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Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Have you guys ever heard of something called masturbation?
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Couple of years back I asked a guy how to get to expose the head. He told me pull the foreskin slowly everyday. Apply groundnut oil to lube it. Slowly try to keep it exposed and in a few day u can pull the skin completely
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
@Thehornmaharthi: I was having the same issue. Then daily i used to pull my forskin back till the point it starts to pain and then let it go. Did this quiet a few times during bath. After few months foreskin expanded and now i can fully pull it back.
Try this. Might help.
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
I have a uncut small *** and as I have a small *** my foreskin has overgrown on it also i have never pulled my foreskin back i feel scared of the pain whenever i try to do so can anyone help me out here?
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Hello, my nips are become big, can any one suggest how to reduce that, it is visible outside the clothes and I don't like it.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Guys plz πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™someone create thread onπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ "Pearly penile papules",it is also an important topic
Lost And Found
2.He is my cousin R***P****.. their family was living near Tri**y,Me and my family would visit them during holidays..we were close since childhood andvin this case too I don't remember how we both started the fun stuff since we were kids...He will sometimes drags me to a room the moment I enters his house for the holidays.. making it look like a game or play like so closes the door and he bites me..we used to have fun every night when I visit their home or vice versa..after few years as we were studying 10th to 12th we couldn't spend the holidays due to studies and all that and then the college and work..we rarely meet during any family functions..
Recently a year before he got married and that was the time I met him after some 4 to 5 years gap..I didn't interfere him during his marriage..he welcomed and treated me well even during his marriage..R*** if you are there let me know..I just wanted to get back the old us not for some S** stuff
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
@ bro there are some benefits and drawbacks of circumcision, I don't know your medical condition, but if you are facing problem while pulling down foreskin them you must take advise from doctor, circumcision is good if it is done by expert n by operation, I have read some cases, where some guys did for medical as well as aesthetic reasons, most of them lost interest in ***, because who ever performed their operations, removed excess amount of tissues under foreskin & some nerves, these tissues & nerves are responsible to sensitivity, you might lost sensitivity, if a special nerve under your foreskin cut, so concern to a doctor then take decision.
There are many advantages of circumcision
Reduce chances of infections like STD STI and HIV, (always use condoms)
Reduce chances penile Cancer
Reduces premature ejaculation.
Less maintenance is required for these ***
Lost And Found
Hi there are two ppl who I miss having fun
1.his name is P*** J****** we studied in the same class till 2nd standard or 5th I don't remember
He used to live near my block too,we used to travel in same van to school.i don't remember how it started but we where close buds then..as their parents were working and his brother won't be there at home we used to have fun in his house there used to be a small tank like bathtub in bathroom we used to have fun inside of it.afterwards he joined some other school and we rarely meet accidentally in public...then after few years we were still studying in school we met one day at his house..we were talking and asked I asked him "are you still doing fun stuffs" he asked me back I said " there's no one to have fun with so no I didn't" he said "me too" I was pleased to hear that and We had a little fun that day.. after that years passed we were studying in different colleges so didn't meet.after completing college I was in home town for few months and he would come and visit our friends group rarely but we didn't exchange words other than the normal talk.
He even wished me in whats**p recently for E****r and I wished him back
Machi if you are there let me know.. not for the s** stuffs but to get back our good old friendship back
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
I am not concerned about my *** size but my concern is about my uncut ***, i am confused about getting circumcised or not?
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
My *** is 5 inch long and I think it is quite enough length wise but my greatest concern is the circumference, it's only about 4.5 inch, rather look like a thin stick. What do you think guys, is it enough to satisfy anyone, both men and women??? Is there any technique to increase the circumference. Plz help.
Lost And Found
Now that I remember, I recollect another incident. When I was in my 11th me and my friend were waiting outside school for our auto. We used to talk about everything. I was telling about SX4 which was launched then. Just then we saw a new model of SX4 in red color standing at the side of the road. I said let's go and look it's interiors. So we went there and saw an old man who is doing something in his mobile. We just said we are looking the interiors. He didn't mind. Just then the old man removed his big black *** from his pants and started ***. We both were completely shocked and immediately left the place. At that time I really didn't have any feelings for men or attraction towards ***. IF you are seeing this I am attracted to men and *** now.
Lost And Found
as @snjkmr and @Exotic1234 said , even when I was in Kendriya Vidyalaya in Karnataka, me and my friend used to play with our *** during our classes. Once a teacher even scolded us and sent us out of the class. Thankfully she didn't complain to our parents. After class we used to go to washrooms and lick our ***. But once during rainy season there was water everywhere in the corridor and I asked my friend to be careful. He wasn't and slipped. But then he blamed me that I pushed him even though I didn't. I felt very bad and i was no longer his friend. He left the school and shifted. Even I shifted to different state.
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
As far as my experience is concerned, for a btm size matters as they easily attracted to a huge meat. But for sure it's only performance that really matters.
Lost And Found
@snjkmr - I remember vaguely an incident like this happening to me. I think it was 7th std too, a boy who used to sit next to me once told.me.he would show. his *** and dared me to show.mine this was right in the classroom.with our English teacher taking a lesson. We just exposed each other but nothing much happened. He wanted to.do.it more frequently but I refused. The thrill.was the fact that we did it right in the middle of the class not too.much of.sexual angle.to this. Years later I happened.to.meet him and he is happily married. Never got discussing about it. However if I were to ever discuss this with him it will be over a few drinks when our guards are down.and we are.more.relaxed.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Daily consume 1 table spoon of pure organic turmeric powder for 6 months if moobs is due to hormonal problem it gets cured on the other hand it means it is due to fat reduce oily items it may help
Lost And Found
During my school days me and my classmate used to touch each other *** during the classes (of course we never let others know what we are doing). We both used to go together for toilet (open area beside school) and hold each others *** while urinating. shaking of the *** after urinating used to give me more pleasure and i would also shake his. We were 10 -12 yrs old and found it very playful and enjoyed it. After our school days, i and he joined different college and went different ways. But once i met him on my way to home and he invited me to his home. At his home, we remembered our school days and we just started touching each others *** and thats it. We never done it again even if i used to visit him at his home.
After few years that his family got shifted and i was not in touch with him as it were days of landlines and no mobile phones.

