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Submitted by Manlove1 Location: All India (All India, India)

There r various types of clothes fetishes...but m starting this thread specially for FORMALS & SUITS.

Anyone here with such fetish ?? M the one who like to see men in formals , to enjoy their company , spend time with guys wearing formals & ofcourse fun also...

Anyone here have done fun in formals / suits please share ur experience ....or those who fantasy share ideas....

There r various types of roleplays like boss - employee / teacher - student etc...where such clothes can be worn...

I want to try & have such fun .

Formals & Suit give men a gentleman type of look.

Over a period of time Formals have changed from boring clothes to sexy outfit...& men have become body conscious ...So now the clothes are well fitted according to the body shape & give a dashing look !!!

From the well fitted shirt revealing chest , arms , nipples to the tight trousers revealing shape of bumps & *** area to the nice shoes....it gives a man a perfect look...

So guys post here something on this topic...


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Posted On Apr 30, 2019 - 04:59 PM

Yes definitely , the formals they turn me on. As soon as I see men (young guys ) in formals while going to office.

Also when we touch or while rubbing it feels like direct contact with skin especially the bottoms and of course the bulge

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Posted On May 1, 2019 - 04:07 AM

I luv guys in formal. The authority they show in those formals....

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Posted On May 1, 2019 - 03:49 PM

I met a 26 year old visitor in Jaipur. He was here on a business trip, and I met him outside the hotel. At that time he was wearing jeans and t shirt. We went to his room, chatted a bit and then started making out like crazy. Eventually the clothes came off and to my surprise he had muscle toned body with sexy biceps chest an shoulders. I went crazy, *** his nipples, licked his armpits and navel. It was that time I saw his formal pant shirt lying on the couch nearby. I asked him to wear the shirt. He was *** and said he wants to make love and what's the use of wearing shirt again when it's gonna come off. I requested him saying wear it once, he did and god he looked *** hot. It was tight fitting sky blue shirt and he was flexing his body all the time. Also I made him wore his pants without underwear.
Slowly I pulled him to bed, smooched and slowly unbuttoned the shirt, licked his body and later removed his pants. His *** was damn hard and felt awesome through the pant material.
What a fun night it was! I'm hard now lol.

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Posted On May 2, 2019 - 07:44 AM

Hi all,
I would like to share the recent incident happened in the Solar conference held in Delhi on 24th April. I was invited for the two day conference.

On first day, the conference registration started at 8.00 am and I was filling my details on the desk. It was then i noticed this champ. He would be about 26- 27 of age but looked much younger. 5.6 height but will toned body.
The first look made me ***. He was in a black suite. The formal trouser worn was tappered, naked angle and it gave an embrassing bulge. His butt was not visible as it was covered with the suite.

As a casual introduction I met all the attendees and exchanged my card. It was when I said hello to Mr. X I came to know that he is a new recruit in his company and came alone like me representing his company.

Ofcourse in the boring conference a friend to talk would be the happiest thing in the world. We sat together and I was just melting in his sport perfume in each second. We had a tea break and while returning we removed our blazers. Afterwards all that I saw in the conference was his bubble butt and the nipple point through his white shirt.

During lunch we started talking about food.. health.. Work out ....etc. All of a sudden he complemented my physique and asked me tips for better butt shape. He appreciated my body posture and that was a licence to talk more naughty talks.

As I told him that my hotel booking was not done yet, immediately he offered to share is room coz it was booked for two guys and his colleague have not shown up for conference. Ofcourse I was dying to say yes.

We checked in. Went to lobby...sat infront of laptops but still in our formal suites.... After a whole he told me that he need to take a shower and if I am escorting back to room along with him. I asked him if he is calling me for a shower together?? We both laughed each other.

At room I lied on bed without changing my clothes. Then it was him getting ready for shower. He removed his blazer and unbuttoned first three of his shirt. His chest was smooth. Inorder to see his body from near I went aside of him changing my cloth. Meanwhile, he had removed his vest and removed his trouser button.

