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Finding love - because it's not only about ***

Submitted by Coolbisu91 Location: All India (All India, India)

Whenever we visit a gay dating site, basically whatever we can find, are mainly concentrated about having ***. I don't have anything against that as I exploited that for a long period of my life. But when I decided that I'll come out, one of the major thoughts that came to my mind, was, what about my life? Do I need to spend my life alone? Will I ever be able to find a soul mate? Though I finally came out to my friends and parents, I still don't have the answer to that question. So here I want to ask the fellow openly gay people in ohmojo - what's your experience about this? Have you been able to find a stable boyfriend for a romantic relationship? If yes, then please share your story. May be your story can inspire a lot to come out and can also help people like to find love.

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Posted On May 11, 2019 - 11:52 AM

Hello everyone...
I know that relationships start & continue on the basis of true love, trust, loyalty, honesty, responsibility towards each other etc etc....
But no matter how much we try ...here especially in India people in our community only know about *** *** & *** !!!
Even if someone looks forward for relationship ...that's only until the purpose is fulfilled ..after that people don't even want to recognize each other.
But I have friends who live abroad ...there the case is different ...let me tell u the basic thing--- Here in maximum profiles of any gay dating website we find guys seeking for fun , but there it's vice versa..
People do have fun there even more than our country but they do that in search of true love ...& they get maximum times.
It's us who can change the situation...we have be strong enough to get into a relationship & continue it !!!

This thing I've noticed here...people are so talented about relationship...they say it should be on mutual trust , understanding etc etc ...& once we start a relationship we should not be each others responsibility only love should prevail & all...we not like be straight couples
But that's not the case....then everyone will broke up in one single fight....even if at any point of time the love decrease ...one should give effort the increase it as a responsibility for own self at least so that the knot doesn't break ...In other countries people behave like normal straight couples...no matter how much up & downs they try to maintain their relationship...

But in India it will take time ...as the population has yet started to be matured in all these things !!! Hope best ...

I want to give one advice ...don't have the right but bcoz many guys are cheated so saying...
Don't be very emotional all the time ...sometimes think practically & more important follow ur instincts ...Keep checking the guy from time to time ...then only u will get to know he is true or not towards you !!

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Posted On May 11, 2019 - 12:54 PM


I agree with some of the points you made.

As far as i know, and believe me I KNOW, bottoms are treated in such a unfair way. Bottoms have to kneel down and *** the *** of tops and please the tops all the time. The top guy in return will either *** your nipples and do some foreplay. It's true that Indian men have a big *** libido but unfortunately it always end up in a selfish note.

And there are guys who are like chameleons. If they meet someone better looking, they will change themselves as a pure bottom and play as 'pure' top if they are so *** and couldn't get someone to kneel down for them.

I may sound harsh, but this is the reality. And this will continue to be the same. It will change only when gay guys start respecting each other and stop discriminating other gy guys based on their look, role in bed, etc.

Bottom, pure bottom, vers, vers top, vers bottom, top, pure top, straight looking top, tops who don't agree they are gay but would gladly get *** by a guy - so many *** things

I have never been to the US or any other countries but I feel like they go for 'dating' and go for more datings if they like each other. In India, if you ask a guy for dating, his immediate response would be 'likes? places? *** till i ***?'. jeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Gay is a sexual orientation. Just like straight, we want to have ***, but some of us want to be in a monogamous relationship. Don't just treat us like blow toy.' - this is what i want to scream to the guys who thinks so highly of themselves and don't give a crap abt other's feelings

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Posted On May 11, 2019 - 02:36 PM

@mr lonely soul .
Very well said and it’s true . It’s difficult to find someone who thinks beyond physical .

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Posted On May 11, 2019 - 08:23 PM

I have actually given up on the idea of having someone for the rest of my life...Gay people have become so particular about looks that they nvr think of others character..Goodlooks, figure, *** size, social status is wat they are aftr for...

I tried a lot and am now tierd of finding someone true...Grindr is the worst place on earth to be..the real ugly but true face of indian gay scenario can be experienced here...NP=NR=NI i hate seeing this..(one more)..looking for something substantial..(now wat the *** is this)...
Wat ive seen is, gay guys who mention on their profile that- looks dont matter : are the first ones to gauge people on their looks and vanish...
(except me and i say that proudly)(the only criteria of selection for me is age..has to be of my age or few years plus/minus even tho am more attracted to mature uncles)(*** wat roll they play on bed..bus pyaar karne wala chahiyeh)

Another thing that is- among us, we all want to be in a relationship and at the same tym want to keep it hidden like a dark secret, as if gay relationships are not natural relationships. Such relationship doesnt workout as no ones aware of it and it becomes easy for people to slip out of it wen their agenda is achevied. Total spinless creatures.

