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Fun with Hot Salesman At malls/Shops

Submitted by Srinivasu2017 Location: Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu, India)

would really like to know experiences of all you amazing people if you encountered fun with any sales person or staff person in any mall shops ir any shops

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Posted On Apr 16, 2019 - 06:39 AM

Awesome. So I once visited a clothes store to buy a Jean and a t-shirt. The guy who was helping me chose dress was around 27, with nice face cut and good body and height. I of course did not try luck on the first chance as I visited the shop couple of times before to have a quick check about the availability of people, the dress change room etc. I found out that 1 pm was right time, hence entered. Took a Jean and tried. Made him to check out the fitness. I dared enough to unzip and trying to push in bulge while he was checking out 😂. He said I must try another pants but I insisted that I'll check the same and sought a little help. Since I keep my thing on right hand side, that made a clear visible thing on pants and he said it's visible 😂

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Posted On Apr 18, 2019 - 11:53 AM

I was in a cloth shop few months back to buy some shirts. It was mid noon and very few customers. And I realised the guy who started attending me is a gay as i had seen him cruising at nearby bus stand few times. Though I dint like him very much, i thought lets seduce this guy and enjoy. Its always more pleasurable to seduce someone. As he started showing shirts I started staring at his body, his pant etc. Soon he realized it and he was bit nervous as it is his work place. I was not in a hurry to select shirts.. He kept on showing and i kept on rejecting. and then he took me to the racks where shirts were kept..I stood too close to him.. and once took my hand close to his crotch. He dint expect it and literally jumped off to save himself.

We selected few shirts and he said i can try them at trial room. Usually i take shirts with me to trial room but this time i asked him to bring those shirts for me.. I entered the trial cubicle and he came with a shirt and extended his arm with shirt. I was *** instead of taking the shirt.. I directly put my hand into his pant and cupped his **** . He was shocked but could not resist the pleasure..Instantly he got hard.. and he went off.. few mins later i came out and told him i dint like any..

Again we started searching shirts and selected few.. This time he told me to go for another distant trial room where no was there.. I went inside.. removed my shirt and unbuttoned my pants(as I put shirt inside my pant) showing my undie with a hardon.. He came with new shirts, gave it to me and started playing with my hardon...asked me to take it out and started playing..he was really impressed by the size and then rquested me to meet him at night..