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Male from Bhuj-Kutch, Gujarat (India)
Last Online: Oct 14, 2019
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>Looking for frndship n fun... ;-)
>If everything goes well, also looking for a good friend with whom can spend some quality time.
>Am versatile top, very fair n cln shvn, good looks, 5"uc...southindian ,...looking for decent, manly and good looking guys.
>Guys with attitude, feminine, queens, cross dressers & money seekers, please don't
mind to stay away.
A big turn off when guys refer as- jaanu, honey, darling, sweetheart, etc...sounds so feminine...I stay away with such guys.
>Couple of chat sessions is ok till we feel comfortable to know the person enough before meeting, but those are in for long and never ending chat, please dont waste your and my time.
>I am looking for decent, clean, down to earth, and manly guys.
>Let's start a decent n healthy conversation first, will definately exchange pics, but guys, pls be ready to show first, if u asking for pics. And if you can't trust, then don't ask for pics first.
>I am in search of one such good friend, with whom can meet often, spend time, go out for movies, drink, dinner, traveling, and yes, fun too.
>Pls don't share ur *** pics or butt pics, it's a big turn off...seems like somebody is trying to sell a product...I am not interested to see a *** pic of a stranger, I have a better one to look at.I also find love.... I want find a good... Genuine and honest person who can give me love with feeling.... I also give him lots of love as he like.... With feeling.... I want a relation with only one person.... Not with everybody
PLS DONT SHOW OR ASK FOR MY *** OR BODY PICS...ITS NOT FOR DISPLAY FOR ANYONE I DONT KNOW EITHER...IF U R EXPECTING SUCH PICS, THEN PLS DONT MSSG ME.........dear one thing am not much well settled so if I ask for travelling any trips /accomdation ...if u think am commercial stay away .....*** plays a small role ? Companionship calls for a different life alltogether and not just *** ***

So dont ask where i am from

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