Very difficult but i hope not impossible..anyways sick n tierd of looking around for a gem.

Sab chutmari ke hai bhosdi wale....

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a wanderer
Posted On May 12, 2019 - 01:20 AM

I was in relationship which lasted almost 2 years. All i wanted is trust! My bf used to love me....but apparently he used to love many other guys. I tried my level best to save my relationship..but in the end i failed nd eventually gave up. Now many ppl suggested me to have an open relationship. But it just wasn't my idea of being with someone. Is it that hard to love your partner nd remain faithful to him for rest of your life? I have seen those so called relationship seekers, hooking up with hunks... I have been to so many parties nd have witnessed many breakups because ppl did betrayed their partners...nd had *** in bathrooms.......so lame nd pathetic... just because ur bf doesn't have muscular shaped body, doesn't have big tool, or doesn't posses money or sharp jawline...you make out with someone else. Why can't we be like straight couples? Or we are just *** hounds wandering around biting ppl with lust oozing out of our *** 24/7??
I think being in open relationship is like those ppl who call themselves vegetarian, but can eat eggs. If you are allowed to be with someone... then wtf you are in a relationship in the first place... Just be friends with benefits. Such things are just excuses to satisfy ur lust and showcase ur fake love to society.

And let me tell you one thing....

There is only one thing which hurts more than breakup...... seeing ur guy in arms of someone else!!!
I don't know when indian gay community will evolve and start looking gays are as normal human being rather than 24/7 *** *** bitch. Why can't we too have our own standards? Why are we looked down as prostitute kind of ppl? Why are we so seex oriented that we can't see someone's love....
I don't know ppl will even read this post as its not a my s*xual experience. I don't know if it will ring a bell within ourselves. I don't know whether newer generation of gays can see the life and ppl differently than me....but i know one thing for sure...if we want equal status as rest of the society then such hideous behaviour has to be stopped!!

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 02:14 AM

Bloreboy and a_wanderer - you have exactly said what's there is the mind of many people here but unfortunately the reality is something else. No matter how much we scream about it, eod it's going to be the same. 😢🤷

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 02:32 AM

@a wandere tnq for those amazing knowledge..i also posted 3 or more Time related to the sm matter, do read that..why people are getting so se* lusted, juat bcz its a gay relation that doesn't mean that that the love is fake. I love my partner so very much,.i give him every bit of love inside me, but he still try to go someone else...u know it hurts...when ever the thought came that ur partner was in others hand....they thought that its doesn't gonna effect anyone hence he is keeping its secret but plz don't do that bcz truth can never been hidden, and some how ur pertner gonna know that and do u really want ur partner fall in tears ,broke his. Hurt ..is this kind of love u wanna give him,
And do u rally wanna pay that cost by ur lust of se*
Do se my previous 3 posts...

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 02:46 AM

@a_wanderer seems like your breakup hurt you a lot.
However your overly judgemental about open relationships. So refrain from making this a morality debate. A monogamous relationship is not a norm. It is societal garbage that has been fed to you. However I respect that you are not into it. Extend that same respect and courtesy who are into non monogamous relationships.

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 03:16 AM

@mastetbot...now u ll tell us all the scientific reason as to why humans are not suppose to be a one-to-one animal..but we know it dude already...

May be u don't approve of this concept and may be he does..to each his own..so stop imposing ur thots down his throat..and calling it a social garbage.

i feel monogamous relationship is not for faint hearted..it requires real grit to love someone exclusively..

I have met guys who are having the same opinion as urs and all of them are either married old and closeted...sorry i dont mean any disrespect to u...i believe you must be having ur own reasons for believing on something like this and thats alrite..

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 04:26 AM

Let me tell you how i feel about this whole scenario.
To start with everyone longs for some love, be it a strt, bi or gay.. being human itself has this longing for love. However *** is the ultimate expression of love. So we cannot separate them and see it.
Firstly when are very alone all you think about is ***, and then comes love, the physical need overrides the emotional needs. So people subscribe for grinder, planet romeo and what not.
Once they are satisfied, they go after looking for love, however due to societal norms take a beating on this, and insecurities of being spotted drives you and you want to evade the concept of relationship and just be satisfied physically and single forever.

