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Barber Poles

Hey guys,

We all go to saloon for a hair cut. And we all keep our arms on hand rest and few of us try touch the barbers ***. Dont we?

It works sometimes!

I have done this. Success rate good. Some of those allow us doing so by giving indifferent reaction, some are bold and allow us to do much more, and some say nothing much don't encourage it either.

Please share your experience, mainly in PIMPRI CHICHWAD areas.

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Posted On Feb 6, 2020 - 07:28 AM

I have tried with many barbers if it's not near to my house. I usually keep my hand on the rest. And make sure that my hands are almost widened to cover most of the part so that there are more chances of touching. Few people just take our hands and little bit to show that they are not comfortable, some will make sure that they are touching us. But most of the others will stay OK.. i have experience with many people but with 3 barbers i had more groping sessions. One guy used to wear the apron as soon as i go so that his boner will not be visible to others. Other i used to visit them on afternoon time so there will be no much people there. Also the shop owner will go for lunch and the youngest one will be alone in the shop. One guy used to shave me complete and they go out and check if anyone is coming and the come back and just stand closer to me like he is grooming me and allows me to hold it... But more than groping and holding d**k i never had a chance to take it further.