I removed my clothes and stayed in boxers to open my bag to take my short and tee. A feather touch at my butt suddenly made me shocked. He smiled and said " yours is round and have a wider cleavage then mine". I just turned him facing his back towards me and asked him" let me see yours" and groped it.
He turn back facing me again with a smile..... But this time I could see the hard-on already bulging hard to tear off his pants.
All of a sudden, just like a kid he jumped over me and hugged me and whispered in my ear " please put on the blazer over the boxer and fu#k me hard.
His c#ck was jerking by itself when it touched mine through the boxers. He put his head through my blazer and start *** my nipples. I was totally hard by then and his bulge was giving a pleasant heat too.
We smooched each other like the best ever in our life... He just came down and l lowered my boxer. I had pre-*** which made my c#ck too wet and even without cleaning it he put my tool in his ***.

I became too erotic seeing a guy younger than me grabbing my crotch and give the hardcore BJ to me. And then I got his smooth bubbly A#s....I had no Condom but ignored the safety in from of two round cheek in front of my c#ck.
First insert took me to heaven as I could feel the wet and warm A#s hole. It was a heavy work out for me for a minute and then I filled my *** inside his ***.

And it was my turn to return the favour he shown to me. Usually I rarely *** c#cks but his was juicy hard and fairer than mine .... Hi hi ... I took all inside my ***.... Played with my tongue. Finally I have a Hand job till he *** the last drop.
I could see the heaven when finally we both collapsed into the bed and my boy kept his head over my chest. It was 8.00 pm by then...we took a quick shower together and went to grab some dinners as we both were starving ..

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Posted On May 3, 2019 - 02:10 PM

Hello everyone ....
Yesterday I had a great & never expected experience ...
I just used to fantasize about it ...but something happened in true sense...so without writing much I'll come to point & narrate my experience..

Yesterday night I just opened my PR for few minutes & this guy within 1 km of radius pinged me. (In PR I've made my profile in such a way that it highlights my fetish )..This guy was interested in me so he insisted to meet as he had place but I was reluctant as he stayed very close to my relatives because of fear. But It was late night so I thought to take a chance & called him to pick me up from my location . He arrived & we both reached his place . It was almost 1 am .

Before proceeding further I would like to tell about him ..
He was an educated , classy guy 35 age with good fit muscular body ( not bulky ), normal Indian complextion, designer beard & decent corporate hairstyle .Overall he was looking charming with great smile & body physique.His *** was 6" average thickness

About me I am 22 fair looking slim fit guy with smooth hairs , French beard & decent cool look . My *** is 6.5 " plus & thick .

He came to pick me in normal clothes but after reaching his place I told him about my fantasies & he went inside & asked me to wait for a while. When he came out that was surprising for me.

He dressed up in suit which he had worned yesterday in office( he said he wears suit daily) . He wore a nice smooth white shirt with navy blue blazer & pant with nice red tie & brown belt & shoes . Bcoz the suit was used for whole day it easily got fit on his body revealing his body shape. He didn't put any perfume at that time but the clothes already smelled well bcoz he earlier used perfume plus his manly aroma added to it . He was just looking hot & was like a *** star shown in suit *** .

Now starts the fun part. He offered me water & came closer to me hugged me tightly , breathing near my neck to make me more ***. Then he stipped me completely nude as he was not interested to see his partner in clothes. After I was full nude he started smooching me very hardly using his hands all over my body , he was making a erotic smooching sound which was driving me crazy. As it is summer he was feeling hot due to heavy clothes so we went to the balcony . There he stood & I hugged him from back feeling his shoulders nipples & chest. As the breeze was cold we automatically came closer without leaving an inch gap between us. Then again he started. With full energy he kissed smooched me licked my whole body passionately & made me wet by his saliva. ( His licking technique was so excellent that I cummed twice especially nipple licking & biting) He didn't left single part of my body to lick . It was thrilling as well ...we were on the 8the floor balcony , cold breeze blowing it was all crazy . He was just smelling awesome with him perfume mixed sweaty smelling clothes . Then I also started having fun with him sniffing him all over, biting his nipples by making his shirt wet. Then he asked me to lick his lick over pant. I did it very properly then he removed his *** out & put a chocolate flavored condom on it & asked me to *** ... I *** it very well with his balls also . Then suddenly he said down turned me & started rimming me ...I was again amazing...his tongue was amazing he made my *** soft & wet . Then he took me to room .