This is sad at many levels but its an unfortunate scenario across the globe (yes it is across the globe, including USA/ any other *** nation of the world) today. These are the times we are living in. However, I think acceptance towards gays is increasing very rapidly and things will change eventually. Its just matter of time and patience.
But in the future, IVF or ART methods will take over the burden of reproduction and *** will be set free from straight only *** to open to all.
In the current times, strt *** = babies, so gay ***, bisex *** is frowned upon. But when babies can be tailored genetically and all you need is just a sperm and egg..! Trust me gay *** will be so *** common. This might take another 50 years.. but this is bound to happenn...!!


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MatureGuy *
Posted On May 12, 2019 - 04:39 AM

Would like 2 share my experience with all u great guys out here. This was about 25 years back when I was living in Mumbai. Used 2 go 2 Chowpatty for a massage. I happened 2 meet this really sweet Punjabi maalishwala.
We met a few times and very soon ended up drinking and having *** regularly. My life was like an open book 2 him after some time. We enjoyed each other's company and we were in a relationship for almost 4 years, I took care of his needs and he gave me a lot of love. Then he fell upon some hard times due 2 his family problems and started demanding money very often. He later started blackmailing me and even landed up at my office and threatened to tell my colleagues about my orientation. I did not have the kind of money he was demanding. I played tough and he backed off after a few months. I later opened up 2 my mother and she was very supportive. This gave me a lot of courage.What I fail 2 understand is why he behaved in such a cheap fashion when I had done so much for him. I then left the country 2 work in Srilanka and the gulf and stayed abroad for 17 years. I shifted to Pune and never saw him again Thank God.
Have lost my trust completely and indulge only in casual *** once in a while NSA. No more relations as far as I am concerned. Shame as I used 2 be a caring and trusting person. Lost my faith due 2 this experience.

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 07:16 AM

Looks like this is a great place to vent out. So here's another incident of mine.

There was this guy in Chennai, who i met through PR. We both were looking for relationship. Instead of meeting outside, I invited him to my room, so we can talk casually (I really didn't expect ***). We started chatting casually, then he lied down on my lap, which was weird because it was our first meet and we weren't close (obviously!). The he started kissing my hands nd stuff and it ended up as a makeout session (Fine. He turned me on. Alright!). Then we met a couple of times. I wear glasses and people who wear glasses know that whenever they go for eye checkup, they put some liquid in your eyes to test with some things later. This liquid is so bad that you can't even see anything bright at least for a day. Forget about going alone, coming back in a broad day light. So I requested him to accompany me and he came. You may not believe this. That's literally the first time someone did something for me, though it is trivial. I was a bit happy. Then started the damn thing.

There I was sitting in a chair in the eye hospital, after a 'very kind' nurse dropped some eye liquid in both my eyes and I had to sit down with my eyes closed for some minutes. The demon who accompanied me didn't bother that it was a hospital, people were all around, he started smooching and touching my hips. I was like 'what the ***? Am i being molested again)?' So I opened my eyes to see who the *** was touching me, though I suspected it was him. So this nurse, the reincarnation of Mother Threasa, didn't *** see me getting touched inappropriately but she saw me opening my eyes and her hell broke loose. She marched towards me and stared at me for a good few seconds and without uttering a single word, she poured few more drops down my eyes. I was like ' Pour the entire damn bottle of drops in my eyes. But don't give me the looks'. After a few seconds, the demon started touching my hips. I don't understand why the *** some people get turned on in a hospital, filled with people. I whispered in his ears not to touch me and it's making me uncomfortable. That made him upset and I guess he moved away to a different seat, which I didn't know for atleast 2 minutes. During those 2 minutes, I was saying some *** which I don't remember. When I opened my eyes slightly to see why he was not responding, there was this aunty who had some kinda expression in her face, and I am pretty sure there is no word for that expression in any language. Check-up was done, escaped from the hospital who forced me to buy glasses within their premises.

He came to drop me at my place. He came in and shut the door. Then he started making out again. I was not really in a mood, but I was like ' this guy traveled all the way to accompany me to the hospital and dropped me at my place. So maybe a little makeout is fine for the favour he did'. I felt like i owed him something. Then came his rel face. While he was on top of me (still with cloths on), he was kissing me and doing some foreplay so passionately, he said the golden words ' i WANT TO SEE YOU GETTING *** BY ALL MY FRIENDS. OH! THEY WILL LOVE TO *** YOU'. I was like, 'is this guy for real?' and I wanted to punch him in the face. But since I already had a worst experience, getting *** by someone, i started crying. He stopped and he said 'sorry' and stepped out.

We didn't have much in common. And I was thinking that we may have to work it out in a relationship, can't expect someone who has similar mindset. But anyone who says such thing to someone is not worth spending time with. Who knows? He might bring his friends next time and demand something. So I ended things with him, even before it started.

