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Seen a known face or place in pix or videos?

Submitted by HeadsTailsAndHo Location: All India (All India, India)

Hi all

Now a days, being mobile and mobile internet so easily available, people often record their intimate scenes, with or without showing faces... At home or outdoor or at office.

Those intimate scenes, may be of straight couples or of gay guys or even lesbians, go viral very easily and, thanks to whatsapp groups... Very quickly such videos are available on all of the whatsapp groups.

Have you ever seen a photo or a video, of gay *** or str8 ***... And all of sudden it flashes to your mind...

"Oh, I know this guy..." OR

"Oh, this *** looks familiar..." OR

"Oh, ***... This is my office's 4th floor bathroom area..." OR

"Damn... This is my uncle's house..."

Pl share your incidences, if that is OK to you...

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Posted On Oct 21, 2018 - 06:58 AM

I've seen of Mumbai local trains. Lot of m2m happens in those. Some idiots have uploaded videos of dry humping n fondling. It's a little upsetting to know fools like those exist. But it's true n can do nothing about it

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Posted On Oct 22, 2018 - 03:02 AM

I have a seen a guy delivering a *j to another guy on a p**n website (indian) and i have seen this guy face to face in Hyderabad in a cruising spot.I was shocked for a moment.

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Posted On Oct 22, 2018 - 05:00 AM

I know one bottom guy in mumbai.Six month back saw his *** video in gay sites, was shocked. I told him that his videos are uploaded in *** sites thinking that it might be without his knowledge, he was very cool about that and only said ok.

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Posted On Oct 22, 2018 - 05:22 PM

I was chatting 10 yrs back online with one guy were pinged me in gmail he shared me his blurred face pic background was my neighbor home background i keep on asking more details he was avoiding finally I found background were entrance of my neighbor door number which were visible after a big chat i found he is my neighbor friend class mate he took selfie in front of my home

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Posted On Oct 23, 2018 - 03:51 AM

Few years back i was cruising on facebook...And I saw a profile which had cropped photo of lips and moustache..And I recognised it immediately that it was my mother's cousin's lips...After few days I saw him at a famous cruising spot too but avoided eye contact...

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Posted On Oct 24, 2018 - 10:11 AM

I wonder how they make up their mind to upload such videos why if their parents siblings relatives friends neighbors colleagues etc come to know about it. Won’t they be bullied sidelined harassed mocked God knows the answer

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Posted On Oct 31, 2018 - 02:03 PM

I love to watch *** n my favorite part is Mumbai fat aunties n I m shocked wen I saw
I saw one of my friend wife she is fat n hv huge boobs n huge *** n really bitch she is
I saw her video she is completely nude n one guy *** her like bitch that guy is not my frd he is someone else who know that family very close... my frd wife went to his house n her dress is clearly visible on bed n bra n nikkar under bed n face is completely visible ..... I never share with my frd but wen I saw I *** like never done before ahhhhhh

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Posted On Nov 7, 2018 - 05:20 PM

one time i am see *** .in vedeo i see a lady she is my mom cousion sister and she *** with two unknown person.

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Posted On Nov 13, 2018 - 03:17 AM

Saw my ex gym trainer in one of the *** videos. Sadly, he looked like he was paid money to do it.

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Posted On Nov 17, 2018 - 04:39 PM

I have not seen a video as such, but in this very same site I had seen the clear profile of my team lead. But I never spoke to him about that or to my friends, I would have approached him if he was a top or a versatile at least. His profile looked just like me a pure bottom. So kept secret with me only.

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Posted On Dec 12, 2018 - 03:55 PM

This incident happened just few days back. My aunts son who is almost 15 yrs younger to me contacted me in PR without knowing who I am with his face pic. Infact he is very much younger than my brother. I have actually pampered him when he was a child. Never knew he is a gay. And the best part is he is getting married in few months. Hmmm.Life is funny.

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Posted On Dec 12, 2018 - 11:10 PM

So what did u do when he approached u om pr?

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Posted On Dec 13, 2018 - 04:40 AM

Nothing. Just didnt respond.

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madras man
Posted On Dec 14, 2018 - 04:25 AM

@Sasmathu...that should have been really shocking to see your aunt's son online in PR. good that you stopped the chat.
No one knows about others inner feeling and inclination towards sexuality.

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madras man
Posted On Dec 14, 2018 - 04:30 AM

i too came across my boss in PR and he sent me his picture as well. i was too shell shocked but continued chatting with him and came to know about his attraction towards men. later on i continued working with him in the same project for the next one year. Looks are very much deceptive. till now i have not revealed it to him though i still have contact with him.

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Posted On Dec 14, 2018 - 06:18 AM

I hv also seen my boss on grindr. He did not reveal anything abt his sexual relationship. Also, he acts oversmart so i also did not let him know anything...

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Posted On Dec 15, 2018 - 04:39 AM

Few years ago saw my best friend of school on online gay website.....and was shocked to know he was/is gay. Later he did confess to that.

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Posted On Dec 15, 2018 - 05:15 AM

I found my school day friend in online gay website. I had put my.pic there (since it's a insistence by everyone to know who you are) and this guy pinged me asking if I studied in same school.i replied and he disclosed himself. He didn't go further and we just stopped there.. little awkward for both us!!!??

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Posted On Dec 15, 2018 - 06:17 AM

Lol @male_fantasy must have been pretty awkward. One of the reasons I always avoid keeping face pics on any site.

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Posted On Dec 15, 2018 - 06:19 AM

I always ask their pic first so that if I know that person I will not share my pics

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Posted On Dec 15, 2018 - 06:32 AM

My office is large campus and i have seen quite few known faces on gay websites and apps...anyway i just know they also work in same campus and not that i know them personally...this includes one in my same project, still did not proceed since i felt we wont hit together...

However few years back, i saw my earlier team mate in gay app...should say that i was shocked...he was reporting to me in same project and worked with me for 2 years...pretty close...over a period of time, i moved out of project and he had quit after which i saw him...after some hide and seek game, i revealed to him about my identity even though i did not have any intention to try anything with him...still it was a thrill when i decided to tell him who i am..he was also surprised...

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Rohit top1
Posted On Dec 15, 2018 - 08:05 PM

Once i was watching *** the girl in the video was staying in my building now she has shifted the video was like threesome one man was *** too girls i dont the other two and have seen that girl with many boys near my area