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Big basket delivry boys

Submitted by ashish7890 Location: Secunderabad (Andhra Pradesh, India)

Hi all,

I would like to share my experience this morning that i'v experienced..

I placed an order with Big Basket and booked a delivery slot for 7-8 am

i got a cal around 6.40 saying that he is coming to deliver my groceries. at 6.55 my door bell rang and i walked in my boxers to the main door and didnt even realise that i was hard.. and looking at the delivary boy, i just had to squeez it in front of him .. this guy cudnt take his eyes of ma boxers no sooner he saw ma bulge.. ( and we all know tat we all are hard on early morning ;) )

i called him in and he was removing the groceries from the bag and my hand was on my DXXX just rubbing it.. i noticed him biting his lower lip a couple of times and got the hint....

he then said, sir i forgot some items in the van and said will be back.. in 5 mins there was another guy who came along with him .. now this guy was ufff 6 feet tall, fair, lil skinninesh with a million dollar smile with dimples on this cheeks ( which is a turn on for me )

now looks like the first guy went and informed him something about me because from the time he came in his shirt buttons were open exposing his hairy chest, his zip half open and looked like he had a hard on already and his undie visible each time he was bending..

I just couldn't control my self.. since all my family members went out of town and i was alone at home.. with out even informing these guys anything.. i walked straight into my bedroom and started ***... the 2nd tall guy walked near my bed room stood by the curtain and called sir, sir.. when i heard his voice i was moaning a lil louder so that he hears.. he just came in and started kissing my nippals and licking it..in no time the first one came in too and each one were licking ma nipples both the sides... in like 10 mins i came and the 2 guys came on ma stomach.. they just washed them selves and told me sorry sir and walked off.. in hurry they forgot to take the money.. the first one came and said.. here this is my number bhayyaji.. u can call me anytime i have more nice mast mall.. i tipped him 100 and he left..

the next weekend i tried calling the number which he gave it to me which says unreachable number.. what ever said and done... i had a good morning (( HUGS ))

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