And another beautiful thing is, the same guy messaged me in PR after some months and asked me to select that option 'I know this person' in his profile, saying that it will make his profile good for some reason that I didn't want to know. I blessed him by saying '*** off' and blocked him.

I don't understand why everything has to be sexual with gays. I am no saint here. I have used and been used by guys for ***. But the thing is, after some time, I learned from my mistake, at least from some, if not all.

You have to look good, stylish, trendy and FAKE to date someone. Gosh, I really should type less.uhhhhhhhh!!!

If you have read my post thus far, then you either found my writing interesting or didn't have better things to do :P

If you are one of those birds with a wounded wing, then message me. I will try to make you feel alright. I will go down on my knees if i dropped something, i will unzip if i need to take something from my bag, i will get banged if i don't close the door properly :P

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 09:31 AM

Thank you guys for all of the value feedback... I apriceat them..
After my previous post i got lots of massage from u guys.. for a cng of things,..or lil bit of fresh air kind of stuff.. and also lot's of good people massaged me to meet ..but .. sorry for my inability to meet..
Hence me and my partner are still in that relation i can't/don't wanna meet outhers people.... sorry i m rude ..but i don't want to cheat him..
And if my partner still have his profile ..here (he might cng his profile name) and reading my post..i want u to listen me once....
"babu....i love u very much..more than i do to anyone else (except ma,baba) and i know u know that also.. but .. I don't know why i can't tolerate that u meet others...when u planned smbody to meet,or talk with others..that what gonna happen between u guys.or how eagerly u waiting for the meet , discuss about what the things u wanna do with him .. etc.. it's hurts me... it's gives me such pain that I can't express ..but i f see me like that u might feel that. But it's like ..some things really really cold got inside my body and i can't feel my body , is like the middle portion inside my chest got empty..like i have nothing inside "..
So i request u plz ..come back inside me...fill me with ur love .and plz try to stop going with others.. .
One thing more if u feel guilty about anything don't worry i promise u if u come to me and tell me 'now i am only ur'..that will be enough for me.my heart is open for u..

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 09:33 AM

One short note for those beautiful people who have a relationship like this. .
If you guys doing any such things like cheating ur partner or broke ur comments . please stop doing that , don't break their believe like glass.. you might think that it won't affect anybody but you are kind of wrong because you don't know how much painful it would be for your partner.. so if you love them a little bit ,care them ,don't wanna hurt them stop doing that..

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 09:44 AM

I agree *** is necessery but there are many things in life.to enjoy..pure love gives more pleasure than ***.
Being with a most trusted person is really heaven.
You all guys can njoy *** relationship next 15 to 20 years mostly later you badly need a partner for everyrhing.

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 11:33 AM

In fact, love and *** are totally disjoint concepts.
Masturbation is *** with yourself, and you don't love anyone more than you.
Beyond masturbation, *** is all about a minimum of two bodies and a basic connection which can get established within 15 minutes, or not even after living a lifetime as legally married partners.

The only true love can exist between a parent and a child, that too as long as the child loves you unconditionally.

My parents' silence over my reported *** abuse doesn't resemble love as I understand it.
My sister's forcing me to come out to them doesn't resemble it either.
My man love for whom I was just a body too doesn't qualify for true love.
My wife to whom I came out as a friend in college, and who married me after getting no other suitors- is definitely not true love.
Her constant physical abuse and verbal threats after I came out a second time in the tenth year or my marriage doesn't resemble love either.

It's only my child, who touches, caresses me and is constantly in my arms that I identify love with.
For the child, my past, my present, my preferences don't matter. I'm an appa, that's my child.
We're happy to run into each other's arms at the daycare, we're happy to share a song, recite a story at bedtime.
True love is him gripping my index finger in the dead of the sleep.

Nothing else is love. Parents, siblings, spouse, *** buddies are just fellow humans.

My chid will grow up, possibly will be taken away some day.
But I've seen and received love today.
Noone has seen tomorrow.

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 11:53 AM

Cluelesshubby - Well written post. God never promised that “Life will be fair and easy” we all have to go thru the journey but we can definitely make it better by being easy on ourselves and having lesser expectation from others.
It’s good you find love in your child 👶 over the years he will grow up and find his own path, but the love will remain. Your wife still chose you and is living with you despite you coming out to her whatever be the reason. I guess you need to try hard to make that relationship work coz life can be a torture if there is no love between the partners.

