer i want.
By this time and seeing all those videos, i was so much aroused that i cud not control. I agreed to it and he *** me in his office till the last drop of my ***. He then gave the deal to me and we signed off. I met him everytime for a deal and we discussed it in this way.

After couple of years i moved out of bombay. We are not in touch.

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Posted On May 1, 2019 - 04:16 PM

@ novio - i am not surprised i think it's very easy for a bottom guy to seduce a st8 man in India. Two main reasons -
1) st8 guys hardly get *** by their wives, no one can ever *** a *** like a good bottom can
2) Indian men love to get drunk and once they are drunk they lose their inhibitions and instead of listening to their mind they listen to their heart. Most of the men love to experiment and very few of them are strictly straight about 70% are only conditioned by the society to be st8 if left on their own they will swing both ways.

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Posted On May 11, 2019 - 01:36 PM

I'm with exotic123 on this. Personally I stopped cruising at spots after 1 bad incident and 2 close shaves. Just not worth the fear and risk of extortion. Now I only pick sale guys in malls, visitors at bars, drivers, random persons. But these guys i choose based on my liking n not just anybody. I request their company for a drink. Some refuse many agree. Then I slowly start my seducing part. Its time consuming, costly but the thrill of seducing a seemingly straight person is always good. Successful 7 out of 10 times. Also exchange numbers and meet directly too again with some of them.

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Posted On May 18, 2019 - 09:27 AM

This is not seducing. More like taking advantage. A handsome young man owes me a considerable amount of money. I had loaned it a few months back. He is not being able to repay it. I gave him a solution. Il reduce the debt by a certain amount for every blowjob. Ive received a few now. More to go.

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Posted On Jun 12, 2019 - 09:11 AM

Of all my experiences and travels, I found out that India is probably the best place in the world when it comes to seducing straight guys with or without enticement. But I must admit it's even easier as a foreigner, because many Indian guys would be curious and ready to experiment something with foreigners / visitors, more easily that with other fellow indians. They feel more secure, perhaps.
Of all the times I cruised or hit on guys without knowing firtshand if they were gay or not, I've never experienced a harsh or violent refusal : it was always done with a smile or a polite refusal, and no bad feelings. This is really what I miss the most, of Indian culture.

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Posted On Jun 12, 2019 - 09:34 AM

It is not enticement or taking advantage. We do not force anybody. Just get together for a drink and take it up from there. Clicks good. Does not, then too good. I never offer any money. Just holding hands while drinking, speaking naughty or giving coy looks gives me a kick.
If the other guy is not comfortable at any point in the conversation I back off and keep it a simple drinking session.

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Posted On Jun 13, 2019 - 05:31 PM

@ebubu - your observation is very valid, India is actually the most gay friendly place and most Indians are open to experimenting however everything is a bit covered up. I have seen st8 men in tier 2/3 cities towns and villages are open to experiment with men because the opportunity to interact with the opposite gender is limited and most of them view the top role as the man’s role so they don’t have a problem with it. If you are a foreigner they find it even more exotic and completely surrender themselves. They also are more comfortable because they don’t have the fear of being judged. Being an Indian I can tell you I have seduced a lot of st8 men myself and nothing gives me a bigger kick than seducing a st8 Guy.

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Posted On Jun 13, 2019 - 06:12 PM

Based on my experience, I always believe that there is nothing like a 'straight' guy, especially in India. All are either top, bottom or versatile gays though most would not agree or accept it just due to the kind of social ambiance here. If you pursue with any guy here patiently, you will get him finally for fun. That has always been my experience so far. Everyone who does not agree first time is only because of fear or due to their situation though they love it. Just my personal observation and of course people may differ. No need of any favor as such, just seduce without giving up and you will get them.. :) :)

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Posted On Jun 21, 2019 - 05:46 PM

there was winter season.one of my friend unfortunately slept with me at night,
Because his room was locked.He has weared night panty only.my room partners are already sleeped.After sometime i kept my hand on his panty and started riding my hand on his ***.there was one blanket for both of us.as my hands are riding,his *** got very tight.i understood that he is responding me.then i put my hands from over panty to inside his underwear.i feel something hot.i can’t stop *** very fastly his hot ***. I kept this for about ten minutes.then his liquid came out.but kept masturbating his hot ***. On that night I have enjoyed this for three times.but now I want to take his *** in my ***.i hope he will be with me soon.

