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Male from Pune, Maharashtra (India)
Last Online: May 12, 2019
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Someone asked me "What is the one thing that will make you forget all the drawbacks of a guy and accept him"? I replied, "Little gestures of love". Then went on to add, after a moment of thought - "And maybe how hung he is!" True Story!

The below incident happened to me when I traveled to Delhi in April this year.

It was late at night probably around 1230 or 1 am. I had hooked up with a guy that evening in Greater Kailash that evening. He was a Punjabi stud. He *** me bare nicely, filled me up with his man juice and then I left his place to go back to my hotel.

I took an auto from nearby his house. I didn't give much attention to the auto wala as I got in. The auto began to move. I was still feeling so *** that it was driving me crazy. I started putting my hand inside my pants, rubbing my *** filled hole with my fingers, pulling my hand out and sniffing the *** off my fingers. This went on for a while. The raw smell of his *** made me even more ***. I became so engrossed in this that I didn't realise that the auto wala had been observing me in the mirror while driving. As soon as I realized this, I stopped and looked into the mirror. His eyes were on me in the mirror. He smiled and asked, "behen chod, tujhe mard ke laude pasand hain kya?". That kind of language always makes me crazy. I replied, "haan, bhaiya, bahut."

He said,"chinal, chal mere saath, tujhe khush kar doonga". I agreed.

Fifteen minutes later, I was at the auto wala's place. He asked me to sit inside the auto and told me he will come back in 5 minutes. I waited.

In five minutes he was back and said, "chal andar, haramzadi." I followed him inside. I was shocked.

Inside there were two other men sitting in lungis and drinking. My head was wild with joy at the thought that I will get three new *** to eat and their manly juice inside my boy choot. I noticed the auto wala carefully. He must have been in his late twenties, probably from a village in Haryana. Well built, dark skinned and moderately hairy. One of the other two guys seemed from Bihar from his accent. He too was quite athletic and had a cute face. The third guy was also Haryanvi and he was the biggest of the three, almost like a pehelwan.

The auto wala said to his friends, "isi ke baare mein bol raha tha, is ko mard ke laude chahiye. Achcha mazaa degi hum teeno ko." The other two guys stared at me and laughed. The Bihari said "chal be chikne, apni gand toh dikha."

I was thrilled that this was happening to me. I stripped naked in front of them. My body doesn't have any hair and nor does my ***. "Chutad khol ke bata", the other Haryanvi growled. I bent over and showed them my hairless hole. I could see the lust boil in their eyes as they saw me in that way. They pulled their lungis up and started rubbing their semi hard dongs. What dongs they were. Big and thick like every *** like me dreams of. By that time the autowala started to strip too and soon I found myself on my knees and the three men standing around me, feeding me their beautiful lunds.

All three took turns to *** my *** deep, held my head and shoved their *** deep down my throat. "Saali, moot peeti hai?" one of them asked. I looked into his eyes with his *** shoved into my *** and nodded my head to indicate Yes. "Le phir". And he started pissing inside my ***. My *** was overflowing but I still drank most of it. All three were rock hard.

Then the auto wala said, "chal kutiya, abb tujhe hum pelenge." He lifted me in his arms and threw me into bed. He opened my *** and spit on it. Rubbed his *** on my hole for a while, and said "daal doon andar bina condom ke?". I said,"haan bhaiya, please daalo na." And in one shot his 7.5 incher was inside my boy choot which was still lubricated with the *** of the Punjabi guy from earlier in the evening.

He started humping me, slow at first and then faster and faster. The thumping sound of his ***, going inside my *** was driving me wild. The Bihari guy came in front and started *** my *** again. After 15 minutes of intense hard thrusts, the auto wala said, "main jhadne wala hun". And within a couple of minutes, he moaned loudly as he filled my *** with his hot ***. "Saale ki gaand makkhan hai makkhan, bahut maza deti hai. Zabardast hai, isko toh rakhel banakar rakhna chahiye", he said as he pulled out his *** from my hole.

Next it was the Bihari's turn. He came around, spit on my hole and teased my hole with his ***. He had a cut *** which is anyway my favorite. He rammed it in and started pounding me. He held my waist and started giving me hard strokes. I also reciprocated by pushing back on him and tightening my hole around his shaft as it went in and out. Then he pulled me by my hair and arched my back and bit like a beast on my neck, giving me a nice red hickey. After 10 minutes, he also let his juice inside me in an earth shattering orgasm.

I noticed that the third Haryanvi guy was filming me. He laughed and said, "iss video ko dikhakar isko randi banayenge, woh bhi muft ki." Now, it was his turn.

He came to me and said "chal, ghodi bankar do baar chudi hai, ab jaise ladki chudti hai, waise late jaa taangein uthakar." I complied by changing into to Missionary position. He came between my legs and started to bite on my nipples hard. "Saali, jhel payegi mujhe." I looked into his lust filled eyes and said, "daal ke dekh lo." As soon as I said this, I could feel his lund tearing my boy choot and going inside. He was the heaviest among the three guys and his entire weight on me as he pumped his manhood into my waiting ***. Hump, Hump, Hump. "Chod saali ko, poori pyaas bujha de iski", his friends cheered him. He went on humping me for 15 minutes and as he started to get close to orgasm, I tightened my hole around his ***, slowly milking it. He came finally and filled me with his load.

What a night it was! It was already 4 am and I had 4 loads of real men inside me. The autowala dropped me back to my hotel and I collapsed on the bed in my room, happy and content with all the juice of the 4 men trickling out onto the white sheets.

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