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OhMojo.com - Collage of Gay Moments in India

This video is very interesting for me because I have been looking up "gay india" in the search engines for a long time and these are the images I have seen a lot of time and I have come to relate them with the evolution of the gay liberation in india. What makes it more special is that towards the end it includes the banner of "GayHind.com" which was the previous incarnation of OhMojo.com!

Original Narrative: In largest democracy, india, being gay is a crime and illegal.

A person can be imprisoned for 10 years if he is proved to be gay in the court. Till now no one was actually imprisoned for that long but there were cases where gays were imprisoned for as long as 2 years. Also police take advantage of this law and harass gays physically and mentally.

Politial parties and religious parties say that gay culture is western culture and should not enter india.

They forgot the fact that whom they believ as their god himself is half man and half woman. (shiva)

People should be educated that being gay is natural and its been existing since humans were born.

Lets get together, use media as power and spread the message across india that being gay is no offense and gays are also human beings with feelings.