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kolkata metro

Submitted by xoxo333 Location: Kolkota (West Bengal, India)

fun on the run

does it need anymore description?

share your experiences

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Posted On Jun 8, 2018 - 08:06 AM

love to rub my *** to front of young guys inside coaches in 1st or last door.twice got attention and once was picked up by a guy and taken to his room

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kolkata str8
Posted On Jun 20, 2018 - 01:40 AM

Yes had an experience yesterday.I was returning back home from office so boarded at Maidan metro.The compartment was as crowded daily So was standing almost near a door.aftrer 10 min was feeling continuos touch at my *** tip by a person aged 40 nearby .I thought by mistake he touch but slowly it was being continued .He was slowly rubbing my tip from outside the pants .The pressure was being created to get me an *** but I ws worried as many people were around.Slowly he groped my *** now and the pressure continued and was getting slowly *** now.I can feel inside my underwear my *** started grewing now and after 3 min i got it .He knew I got an *** .he touched my rod and was confirmed i got it .Now I wanted to get a handjob as it was a good feeling .So i reeached tollygunge and came out and went to the public toilet outsode the station and started pee
I was shocked to see that man came to the toilet 2 and again he groped .He started rubbing my *** and I again got a hard *** and finally he made me *** within 5 min awesome feeling