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 03:33 PM

@CluelessHubby... I read your post I am with respect all of that thing that happened to you i can only say u must be a beautiful father.. but just because your parents doesn't speak anything about your sexual abuse it doesn't mean that I don't love you. Don't you remember when your child used to grab your finger and teach you how to work . Tinkerbell why they faster you is it really just for you will be the helping hand holding they r old , I don't think so ..they might go for and maid who will care for them when they r old ,but the got u , they give u all of the things u need to grow up, to make u established. Now u r saying u don't find love from ur parents, i can surely tell u no love is as unconditional as partners love...So ,.yes , love do exist..
And about *** ..no its not different from love...*** is another way how u can express ur love to ur partner (when done with ur partner , not every singl person). I feel sorry that ur sexually abused but that doesn't change the trush....i saw people made some unimaginable sacrifices for their partners what do you think about that is it fake I don't think so.love exist and its always does from the bringing of the universe to till now it's just about finding that person whom you can love and true love you equally. When you love somebody don't think about anything else just love do your best that's all if your partner all also love you then you can definitely love each other and continue a healthy relationship.
Thank u

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 05:20 PM

@matureguy : I liked reading your incident with the Punjabi maalishwala. I think there are 2 reasons for his behaviour -
1) When people go thru money troubles the stress is high and then they look at the easiest way to get out of it. He wanted money more than anything else.
2) I also think these social classes exist for some reason while all.of us are good human beings it's important to socialize within ones class and status. Even while fixing arranged marriages people look if both sides are of the same social standing. I think you should not have opened up so much to someone like a maalishwala to the extent he knows where you work. It's best to keep some parts of your life a secret.

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 06:03 PM

@mr_lonely_guy , why would you find matured couples on PR ? They are a couple , why would they be on a dating app ?

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a wanderer
Posted On May 13, 2019 - 04:01 AM

This is the earth with almost 7.7 billion ppl and i am damn sure there will be 7.7 billion different personalities. Everyone is different in his own way. So naturally....for everyone, things may work in different ways. In this case, here, some may prefer monogamous relationship, some polygamous...and its none of my concern. But i have seen many polygamous relationship which couldn't even lasted for even a month...with all members intact. Because here also....like every other relation, one thing which is more imp than anything else is trust!! If you guys don't have trust.... believe me...there can't be any s*x also, doesn't matter how h*rny are you(i am not talking abt s*x freaks here).
The reason i hate open relationships because i feel its just made up word for those who want to be one as a couple, but their urge for s*x is too high...so can't be satisfied with just a guy. How many such open relationships have you seen in straight world sir?(provided no one has any disabilities in when it comes to s*x) I bet the number will be in single digit. All i am saying is breaking someone's trust again and again just for sake of lust is happening more oftenly here in gay world than the straight one. And only reason i could think of is that infamous urge.
I remember my bf telling me when i asked him why you behave like this. He replied with, "i don't know what happens to me when i get h*orny, things just happen."
This is the urge i am talking abt. There maybe so many reasons for such kind of urge. Starting from rough childhood, society pressure, easy availability of s*x in gays... there are so many actually... but such behaviour isnt good for us, all the gays, as a brand. This is my point.
Btw... calling monogamous relationship as garbage is most insensible thing anyone can do on this platform. Having many fuxkbuddies doesn't make me progressionist nor having one guy for whole life makes me backward.
In my previous comment also, i meant no disrespect regarding to those who are into polygamous relationships. If it works for them...then why should i make a fuss abt that. But such polygamous relationships are mostly s*xual...and usually end because of lack of trust, nd misunderstandings. Same is in the every case. When you consider open relationship this factor of lacking trust nd having misunderstandings gets increased even more. So all i am saying if there is no trust, there isn't a relationship. And it's more s*exual than love oriented.(this is my opinion btw)
Many will argue that s*x and love are two different things. But isn't having s*x with ur loved one only, can satisfy you the most? Accepting someone with all their positives and flaws and creating something beautiful out of it which lasts forever is what i think relationships are meant for.
Nowadays having *** is a fancy thing. Like smoking cigarettes considered as cool thing in 90's. But what is *** without love? When two souls touch each other, not bodies, when you get goosebumps, after you feel his warm breath on Ur neck, not after holding his tool, when you fall asleep instantly as you cuddle him in bed, not because of s*ucking too deep, I think this is love. Obiviously....the s*x is imp too. But this feeling one can have only when he or she is with their soulmate. Nd soulmate is Uno.
Forgive me for being too old-school... But this is what i had in mind when i started thinking of being with someone.
Sometimes i wish i should have born in 50's. It was beautiful back then. There may not be grindr or pr, but there was one thing which i cherish the most...... TRUST!!!
Ps- why shouldn't i make this as morality debate...if its affecting whole gay community? If we are not even ready to recognise there is a problem here, how are we gonna find solution to it huh?
Adios peeps...tc

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Posted On May 13, 2019 - 04:25 AM

@a_wanderer Thanks mate for clarifying and bringing this discussion to some actual real issues. No relationship can happen without TRUST. My polyamourous relationship and the ones I have seen work have worked because of it and the ones that don't are cause of lack of it.
Yes and I agree every individual is different so things work differently for them. That's what I love about our community the sheer diversity. This is the point I wanted to bring out albeit poorly I suppose, if monogamous relationship is a choice that's great but if it is ' societal expectation' then it's wrong. Cause as you put it everyone is different.

