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Gay marriages and love affairs
A few years after marriage I realised I am a bisexual. Now 25 yrs have passed and I'm 50 yrs. Met hundreds of guys in the past 25 years but never fell in love. Suddenly 5 months back met a guy and without having much *** we both feel very very attracted to each other. Want to spend hours on phone and discuss all problems and joys of life. He is younger and unmarried. Both of us know we cannot settle down together but unable to get out of this relationship. Dont know about the future but we have given our hearts to each other. Whenever possible we meet but constantly think of each other and concerned abt each other.
Gay marriages and love affairs
I am 50
Gay Themed Movies 🎥
Away from me is another good movie
Gay Themed Movies 🎥
Brian and Justin(queer as folk).
Gay marriages and love affairs

I love being in true relationship but i cant trust anyone in this fake world....everyring is tieup with money.

Be bachelor and lead happy life..
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
Not at all interested in ladies and family forcing me to get marry..what to do ?
I am not gay but not at all interested in marriage and girls.

My self Naveen and and this is my sad experince..i am fair n chubby from my childhood and when i was in 7th class i got exploited by my maths teacher..I am very poor in mathematics and i scared about final exams n my teacher knows my knowledge about maths...i used to go to tutions in the evening the teacher is same.
One day evening my teacher called me inside the home and started shouting me about marks and he shown all my mistakes and told you will definetly fail in final exams i got scared...and he was explaing my mistakes sudden he started touching my chest..i didnt stopped i was in confusion after few minutes he took my hand and kept in his c..k
I was really scared whats going on and slowley he stared pressing my body all over and asked me to *** his *** i said i domt want but he made me to to ***.on that day..after this incident we met almost 10 times and i domt know why i started liking it and from that day i addicted to this and many of the guys took the advantage of my fairness and chubby body.
Some how i addicted and continueing the same I am not gay but i love to meet manly guys.
Do gays like sports like cricket?
This question makes me smile as i use to tease my friends who wants to be more manly or straight, talking about cricket
I have zero interest(yikes who cares even if india wins or loses..many times i supported opposite teams probably guys may be hot there ) when ppl around me are frantically checking scores in mobile amidst busy work schedule i wouldnt even know who is playing against who.

I dont know if there is any link or if its stereotype but what interests me often doesnt interest societal men

yup sorry for my confession, i am really sorry ... it was my mistake ... what ever u said i totally agree .. thank you for opening my eyes.. thank you .. I am sorry ... i didnt show guts there.. yes.. I am new to mumbai ... and i came to know about that place through this site only.. sorry for trying ... sorry for exploring....and really sorry for opening up in this god damn thread .... i am ashamed of myself.. i totally deserve what happened to me .. thank you once again for taking time to correct me, defending those innocent men .. and thank you .. for pointing me out ... i wont repeat this again ... i just wanna say one thing people who are new to mumbai .. plss dont explore places like this for fun ..... alone .... i know most of us come from small towns we dont know how these tinder and all those stuff work.. yet... so take some time do research and go .. other wise cause of yous some innocent men has to face consequences ... just like today ...
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Awesome video... Good quality... The actor is bold and has no inhibitions.
But somehow I could not get what story the director wants to narate by this movie.
The way you have described the incidence on other reply, one guy dragged you, opened your shirt, *** your nipples, then unzipped you and started *** you.
Do you really think it happened without your consent?
So, Mr THANK GOD I AM BI CURIOUS AND I HAVE OPTIONS, you should had shown the guts and muscles there. You should had slapped him so tight that he had not even thought of doing it again without someone's consent.

It is bloody same story, what is going on at #MeToo... Those ladies, as long as there work was being done, *** was consensual, and now when they need limelight, they are accusing that this man molested me that man molested me.
Were they kids when it was happening that they could not lodge the police complaint?
It is not like other actors and actresses did not lodge complaints during that era. It is just like till the moment one was enjoying the benefits, they had ***. And now it is MeToo.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
View Video

watch thisssss then to blow ur mind

Even if you mean by "Thank God, I am bi curious" what u want to say now...
I am sorry hear that having you options, you had to go to that place. Being in Mumbai, where people are so cool about gay things, where loo culture is there, where fb, pr, whatsapp, grindr, social gay gathering, gay *** parties, everything is so easily available, if someone with "Thank God, I am bi curious and I have options" attitude, has to OPT for IMPERIAL THEATRE, may the God bless him with the peace for his THARAK.
Even gays avoid going there.

