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Submitted by August Location: All India (All India, India)

For those who dont know what Phimosis is - A condition in which tight foreskin can't be pulled back over the head of the ***.

Recently i found that i have phimosis. Does anyone here has knowledge about it and the possible non surgical treatment.I dont want circumcision. If anyone has experience related please do share

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Posted On Sep 19, 2019 - 09:06 AM

@Nir1429: go to any good hospital or nursing home in your area..

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Posted On Sep 19, 2019 - 09:08 AM

After circumcision, there is significant enhancement in stamina, confidence, and size of glans. Now my thing looks and works better than before..

Fantasizing drilling a wife in front of her hubby with this rejuvenated ***....

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Posted On Sep 20, 2019 - 06:02 AM

Any one had *** before and after circumcision?? Which one feels good?? Im thinking about getting my skin removed...pls give suggestion

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Posted On Sep 20, 2019 - 06:20 AM

@kiran3210 If you are comfortable it's better to do that. It can provide protection against some STD's and also helps to keep it clean. Partly it can give you protection against HIV as well. ( Don't take me wrong here that whoever did CS can do unlimited unprotected *** now). STDs increase the chance of contracting HIV, hence it decreases risk to certain extent by preventing STD ( I'm a doctor 🙂)

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Posted On Sep 20, 2019 - 08:03 AM

I have heard from people circumcised that they lost their *** sensitivity after it.
*** was more enjoyable earlier and their orgasm quality also deteriorated.

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Posted On Sep 20, 2019 - 07:06 PM

I've had circumcision and had *** before and after. It's true that sensitivity reduces a little. But it feels free. And I last longer.

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Posted On Sep 21, 2019 - 03:51 AM

Well i had this condition as well when I was 20 -21 yr old. I couldnt do anals as it used pain a lot to pull my foreskin. But then on advise of one of my friend i practised to pull it back a little everyday and after 6 months it was better but skin it used to hurt if i keep it like that for 4-5 minutes. Later on same friend's advice i dared to keep it pulled back in undies. It was uncomfortable for few days as glans was very sensetive to the openness. But aftet few days it was all good. Now my foreskin is always pulled back and i do not feel a thing.

I just wanted to narrate my storyfor aome of my friends here who can trying doing the same. It may take sometime but could be helpful and even after that if you feel it is not working for ypu then can go for circumcision. :) . Thats my viewpoint but i can be wrong

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Posted On Sep 21, 2019 - 04:44 AM

@lickingshaft....thats what my friend told me that as the sensitivity and pleasure is reduced you will take longer to come. Also the quality of the orgasm is reduced...
Maybe all have different experiences

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Posted On Sep 24, 2019 - 02:30 PM

Wats is the point in doing circumcision if the quality of *** and orgasm is reduced??

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Posted On Sep 24, 2019 - 07:01 PM

@kiran, no point in getting cut if u like to remain uncut
Its about preference n appeal.

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Rahul Arora gzb
Posted On Nov 19, 2019 - 01:31 PM

Just use warm water daily.. i am benefited now.. after 2-3 months.. now i enjoy ***.. before it was like curse to me..
I use warm water daily.. i don't use any soap. Keep it clean.. try to open upto it can be

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Posted On Jan 7, 2020 - 06:19 AM

I am not advertising someone here, but today I saw one of the random posts, an advertisement, on FB which was about laser treatment for PHIMOSIS, which seems like removal of foreskin by laser surgery.
As per them it's 10min painless bloodless procedure, no wounds, no scars, same day discharge.

I think it is a good option for the folks who are fearful of pain or scars, or who don't want even family members to know about it being done (same day discharge would help you to keep it secret).

I am not posting any number or any other detail of the clinic / venture public ally.
So if someone is keen to know, pl let me know in DM. I will send the number in private msg.

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