This is exactly the same reason not to make it a Morality issue. Morality is subjective. Read up on inquisitions or witch hunts in History . Or put it more in context for us. You were a societal criminal not so very long ago this was a law put into place because of a subjective morality. What works for Peter doesn't work for Paul. And no one has any right to decide what kind of a relationship someone else should or shouldn't have . It's a choice. That my friend we both can agree on :)

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a wanderer
Posted On May 13, 2019 - 05:11 AM

No no....my question isn't abt what kind of relationship one should have....its their own matter... which should not anyone's concern. Also it isnt my concern what someone does with his body. I have problems with that particular freaky behaviour of particular section of society which stains the whole community. What kind of impression of us, a straight guy would get when a random guy grabs his tool without his consent that too in jam-packed local? Next time when he will come across a genuine gay, still he will see this guy in a particular prejudiced manner. I am a gay but if someone does that without my consent, i will feel disgusted too. This is my concern. Some ppl just don't know where to stop. We are proud gays. And we are normal... Aren't we? Then why such insane behaviour out of uncontrollable urge to 'have' someone just because you are hor"y?
This is prob i am referring too. A straight guy who has witnessed such things, do you think that he would let his son to be gay(in a case)??
How anyone should behave and how many d*cks one should eat... is his own business. But that same guy should make sure that his self respect is intact as his behaviour does make everlasting impact on one's mind.
And i thing this is a social issue i am saying which should be discussed as it affects not just me and you but the whole community!!
I will rest my case here...

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Posted On May 13, 2019 - 08:36 AM

@a_wanderer I am very big on consent and I sense and understand your frustration. But look at it this way. In every section of society there exists parts we don't like. Yes, sometimes you are going to get stereotyped because of it. The fact is that, that's not who you ARE.
I understand what you are saying and yes whilst we can make a case for it, we cannot judge and say ' these are the rules ACT this way or ' .. That would be arbitrary. Btw, laws of consent and laws for public *** do exist already...

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Posted On May 13, 2019 - 09:26 AM

@a_wanderer : the argument doesnt make sense. If the straight guy judges the whole community because of one ***, he is at fault too.
Girls are harassed all the time by guys, doesnt mean they start judging all of the "straight" guys

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Posted On May 13, 2019 - 10:31 AM

Finding Love is difficult but you need to stay committed, there would be ups and downs just like the normal straight couple, at time there would be urge for sexual desire, since gay relations is not so out to soceity, hence people start find options. I am happily commited with my partners for 5 years and we too had our ups and downs and fought for different views but at the end we need to adjust for each others. I am here on this site for friends around. Through my profile says it clear, I still get message, Do you have place, ASL and Blah and Blah. Well that not stops me for not coming on the gay dating site. Since I have found friends on GAY site who have become " Friends are Families" and thats what me and my partner have the same taught. Everyone has right to love and will get it someday or the other but one should never shop finding love!

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Posted On May 13, 2019 - 06:34 PM

@charlie367, have you never seen a couple looking for “just friends” or threesome or group *** in pr and other gay related apps?
They are in the dating app again, because they either started relationship based on mere *** or physical attraction which tends to fade away with time or they want to “spice up” their relationship, which is just *** around.

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Posted On May 14, 2019 - 06:21 AM

@ naveenreddy - *** is the most important factor in gay world. In gay world ur partner is not ur wife that u dont wanna *** or love her without creating images in your mind. Ur partner is a male, gay, he has a *** u. Either *** it or get ducked. Without *** it is a shame of being a gay

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Posted On May 14, 2019 - 04:51 PM

I dont understand why most of the people looking for love need 'decent', 'educated' and primarily 'Good looking' guys. Is that love or lust? If you want love, it shouldnt be tagged with anything else. And if you have these conditions apply, then believe me, its not love.

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Posted On May 17, 2019 - 10:52 AM

After reading all the posts I want to share you one story. This is real and I met those people.