And what do you mean by being BI CURIOUS you have options.
Do you mean gays, ie NON BI CURIOUS, don't have options?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Today I watched an off stream short film Ninaad.
Acting was not good but in the film one of the actors had been shown bathing in the river.
It is almost 1 minute scene from 6:30 onwards.

View Video

The guy really has a good body and good size too... That was my view.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
it is not male genital or outline which is shown by media but here r cameraman shows two famous indian cricket personalities Ishan sharma and gautam Gambhir having explore each other on cricket ground.
M not sure about in what intention they was doing this...but it is very sensual to see both r having fun??
Here is that video link....

@Sasmathu .. I know its a pure gay theater, I went there to get some action like everyone ... everyone is scouting and found their partners, good for them, as the show just started people are still coming in, so i am still waiting for someone nice whom i might like ... so after some time 2 guys came and sat beside me and one guys started to touch my crotch I looked at him and said no , he still kept touching, i removed his hand and changed my seat/row and sat in another row, those two started to have fun , i thought good for them, I found a guy after sometime, he smiled, i smiled, at that point he is already giving a handjob to some other guy, so i waited, after that he came near me and said , give me five min ill come, and he left the theater for sometime, those 2 who were sitting next to me earlier, came back and sat beside me again, now i can't just shout *** of from here right, so i kept quiet, after sometime again one guys started to touch my crotch, I said , nahi chahiye bhai, he said kuch nahi hoga, yeha aise hi hota hai, I said , phir bhi mat karo, i was about to walk out from there, i got up, the other guy, dragged me down, opened my shirt and started to *** my nipples, and the other guy, opened my zip and he is giving me a blowjob, everything happened so fast, still i am shouting( as in in low voice) mat karo , bas, nahi .. after like 30 sec i just able to get off from there... adjusted my pant and ran off... now u tell me ... is this ok to u ...... you dont have to sympatize for me bro .. but at least dont criticize...yes i am bi curious, i am into guys as well as girls... so what ... I am not giving any attitude here.. just got *** *** scared thats all ...
@headstailsandho dude did u just hear urself, so what if i am bi curious ..cant i have the pleasure in having *** with a guy or what, I said Thank god I am bi curious cause . I have other options too ... No one deserves what i went through today... I went there so that i can find a guy , who i like and if he likes too , would have had some good time ... not like guys who i dont like even when i said no ... they forced on me .. grownup aint cant handle ... dude.. I did handle , I *** got out from there.... any way ... sorry I am bi curious right, I just take *** in hand for fun .. or to test ...
Gay boss or employee?
Guys this happened to me few years back. A student of mine somehow got the suspicion I am gay. Slowly he started giving signals like rubbing his *** against my hand etc. I gave him a stern stare and with that he stopped. He was in his early 20's from a rural background and of my type. But right from beginning as valentine pointed out I decided not to mix profession and fun together. Just before he completed his course I realized he had a girl friend. Then he had a difference of opinion with me and started bad mouthing about me. Since I have always been a strict disciplinarian at work everybody supported me. Just imagine if I would have fallen for his seduction my career would have been screwed. Most top persons who are being named in #metoo would have fallen for deduction or consensual *** but are being victimized by their subordinates at a latter time point. So be very careful.
@MrBondMumbaiWal I just now searched for that theater and i realize it is a pure gay theater like KV in chennai and Rajeshswari in bangalore. That being said who asked you to go there without doing a proper back up check? And as HeadsTailsAndHo pointed out your attitude----sorry no sympathy from here.

With your line and your attitude like "I am glad I am Bi Curious", I am puzzled if I should really have any sympathy with you.

People like you, who think that being Gay is like something to feel sad about, deserve this only.
This is what I don't like about this #MeToo Crap. It all about telling your version of the story.