Now Recently i had met him through other school frnd (after almost 12 yrs). After meeting him i happen to remember all those naughty things we used to do in school days. I thought of asking him whether he still have those funny memories and i would be happy to play those things again but I'm just afraid to ask him. I wish he too have those memories. Can anyone suggest how to start the conversation? now i have his mobile number also.. but afraid...
Is it a once a year festival??
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
@ male_fantasy,
True,,it's natural, there is nothing BEAUTIFUL or UGLY in life,,
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
The thread was actually for moobs or Gynecomastia and how to treat them! But it turned out to be more of how to develop them 😁! It's an individuals preference to be with or without! So try not hurt their feelings! If you don't like the thread better to stay away.

Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
How many here have undergone surgery and what is the success rate? Are the scars visible after a Year of surgery?
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
I agree with versatilebone, male boobs look ugly. This looks better on females and transgender. This is stubborn fat, doesn't go easily even with good amount of exercise.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Male boobs look ugly,some people feel proud of their male boobs, reduce weight n ur boobs, boobs suit to ladies n trans gender only.
Can someone take me there :(
When my sxual advances backfired
Thanks for sharing yours experience. We safe out there guys.
please take care as it very chaotic lots of fun to have but try to have some one with you. nights gets flooded with men and they are wild :)
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
I am not worried about my *** size, but my old school friend used to worried about his 4.5 inches size,he was worried about how will satisfy anyone this size, according to many *** experts, his size is enough to satisfy anyone, there r many other aspects of ***, like foreplay by which he could satisfy to other person, I told him these things, but still he is worried about his size,those who has small size don't feel bad or guilty, there r many other things by which u can achieve whatever u want.
Nice I want to be there
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
If you are in a mood for a mushy romantic gay love story then 10 year plan is a good watch. Although I am not much into mushy romantic comedies some of you might like it. Both the lead actors are very good looking. It's about 2 men (best friends) who decide to get married to each other if they don't find anyone worthwhile in the next 10 years. One is a die hard romantic and a lawyer and the other is a cop and commitment phobic. It's close to 10 years and both of them dont find their perfect partner. How they finally fall in love and get together is the story. It's light and breezy. Typical Hollywood style in the end. Overall a one time watch - Anyone in a romcom mood.must watch this.

Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Hit gym.. reduce carbs!!
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
I want to reduce my moobs, what to do, don't like big and big nipples? I need a strong chest? What to do?
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Just finished watching a new series named "Special" on Netflix. It's about a gay man with mild cerebral palsy, so he had weak coordination between his brain and muscles.
It was a beautifully created series and it is the real experience of the writer and director who acted as the main character himself. Though it has many clicheds, but I loved the series overall... Waiting for the second season...
Nudists in India
Any nude meet happening in Nashik?
Nudists in India
Any nude meet happening in Pune?
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
@GLK. Call me by your name was such a hot movie.
Monogamous relationship
Relationships require a lot of work to keep them going. My partner and me have gone through a lot of ups and downs and have almost separated many a times. But we live together and so that kept us going due to convenience. I am sure if we had stayed separately, we might have drifted away. Tiding through tough times and periods of lull in the relationship is what kept us together. I am in a state now of being again in love with him. Even now we are dealing with issues but have now opened up the relationship and so the stress of cheating or being cheated on has now diminished. I know some will think that relationships should be monogamous. I feel whatever can make a relationship work, if it is mutually agreed by both partners, then go ahead.
My personal feeling is that physical attraction is required to make a relationship work. It is what starts the relationship most of the time. After some time the physical attractiveness might diminish but start looking at few features that initially attracted you. Those will never die down, like maybe his smile or his behaviour or maybe his lips/nose anything which you find attractive.
Again I say, having a partner is the most satisfying experience.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
liked " call me by your name " very nice movie
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Also people should definitely do medical checkup once in 5-6 months if you are invloved in too much of activities.
Monogamous relationship
I hv had 3 relationships..the last one being the strongest. Went on for 2 yrs. I wasnt even sexually attracted to him initially but he use to force himself on me and as he was my classmate we use to spend a lot of tym together in class and also during free tyms. I didn't even come to knw when the frndship got converted into love for me..i use to look smart then maybe thats why he got attracted to me and later wen my beauty withered away he left me one fine day. But i continued to love him..now its almost 2yrs aftr breakup and i cant stop thinking about him. I dream abt him daily not even a single day i haven't seen him in my dreams..i hv wokenup from sleep as my pillow gets wet with tears. And all this puts a dagger in my heart everytym n twist...i have given up on love and i feel i will nvr feel the same with anyone...as no one is serious..everyone is running aftr glamour and hence

Better i find is to visit one of these cruising spots and shove my *** inside one of these hungry holes...finish the business..end of story..no hearts broken..
Nudists in India
Any nudist in Nashik area?
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Shameless is on Amazon Prime
Made in Heaven on Prime
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Sense 8
How to Het Away with Murder
*** Education
Are some Good series with LGBT content to watch on Netflix w
Any update how did the festival go. Any hookups
Lost And Found
I had many curious straight friend but I never made the first move. It was in late 90's.
I miss one of my cute young colleague named Vinay Dogra. He used to live in Kandivali, Mumbai.
I callwd him once at my friends house. I wanted to see blue film with him but unfortunately I couldnt arrange video on rent. Then I took shower and purposely showed my bare upper body to him. Also, I slept in one room only wearing an underwear but he slept on sofa. I went to him in the middle.of the night and touched his shorts softly but he didnt wake up. I was dam scared and came back in the room.

Later, I realized that he would have said yes if I asked him.... But the time was gone.

I still want to meet him.
When my sxual advances backfired
Hello friends,

I wanna tell you recent incident backfire me. It is to do with Bangalore Cops. One of my ohmojo friend kemen & me where in chat since few days. One day we decided to meet for quick BJ. We decided venue is kalyan nagar park parallel to ring road time 9 PM. Time arrived we both met first time in the park. Soon our hands came in to action. We unzipped each other and we both got our toy to play. Without making any more delay i went down and started *** his nice thick ***. I *** him for 5 mins then he *** me and we continued the cycle for some time.

As we have walk ways both side (front & back). we are in middle of 2 walk ways. We are also keeping eyes if anyone is coming for either side. After some time a man appeared. I stopped playing with him immediately. I tried to adjust my trouser but it was still reasonably down. Manage to put *** inside. He stopped and called us out. Damn!! he was COP.

He started in Kannada... ( i could not understand much) "Where are u from? " i replied - kalyan nagar. "What u guys doing so late here? don't u know election time going on. causing nuisance to other etc etc" he said park closed 8.30 PM. He asked us to wait and called his boss. He said wait here till my boss come. We request him to leave us. After 10 mins of harassment he let us go.

That incident jolted both of us. We left the place immediately. I dropped kemen to a bus stop and came back home.
Share your Happy non sexual gay moments here
Last year my friend n me had gone to Goa, we did lot of fun there ( non sexual), both were straight,we returned back to room from beach, we took bath together, one of dem have a long *** around 6.5 or 7, he has awesome, we did dance while bathing, n while dancing his *** was Swinging in all directions,dat was awesome experience...
Share your Happy non sexual gay moments here
I've had quite a few of such experiences both in college and at work. I tend to get very close with guys to the point that I always hang out with that guy. Mostly they were straight and they assume I'm also straight. Bike rides hugging them from behind, playfully stripping each other and bathing in falls/beach have all been awesome moments. For some reason, I like such raw fun more than sexual encounters.
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
@hotboysbengalur, .... seems like u don't like to use condoms, ur this behaviour is careless, I suvess has said absolutely correct, u r putting yourself as well as other people into danger, this attitude can cause u harm.i agree blowjob is less risky when it compares to *** ***, but still can ignore it, u can contract infections through it (STD STI HIV), I agree by kissing or touching u could get or pass infections. But try safer *** as much as possible. Don't carried away
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
Guys when it comes to safety consider using condoms for blowjob as well, else risk is yours whether 1% or more STD's more dangerous... Won't you get pleasure with condoms ??? Think about it
Safe sex/HIV positive discussion
You get STDs by just touch or kiss itself. What condom can do here? Condom is very safe for *** ***. Oral, its waste

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