Recently I had chatted with one uncle over FB and we chatted for some days. Later when he visited Hyderabad I met him and we have enjoyed. He is still in touch with me. But his friend also got introduced to me over chatting through him (have not met him yet). They 2 are friends for last 34 years.
34 years ago, They both have met randomly and they liked each other and they became friends for life. Though they are seperating very far (around 250kms), they are meeting once every month or two month. Sometimes there is no chance of *** or enjoyment for them but still they love to meet by travelling all the distance. They are so close that their both families are friends now.
No one among their families know about their relationship.

I could observe that they both have a strong bondage and they can not survive without other one's company. They call each other at least 6-7 times a day.

But still they try for other guys and enjoy if there is a chance and share their experiences with each other. Though they meet many other people they set expectations to others accordingly.

They will not be seperated though they meet other people.

One person among them (whom I met) has become good friend to me and he uses to say that "only Death will seperate him with his friend".

I have no belief on love in this Gay world till the moment I meet them. But they are different and I felt very happy that Love and bonding exists here as well if both have proper understanding..

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Posted On May 18, 2019 - 03:34 AM

@kumar very nice. there are examples where two people become good friends which may or may not involve ***. it all depends on what the other is expecting out of the encounter. Real life stories like these makes it all the more clear that you can be in a loving relationship which does have to end at *** :) thanks for sharing. Did you meet the person through some FB group or something?? i would like to get more details around that.

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Posted On May 18, 2019 - 07:06 AM

@Naveen, not through Group. Generally I send messages on FB to the people who are in my choice. (Without knowing their orientation). If they respond I will continue chatting. But as long as they show interest till then I do normal chatting only. Hope you got it :). He is one of those guys whom I found like that..

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Posted On May 23, 2019 - 06:45 PM

Strong Friendship will work in G ppl.

Not love , becoz it will fade for almost 95% of ppl in India

I have number of friends for more than decade as Friends

But 3 guys i loved ( not at same time but one after one failures), never wanna meet them again, even their faces & voices

Completely believe 99% of Indians G love will not last long

Thanking God for giving strong Friends

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Posted On Jun 1, 2019 - 06:08 AM

One person form this site only became very close with the similar thoughts through chat only
We are not into any *** relationship even we are chatting form past 15 days
We planned to meet today, just a casual meet
I want to take this relationship for longer time but don't know suddenly his account was deactivated. We don't even exchange numbers
It feels me very emotional...
Why people play with emotions
If you need something this community is open you can ask directly, just for the purpose of *** we can meet dialy new person through this site
Just don't play with other fellings

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Posted On Jun 11, 2019 - 10:28 AM

I think most of the so called "Gay" people on this site who are looking for *** with a guy is mostly because they couldn't find a girl to have ***. Even online it is very hard to find a girl.
So they come looking for sexual satisfaction from a guy for the time being, since it is easy to find a guy online. Very rarely it is about love. Most of the time its about satisfying their sexual needs.

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Posted On Jun 11, 2019 - 10:49 AM

But what's wrong in that. Satisfaction is most important thing In ***.

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Posted On Jun 11, 2019 - 04:54 PM

Handsomedude30 is right, I feel bad to acknowledge it but I'm a guy who has made out with a few girls but never gotten the chance to actually have *** and because of that I'm on this site looking for transgenders or feminine crossdressers. Believe me I know how appaling you might find this but because of how girls are brought up in our country pre marital *** isn't something most girls are into. This is the reason why bi curious or even straight guys who aren't blessed with amazing good looks get in this website for NSA fun. Even then, some guys like me try to meet a few gay guys on here and never really get to the *** because we can't make ourselves get *** when we try to be sexual with other guys so we look for someone as close to a girl as possible, hence crossdressers and transgenders. I apologise to anyone who feel hurt or offended at my comment, trust me I advocate gay rights as much as anyone but this is the truth.

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Posted On Jun 11, 2019 - 05:24 PM

Hmmm... many over here are just for *** and behind beauty...
I like the frankness of few guys.

Its not wromg to just look our for NSA.. but dont make it a trend. Look at people abroad. They have a well defined social status even for gays and trans. Indians are never so daring to accept things as it is. Everyone is just concerned of getting their *** unloaded. If this continues, we can never have gay marriages happening in India. Forget gay marriages, coming out to society will remain a dream forever. We wanna copy western people dor for everything other than just accepting LGBT communities.

It might even be so unfortunate that once again just being a gay might be an illegal thing.

Please donot expect everyone to be smart and good looking.
Please donot define the word "gay" to something like just glamour and ***.

This whole testimonial is just not about ***. You spoke about premarital ***. Plese tell me if you would even marry a girl who is not virgin?
Although you spoke the truth out of your heart, its so awful to know that just because you dont get a girl for *** you are trying to find trans and gays.
LGBT community is never always behind ***. Please dont make us a *** commodity...