People were trying to *** you... People were trying to open your zip to *** you.
Unless there are 4 5 guys together, a grown up an can't be handled the way you described.

People here, who have gone to Rajeshwari Theater in Bangalore, must be knowing that what a huge crowd of gay, straight and bi guys come there.
I don't know what is the count of guys in imperial theater who go there in a single show, but I doubt that is bigger than rajeshwari theaters count.

And, I have not seen anyone getting *** (forced to play any role of gay ***) at RT. Even the folks, who go there to watch the pornnon screen, or to watch this live *** sessions, they are not touched unless they allow.

It is like, you went there for ***, someone of not of your taste touched you or may be crossed the limit... And you started shouting "I am glad I am Bi Curious".
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
I just told abt my feelings and pain .. I didn’t tell ..my wife needs partner.. please beg you don’t inbox me asking my wife number.,I already asked by one idiot asked me.

This kind of things add even more pain .. have some respect guys.. please I beg you all
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
By the way in same match, SID DESAI, in last few minutes, did a super raid, earning 4 points, 2 raid points and 2 all out points.

In that, he turtled his body and from the angle of camera, his bulge was prominently visible.

Though these players wear tight shorts inside, so that their jewels or the outlines are not visible... Still the bulge could not be hidden as the camera was on same level and at line of sight.
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Did anyone watch today's match of Pujari Paltan vs U Mumbai?
No doubt siddharth desai is a good raider, but I did not like his looks... I like another guy from U Mumbai, same height, bit inexperienced player, ABHISHEK SINGH. He is much hotter than SID DESAI.
Gay marriages and love affairs
Am entering into a relationship.. so far good..

Both of Ur are single and we have our own families. We are aware of facts that it's time consuming to settle down.

My boyfriend loves me. Hez a little less expressive.

But we are being loyal to eachother. We keep *** off the topic always. We don't give it a top priority. We speak for hours just like straight couple. We meet frequently. And am feeling very good about it.

I am happy that I have someone who cares for me and love me other than my family.

I hope this continues for eternity. And I wish every gay finds his true love.
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
Happy is a state of mind. One can be happy sitting on a bench in a crowded railway station and be unhappy sitting in lobby of a 5* hotel.
Marriage is a understanding between two individuals who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together.
What understandings u make,what rules u follow is between the two of us.
If the husband is pure Gay and wife straight then let there be enough room within the marriage to pursue each other's interest and yet stay Married. It's called open marriage.
Then there's swinging,swapping,cuckolding and various other variants.
Such spots are recommendable only for pure gays n who has wild fantasies. Don't blame whole guys/gays, some ppl may be helpless as usual and like in the case of molesting gals they can just only be voyeurs and nothing more than that. It's better to go for decent cruising places or apps for casual dating. Hope you'll recover this mental trauma soon.
Gay Themed Movies 🎥
Paulo and Miguel my all time favorite in YouTube..two hot straight guys excellently played gay character in main stream TV channel..

Pedro Carvalho at his best in acting.. I love him so much..so cute and hot

In dekkoo.com you can get all best gay movies and series around the world with English subs..but you have to pay $10 a month..but worth...
Do gays like sports like cricket?
This was good question.. I never knew why I don’t like Cricket.. I follow ever other sports very closely.. if any ask how many medal Mani Bhakar got medals in Shooting.. I can say right away.. but I don’t know abcd in Cricket.. even though it has many hot guys:))
Just today .. at Imperial Cinemas ( Grant road) .. *** this ***, never going back , *** got molested and almost got *** .. and no one gave a ***, the fact i am saying no and other people are just watching it .. even when i shouting stop , stop ... no one cared .. upon that enjoying show like some *** ....***... plsss stop going there.... holy ***... ran out of theater in 20 min... scary ***... will never forget in my life.... *** ***... 3 people ... *** tried to rip my clothes one guy .. opened my *** pant zip and started *** .. even when i am pushing him away .. ... *** ... I know guys are *** .. this is serious *** ... I am glad that I am Bi-curious... never going to forget this *** ... in my life ... #MeeToo... I was crying .. my entire body is shaking and i was in shock for like 3 hours ... it was biggest mistake in my life and god punished me .. and I deserved it ...
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
I like Rishabh Pant and KL Rahul, wants to touch my *** with their ***
Nudists in India
@Matured M

Probably your friend lied you. Now a days even small offices have CCTV installed at their work places and they also have security guys who keep monitoring everything regularly.

