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Loo on Platform 9 in Borivali Station

Submitted by NeShawn Location: Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)

Platform 9 on Borivali Station

Enter the men's loo

Go right when you enter for the urinals, and take the ones in the left hand side corner

Everyone comes here only to *** and touch each other

I have had action every time I've been there

The only problem is that you have to wait a bit got good looking guys

I've been *** and *** here with many others watching

The only scam that happens here is when some guy asks you to follow him out, takes you on the skywalk bridge and then blackmails you. Don't leave the loo with anyone suspicious. The best way to identify scamsters is they won't touch you, but will pretend they're interested verbally or by winking.

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Posted On Aug 9, 2019 - 07:52 PM

Don't be very casual there. I've seen a lot of suspicious looking guys there almost every time I went there. They flash their sticks to you almost so desperately that you can't help but feel a little sceptical. I'm sure they're involved with connmen or coppers

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Posted On Aug 10, 2019 - 03:07 AM

I had some good encounters in Borivali loo... Have given blow job to many ... If we are courageous, we can *** or get *** too... Most of the crowd would be average or low class, however super ***... I have got *** by few of them too inside the loo... Quick and quality session... Love it....

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Posted On Aug 10, 2019 - 05:16 AM

Be cautious of this place..I was fleeced by cops, ( or maybe I think guys who pretend to be cops) ,maybe in connivance with some cop..they use a person to seduce you and then demand money or threaten to take you to court for indecent behaviour in public place..had to shell out 7k to settle it! Although I have had fun here before, it just taught me that no place is risk free and you have to be cautious as lots of scamsters around waiting to fleece and threaten you! Be cautious and alert at this place!

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Posted On Aug 10, 2019 - 06:08 AM

No station loo is safe

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Posted On Aug 10, 2019 - 12:22 PM

This loo is not safe at all.

Visit at your own risk.

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Posted On Aug 10, 2019 - 04:07 PM

No loo at platform 9....

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Posted On Aug 10, 2019 - 04:08 PM

Is it platform 10 under middle bridge... Where we have to pay 1 rs?

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Posted On Aug 10, 2019 - 06:54 PM


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Posted On Aug 21, 2019 - 09:09 AM

There is train call Ahmedabad messenger it’s come for Ahmedabad and go towards Mumbai Central. Daily this train is available at when it Reach to Borivali Whole train gets empty not single people stay inside it . And it’s come to Borivali between 2:00to2:20pm in afternoon on platform no 8&9 and it’s safe to have fun in it I hve done many times any one is interested to get *** and hve fun can live there content no in my inbox me trust me there Other safe place than is. I hve fun many times ...

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Posted On Sep 20, 2019 - 01:34 PM

Finally went today at 1.30. Firstly like to say that is on platfform no 10 and not 9. Or the main gate or platform of east station gate. Serach easily visible gents toilet. Re 1 fee for each one. Once enter 3 rows. Centre mostly for straight. Right is mostly were people come for fun. Many guys good looking. One.*** me for 1 sec and some come. People come and go frequently so no fun possible.

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Posted On Sep 22, 2019 - 05:47 AM

Don't try it. So many people have warned you about it being risky

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Posted On Oct 6, 2019 - 04:42 AM

I had fun many times here, but it's risky . At Times u can signal guy , and than talk and take at your place if feel he is genuine

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Posted On Oct 7, 2019 - 07:33 AM

It's true it's risky.. but now days u tell me which place is gay friendly place.. ? Still this place u can get partner any time.. best time to visit in the afternoon between 1-4 pm and in the evening 9-10.30 ... U will get easily some encounter if ur lucky