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Lost And Found

Submitted by HeadsTailsAndHo Location: All India (All India, India)

Many a times, we all look back and find that there was someone or were few people, we met on the way of the gay life, with whom we gelled well and spent some good moments... But those moments were not long enough that we could exchange contacts... Or even if the contacts were exchanged, we lost those contact details in this fast pace life.

Now looking back, we recall them and wish if somehow we could get in touch back to that one guy...

I hope OhMo allows this thread to remain on the portal, so people can post msgs about their LOST ONES, and can try to find them back.

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Posted On Feb 11, 2019 - 11:24 AM

Few years ago I met this guy who went by the profile name of M. RAJ in Orkut, we chatted for a while. He was like some 8yrs elder to me. We decided to meet in Panagal Park, I was into cross dressing but he wasn't interested in that kind of stuff so asked me to come without any CD costumes. After a brief chat, he took me to his room in a mansion in West Mambalam. To my surprise another guy was there, who was younger and in my age group, but Raj said he didn't expect him to come but he's also into this and he comes to use his computer so he wouldn't disturb us.

It's a small room with a single bed, next to the computer table and a small empty area before the door. So while the other guy was sitting right next to us, Raj undressed me and we made out, after some cuddling and kissing and licking all over the body, I went on my knees to take Raj in my *** while my mind was running like a train in excitement of doing it while another guy is watching. In a while Raj leaked in my face and I cleaned myself with a tissue before I left to the bathroom for further cleaning. I badly wanted to take the other guy in my *** too but didn't want to trouble him. Later that night the other guy took my number from Raj and expresed his interest in me but he also didn't disturb as he was unsure if I'd like it. We flirted all night.

Next time in a few weeks I made out with Raj again but the other guy couldn't make it. Finally Raj got married in his hometown and we lost contact eventually. I miss him and his friend.

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