He insisted for having ***. I didn't wanted to but was also willing to try with him ( from inside). Finally I agreed Then he made me in doggy position again rimmed me, then fingered with due care, applied jelly. Then I slept on my back so that to get his view while getting ***. He switched on lights on switched off fans. Then he slowly inserted *** & started *** me slowly & then slowly he went to hard pounding . As the mattress was not proper he would fall on me & we used to have smooches in between . Due to heat he became full wet of sweat & then I asked him to remove his blazer ... He removed . As soon as saw him I just cummed...He was looking damn hot with wet whhite formal shirt sticked to his muscular body . I pulled him & smooched nicely . Then he *** me for half hour & cummed . He just slept over me with all sweaty.

To regain hardness & start second round we decided to have some roleplay. He sat on sofa with spreading his body in nice position & asked me to serve him as a boss. I first hugged him smooched him then went back & gave him massage on shoulders & was moving my hands all over his body . His clothes were getting dry due to fan & he was feeling better so he started getting hard & me too. In role he became bit dominant & asked to me to do foot worship... I said no (as I don't like it & was thinking that it might be stinky ) ..but he was made me anyhow..To my surprise when I removed his shoes , there was some decent flower smell from his shoes & socks . As looked at him he just smiled & said M not dirty my boy ...u would enjoy so I asked u to do it. Then I started *** & licking his socks & massaging his legs . Now he was almost hard again ...

He pulled me up smooched me & took me to the bathroom below the shower , I did some foot worship , then he started the shower . We both were wet , *** , & wildly kissing each other & exploring each other .Then he made me sat on my knees , worn condom & asked me to *** in the shower... I started *** , he removed his tie & put around my neck to operate & control me while *** like a master. His white shirt was full transparent & revealing his biceps , packs , tender nipples & wide chest. Then I slowly started removing his shirt button by button, & stripped him completely nude.

Now the roles changed....I started biting his nipples , licking him all over, & then I put his tie again around his neck & made him *** my *** . He did it properly with full passion . Then I also asked him for foot worship which he did very great amazingly & taught me how to do..Now he started to fill the bath tub . He asked me to rim but I don't like so I just fingered his *** & applied lots of jelly to make it lubricated. But his hole was tight & my *** is thick & long . It was painful for him but he liked it.
He asked me to wear his removed clothes as he wanted to try how it feels with clothes...So I put on clothes.

He got ready in doggy position in the bath tub full of water & I started from behind ...as other position was painful for him...& there was mirror in front of tub so he could see me . I also started slowly then became wild & *** him for 10-15 minutes & cummed. I removed my clothes & we both lied down in the tub hugging each other nude. Then we cleaned ourselves as both of us were tired a lot & went to bed.

Here he gave me another surprise. As I went to bed first , he came later wearing just neck bow, underwear, & formal socks , came near to me , we both hugged each other & slept nicely .

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Posted On Jul 3, 2019 - 06:30 AM

yes...good formals are always very attractive & seductive indeed love it !

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Posted On Jul 3, 2019 - 10:32 AM

Yes sexy formals seduce me. A guy with a good physique in sexy tight formals makes me wet in my tight red pink hole

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Posted On Sep 17, 2019 - 06:42 AM

Medical representatives in tight formals with the bulge showing is hot... Lov a smelly pant n undie on a slim man.

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Posted On Mar 27, 2020 - 04:47 PM

Even i get charged seeing mature men in Formals clothe and suits , sometimes I have fun with mature in thier clothes on. It's amazing feeling and really like to see them ! Any mature who is formals clothes fetish can contact me .

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Posted On Mar 27, 2020 - 07:16 PM

I like mature daddy bear in formal/suits preferably with moustache and beard optional also prefer mature men in formals

They are instant turn on for me....

Though I don’t prefer group *** but

I always have a fantasy that board meetings are turned into group action or having group *** with bunch of cops 😉

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Posted On Mar 28, 2020 - 05:35 AM

I fantasize of having an affair with a corporate daddy. He being authoritative, decisive, spoiling me rotten and me taking care care of him . Sort of a sexy relationship lol.

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Posted On May 9, 2020 - 05:42 PM

It's really a great feeling seeing mature men's , specially those who have moustache and beard and are hairy ones . I instantly get turn on seeing them , sometimes I can't even control and leak into WC private space . Sometimes I request mature men's to have fun with me in thier clothes . Something you can also see the men's tool moment or like a huge load inside , from thier zip side ( bulge) , a sign that he might be same as you and got ***.
Formals clothes and the feeling of ita material , body play in them , makes me really more charged and I give my more best during fun . Also undressing thier clothes , is fun. I have seen people also licking leathers boot and belt