Because its not only about ***... Finding Love..

We are humans too and we deserve love buddy.... please dont get hurt. Am not simply opposing your words. Am just trying to make people understand what is to be changed...

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Posted On Jun 12, 2019 - 02:23 AM

Being a Top, I was in relationship with another top for sometime until we had to break up. Believe me, it was THE BEST THING EVER! Late-night movies, sleepover on weekends, cuddling in bed, long walks, etc.. We did everything... The only reason I think it was fun cause we didn't care about each other's orientation. Yes, there was lack of ***, we couldn't do anything more than foreplay. But the time we had was the best. Now I get jealous looking at straight people easily hanging around with their partners. I'm looking for relationship again with someone of my age, no matter if he's top, or bottom, cause seriously, I could get laid easily, but I want someone who can care about me.

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Posted On Jun 12, 2019 - 11:50 AM

Well, I really don't understand why people are getting offensive, judgemental and accusing for being NSA *** here.
If you don't want to just have fun, fine, move on.
If you want to have a relationship or marry someone, go ahead.

I don't like to accuse the other person for being not what you expect.

After all you have *** with consent and you don't stop having fun in NSA situation too. That is the truth. Why playing victim card here. Just chill and enjoy :-)

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Posted On Jun 13, 2019 - 05:27 PM

Interesting comments!!! "I am not gay but I have *** with men as women are unavailable"- Things we say to justify our acts :-) . Life is more difficult for bottom guys :(

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Posted On Jun 13, 2019 - 06:22 PM

its true. if a man and a girl is given a choice for *** i would choose girl

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Posted On Aug 3, 2019 - 03:01 AM

Hello Everyone yes its is true love is not all about ***,but *** is apart of love,how can be succes a relastionship if not ***,but first we need to know each other because here and site more looking for *** and fun,its very sad to say that is very hard to find someone here,but i am here to looking may soulmate to love layal honest and acccept me if who i am,by the way i am jun from philippines i am single and i am looking Goodserious loyal partner i hope to find here pls if you are intrested to me message me or pm me thanks have Good day

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Posted On Sep 5, 2019 - 06:31 PM

In india, people only know Lund and Gaand, that's it. I wish someone I could find who is above all these. Just a decent relationship, because it's not only about ***.

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Posted On Sep 5, 2019 - 07:36 PM

Hope to find someone like that... M young.... No age limit... If we really match...

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Posted On Sep 6, 2019 - 01:53 PM

Love how people talk about 'uhhh everyone just wants *** uhh' and then they have profile pictures of their *** and *** lmao

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Posted On Sep 6, 2019 - 02:08 PM

@ damboi
Every love ends with sharing,, each and every thing,,,,feelings ,,emotions,, happiness sorrows,,finally your body and sole,,,
So whats wrong in having *** or *** on profile pics,,

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Posted On Sep 12, 2019 - 05:20 PM

there has to be love...otherwise lusty relationship are short lived....love in this world is same as other loving relationships

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Posted On Oct 11, 2019 - 07:47 AM

There are different levels of feelings. The extreme ends are ""unconditional love" at one end and "pure lust" at the other end. The feelings in relationships fall in between these two extremes and even in a particular relationship, the feelings will tend to move from one side to the other. There will be times when there will be pure love and at times there will be lust only. We have to learn to deal with it. My personal feeling is that monogamous relationships are very difficult to manage. What is much easier to manage are open relationships where the most strongest feelings are for your partner and the rest of the encounters are more on the lust end of the spectrum. But finding the one guy with whom you can manage this is a challenge. I was lucky to have found such a partner and we have enjoyed a very satisfying relationship for the past 26 years. We have had our ups and downs but overall it has been a happy journey. We have lived together since 13 years and our families know about us and have accepted us.
I would'nt say it is easy but we have managed to make it work for us. I am sure the preachers of "true monogamous relationships" will criticize, but whats important is that this has worked for us. I meet other men occasionally but till date have not really enjoyed *** like how I enjoy with my partner. I still dont know why I do look for other encounters, but I do. I keep the encounters very casual and try not to get emotionally connected with them. Penetrative *** is only reserved for my partner and with others it is just a hand job or occasionally oral fun.
One important advice I feel is important is that "do not keep too many expectations". When expectations are not fulfilled is when we feel most hurt and rejected.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2019 - 05:37 AM

Thank u toned bloke for ur reply on my post
Me also is in a relationship with a mature daddy but controlling other encounters r such a tough challenge and I really don't do this for me coz me too want it loyal to myself and to my loved one .

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