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Posted On Jun 29, 2019 - 12:08 PM

Exactly what the topic is about. My first job. One of the my first travel to Bangalore was to get a change in design approved by a Public Sector Company. I booked a room in Majestic, travelled to the company and there the person i had to get approval was a old fat uncle. I was in my early 20s, young slim fair and fit. After discussion about the changes he listed few points based on which he CANNOT approve the design. I was very disappointed and asked if he could please approve it. He said he will think about it. By then it was lunch time. He took me to canteen for lunch and post lunch he said he will take me around the company. It was huge and i think he purposely took me to a very thinly staffed large area and while walking and talking he kept touching my should and the every time the hand kept coming down. I realized he is interested. After an hour or so of real office work he said i can leave and he will deliver the signed drawing to me on his way home. By then in his casual talk he had asked about where i stayed and my return bus timing etc. Around 7 PM this old man knocked at my door. He came in, gave me the drawing and sat in the bed. He started to slowly hug me. I dint know what to do becz i was 100% not interested. My mind thought of only one thing. I need the drawing approved and he has done it only for this. So i spent about 10 to 15 mins with him. When i realized he was slowly getting to undress and wanted more, i pretended to have a severe head ache and throwing up sensation. He was ready to wait till i felt ok. My lucky stars, i think he got a call from him wife and he had to leave. I spent 15 to 20 mins - pretending to like a man who i did not like ONLY for getting something done.

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Posted On Jun 29, 2019 - 01:35 PM

@friendnnd, was the drawing approved??

Waiting to know that with biting nails ;)

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Posted On Jun 29, 2019 - 01:45 PM

@wingedcupid - rofl - buddy too much nail biting is injurious to health :-)
yes - he approved the drawing - i had to touch his chest, big belly and even let him kiss my cheeks
felt very yuck... anything for that signature Sir!!!

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Tista V.
Posted On Oct 28, 2019 - 02:23 AM

Well, it was the other way for me.

I have always been bad in math throughout my school days. But I was a slim, dusky boy in his late teens, who appeared girlish. My math teacher was a tall Haryanavi jaat whose wife went home frequently, leaving him alone and *** I guess. He kept signaling me to come to his home for tuition. I somehow managed to escape his advances, but right before my finals, he told me that it would be best for my score-card if I listen to him and take private tuition from him. I told him, I can't afford it; just to make an excuse. He clearly had something in mind, he said I can pay in kind and he will also ensure that I clear my math exams with "Flying" colors.

Who was I to deny such offer. I reached to his home in the evening with my books, ready to learn; little did I know that he was a pervert waiting to devour my tight supple body for his pleasure. When I reached home, he was in shorts and undershirt. I was a bit embarrassed, but then he said it's too hot to be fully clothed. I didn't say a thing, but it was really hot that evening. He suggest why don't I make myself comfortable. I hesitatingly removed my shirt and sat in my bermuda and undershirt. He started teaching me and also touching me. I was uncomfortable initially because I was committed to my boyfriend. After a while, I told him that I don't like it and I don't want to study from him privately.

He smiled and said that he knows I am gay and I have a boyfriend. He will tell my parents all about it. I was scared. I asked him if I let him do what he wants will he not tell my parents and also pass me in math exams. I guess he was waiting for my approval, he got up and immediately undressed. To my shock, he had a 9 inch *** (I always fascinated big ***), which was now poking me on my face. I don't know what got into me, I took it in my *** and started *** it. Well after receiving a blowjob, he did *** me twice that evening before making me call my parents and telling them that I will stay at my friend's for the night. The entire night he popped some pill and pounded my *** all over his place.

Till the time he didn't quit his teaching job and I was in the school, he *** me almost on a daily basis whenever his wife went to her home. Although, it was more of a blackmail to me, and he offered a favor to get ***; I was the one who go benefited the most by this exchange.

An alpha male dedicated to *** me on every opportunity he got.
My math score got perfect.
I got gifts.
I learnt many methods to deliver blowjobs and *** positions.

I can't deny, rough tops with big *** are my weakness.

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Posted On Oct 28, 2019 - 07:33 AM

I hv tried few times and got successful out of it, a Muslim massager, young delivery guy, few ola n uber drivers, saloon guys

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Posted On Nov 2, 2019 - 09:43 AM

I have some experince

Once i was travelling in a crowded express train, Then a guy favoured me by giving Space and after some time he started touching and later made me *** inside my inners itself.

I was in college and part of camping we all was one night out and i has to share bed with lead . At night it became very cold so i asked the lead to help me by sharing is sheet to cover and he helped me. But little did i knew about next . Some time later he started playing with my *** all night and blowed me .. this was like the best surprise i got.

Waiting for many such fun incidents