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Madhavaram New Bus Terminus

Submitted by Ram_Subbu Location: Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)

Since this is a new bus stand...the loos are extremely clean and perfect for some action! Highly recommend this place....!

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Posted On Jul 15, 2019 - 05:56 AM

I had very nice experience at Madhavaram. I am from Andhra and get down my bus yesterday night there at 11:30. I came outside to reach Sholinganallur and waiting for bus to reach koyambedu. By the time one well built guy roaming there and I sense he looking for someone. He approached me after 5 mins and asked me where to go and I said him to Sholinganallur but no buses found. He instantly said to me you are looking good and I confirmed he is looking for some fun. I said you also looking good.

After small conversation he asked shall we meet for a coffee?. I said okay. We had some tea and he said I am *** and looking for fun, can we have?. I hesitated and initially not willing to do with strangers in that late night.

However he observed and he showed his ID card and you can trust me. After all I trusted him and agreed for a fun. He said my room is near by and can we go for fun?. I agreed with hesitation and some how we managed to go there and is near to retteri.

His room is nice and the guy body is awesome. Once entered in room, he hugged me and started kissing. I feel his quest for ***, I started cooperating with him. He opens my Zip and started *** mine on kneels. He *** for 2 mins and he took off his clothes. I was stunned after seeing his body. Not fair but well built and tool is well hung. He took off my clothes also and we reached his nice bed and he started *** again. After 10mins I *** and he is happy.

We washed ourselves and again he started massaging for me and in 5 mins my boy again ready and he asked me to *** from behind, but for me it's first time and I have tried and mine is not able to insert in his hole. After oiling managed to insert but due to his *** tightness I made *** in just two mins. He is very happy. I actually a top but after saw his tool I feel to *** him and started mutual *** in his hygenic bed. After some time we both made *** and I asked his contact number but he didn't have and politely rejected to give contact. I didn't asked twice for contact but great feeling.

After that he dropped me at koyambedu and I booked can to reach my place at medavakkam by 04:00AM. Memorable night I have yesterday.

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Posted On Jul 15, 2019 - 06:35 AM

CMBT bus toilets.. one can have fun anytime.. specially afternoon 3 to 4. i got *** few tiems nicely. its hot exp.. but i didnt have guts to go inside toilet.

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Posted On Jul 16, 2019 - 05:24 PM

@Kalyan_12345 very nice experience. Once a guy exactly as you have described approached me and asked for fun at koyembedu. I was attracted but was very hesitant to go to his room. We both went inside the toilet and he *** me. I was too terrified since it was 4PM and the toilet didnt had blots. But even in that state i enjoyed and cummed. He drank the ***, kissed my ***, washed it and pulled it inside my underwear. He did everything very patiently. Then we both came out one after another with few min gap. When i came out of the toilet he was still waiting there. I was puzzled. He whispered in my ears "your *** was sweet" and left immediately. This happened about 5 yrs back. Your exp brought in these memories.

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Posted On Jan 24, 2020 - 04:30 PM

Madhavaram bustand is awesome place to have fun ,but need more attention from our guys