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About Us - OhMojo.com

Hi, I am Jay. Since you are on this page, you were probably curious to know who runs OhMojo.com and why was it started.

To tell you the truth, I started this website as a whim. I had plenty of time, some basic knowledge of technologies that make a website and some decent design skills and a couple of friends (Rupesh and Flip)

The original idea was to develop a basic website where guys can meet other guys. Maybe for dating, maybe for friendship or for a relationship. Slowly ideas kept coming from various friends and the result is OhMojo.com. It is still in its early stages and you can definitely expect more features and upgrades to the website. I will try to make the site more user-friendly and add the features that members request. You can also send in your suggestions.

I hope you enjoy being here on this website. You can let me know your thoughts and suggestions about the site from here.