Unless their CCTV system is faulty and the employees know this, and security guys don't do rounds, being naked at work place sounds difficult.
Gay marriages and love affairs
Great,, just taking life as it comes with any regret.
Gay marriages and love affairs
Enjoy bottom *** and relax wiyhout any regret. Gsy marriage may work or may not.
Gay marriages and love affairs
I am.not get any one above 35 till so sad
Nudists in India
Can anyone imagine, to remain nude at work place?
But it's true. One of my friends worked in call centre he said once their supervisor was out. There were only two guys in night shift. They decided to remove clothes completely and remain in underwear, later they removed that also.
Both of them enjoyed 1st time. It was by chance.
Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?
i am married for 8 yrs now.. i am 100% sure i am gay...

this *** double life kills me like anything.. i just want to come out in huge crowd and shout ..I am a gay and dont want to cheat myself and any of my loved ones any more.. i cried lot of times because of it..

Thanks for this website.. only recently i came to know from my friend...i can share any of mt feelings...as i feel someone is listening to my problem without prejuidce

if there is rebirth..i am ready to born as gay as i am proud of it...but only in most liberated country....

Thank you all guys .. bless you

Being Bottom - Do you face Prejudices?
this definitely most debatable topic in gay ***...i can clearly say..mostly straight guys who could not find a girl need some one for ***.. its based on my experience...Sometimes even i never had atleast warm hug,.. then no talk after ***...

i would say even before you have ***...just try to find whether he is straight/bi/curious/gay... then you can atleast don't get disappointed even if he didnt touch you as your mind is already set..
Nudists in India
Why there is no discussion on nudists any more. Any activity in Pune.
Nudists in India
I like sleeping nude when i m alone or in tour stay in hotel
Gay marriages and love affairs

Great to hear your life. Good to see you having a steady relationship for past 15yrs, and inspire of thick n thin, you are together.

God bless you both and your relationship.

Gay marriages and love affairs
Being in a relationship is the best thing that can happen. But. But.. it does take a lot of commitment. Especially for gay men, the issues are many. Most gay men are married and leading a dual life- with their family at home and with their gay partners outside. So the stress of managing 2 relationships is difficult and can be challenging. The other issue is the easy availability of other men. This makes being monogamus and true to one man very difficult and takes a lot of commitment. Invariably one finds another man more attractive and the relationship goes for a toss. I have personally faced this issue. After being in a relationship for 15 years, I started getting attracted to other men, though my boyfriend remained loyal. He knew about some of my encounters and it used to disturb him a lot. Finally about a year back we had a discussion and decided to have an open relationship. Now we are more comfortable with each other. He is free to see other men and so am I.
The bottom line is that we have decided to live together and share a life together and we have kept *** outside this equation. That takes a lot of stress off both of us. We do have *** with each other on a regular basis and even after 25 years- its the best with him. No one else comes close. I guess its the intimacy and familiarity that we have developed over the years. Our families are aware of our relationship and have accepted us. Both of us are not married and we live together.
I would definitely advise youngsters who are not yet married- to think about the possibility of staying unmarried and find at least a close male friend to share a life with. It is worth it. For me at least, it has been worth it.
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
i love Rohit sharma..... crazy for himm......
Gay marriages and love affairs
Is there any old man to who wants life partner?
Gay marriages and love affairs

age is no .. you can find ur man at any age ..
Gay marriages and love affairs
Very nice thread.. for me section 377 too late ..Am already at age nearing 40... finding a guy and settling down is near impossible..

I really want to support any one who want any help..
Because this whole double life is killing me already.. I don’t want anyone to suffer..
Gay marriages and love affairs
Very nice thread. I would like to share my thoughts on this. Well I have never been in a relationship or love before & I'm here for that only.
You very well said that "Gay is not just ***". Its much much more than that. Like straight ones gays also wanna do same stuffs but with men. But in maximum cases it don't happen so.There are very rare instances that two men are in a relation & they continue it with longer time or have life partner.
I have known one person who was a gay & he got his life partner & is well settled but not in India.He settled abroad to remain away from homophobic atmosphere & off course so called relatives!!. His family also accepted the relation very easily.But this is not with all as the ratio is very low. M too searching for a right man but what I see everywhere is people very scared of men to men relations. They really want to but due to social stigma not able to.
I had a very close example where this person wanted man as his life partner & he got so also . They remained in relation for a long time.But the other guy was Bisexual & he left this guy after getting a woman.Many of the gays face this problem & left heartbroken. Its quite though to handle.
As of now Section 377 is removed people should start thinking in advance about the future. Slowly we should start taking our relations seriously & give a effort to continue them. Its not just that being gay means just only to sleep with another guy & remain single for whole life or marry a lady forcefully & later regret for it. We should take a step ahead & start giving gay relations a chance & importance. So that gay men can start their family & lead a normal life. This will reduce the insecurity which many guys face due to meeting unknown person everytime for getting physically satisfied. Gay men will also be able to enjoy with love, trust, compatibility.And have a better half in every aspect of life. If such families & relations will start in the society then people will also see gays from a good angle rather than thinking bad about them.
I really hope that if such happens then it will heaven for gays to live no matter if someone doesn't accept you because if one has life partner in one's life then many things become easier & lighter to handle from the outside world. Well its my common point of view for gays as well as lesbians.
Thank you & sorry if I have diverted from the topic but this is what I wanted to share with everybody.!!!
Gay marriages and love affairs
I'm not in love with 1 guy. But when i engage in a date with someone, for that session I make sure I'm in love with the person, the feeling of touch n the intimacy. Basically just a passionate *** seeker who likes romancing. The whole 377 thing has made me just feel safer. I used to think I'll get conned n always paranoid. It's lesser now
Guys.. #MeToo tag is meant for sexual abuse without ur consent say at workplace or public where someone in authority or power tried to take advantage of the situation and abuse/disturb you sexually.. I see most of the posts going off the track...

We as men can't talk about sexual abuse openly and so I created a thread here where we can share our "meToo" instances but I see most posts are irrelevantly. Please share genuine instances were you had been a mute victim of a sexual abuse on you.
Television, Sports, Pro Kabaddi
Telling Time of Event & Sharing Link
Was very much informative....

Guys do share more info

Your experience with TV Serials star
Secondly any Gossip u came across
This is better! People are actually confessing what they did! Which is a brave and positive thing:)

I want to confess one thing too! This happened a fee years ago when I had just moved into the city! I was new and had made a gay friend through Facebook. One day this friend of mine, let's call him A introduced me to another friend of his, B and we clickwd well. This went on for a few days and and we decided to meet for a threesome as I had place for the weekend!

My friend A quite interested in the threesome and B also said ok and we met up! But when we were talking this and that I realised that B was not entirely willing to do threesome with me and he had come only because he wanted to have *** with A. But we were already in the bedroom by the time I realised this and A and me were a little drunk also! We started making out and it was very clear that B was not paying attention to me and was only into A.

At this point I confess I was too *** and high! I did not realise what I was doing and I feel I was a little forceful with B that night! He was dark and slim and handsome which is my type! I once forcefully kissed him on the *** thinking he is just being a little shy to do with me! I also pulled him towards me and began fondling him etc to which he initially did not respond but later cooperated with me! But after a while I looked at his face and realised there was discomfort in his face! My ego was hurt and I felt bad! But the other guy was very *** and I got busy with him and we somehow finished the session!

What really gave the blow was that the guy B got dressed right after we were done and left the place without a word! I should have apologised by alcohol and lust did not let me and I just got busy getting ready for the second round with A.

I have been a victim of sexual abuse as a child and I felt very remorseful that I made it uncomfortable for him! He showed signs of protest but I thought he is not serious about it! We never spoke after that! Today I don't know where he is but would want to apologise for that night of I get to meet him!

Sorry B, for being such a ***!

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